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   Chapter 64 No.64

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'Thanks' Jane mumbled shyly, 'I don't want you to leave me.'

Kevin watched then as Jane leaned towards Christina, kissing her on the cheeks. Kevin did not react to this.

He followed the two girls into the house and was soon consumed by the party.

There were drinks, and Kevin helped himself, getting to meet the people around him as Jane and Christina went off together.

The light was dim in the house, and Kevin was aware of only very few things around him.

He was in the living room now, and on the sofa beside him there were several people smoking, the room filled with smoke. Kevin breathed in the fumes, beginning to feel a little dizzy as the sensation washed over him. He leant back against the wall with the drink in his hand.

'There you are' Christina said, reaching him now as she made her way through the crowd. 'I thought I lost you for a minute. I thought you might have gone home.'

'I don't have a home' Kevin mumbled to her. 'My parents moved away remember? And I can't go back to that rapist.'

'What?' Christina laughed at him. 'He never raped you. You said yes remember?'

'He tied me to the bed.'

'Oh waw is this the truth coming out?' Christina gleamed at him. 'I like this. What else did he do to you?'

'Ach' Kevin gripped his head painfully. 'I need to control myself…. not to talk….ah.'

'Waw you're so drunk' Christina said flatly. 'Why don't you come to the kitchen with me?'

'Where's Jane?' Kevin mumbled.

'She's standing right beside me.'

'Oh hey' Kevin suddenly spotted her. 'Sorry I didn't see you there.'

Jane smiled at him in silent amusement.

'Come on' Christina said to Kevin, taking him by the arm and pulling him gently after her. 'There's food in the kitchen, and water in the tap. Both of those would help you clear your head a little.'


It was bright in the kitchen, and Kevin had to shield his eyes.

'How do you feel?' Christina asked him, turning to him and handing him a cup of water.

It was crowded in the kitchen; the room was only small.

'I'm fine' Kevin gasped, bringing the cup to his lips. 'Have you not been drinking?'

'Not as much as you' Christina replied.

Kevin let out a breath, putting the glass down heavily on the counter and struggling to see Christina clearly before him. It was loud in the kitchen also, bodies close all around.

Kevin spoke.

'You look really nice b

y the way.'

'Thanks' Christina answered sarcastically.

'Do you want to…. fuck?'

'Not here' Christina said flatly. 'I'm going outside now. You concentrate on not being sick.'

'I'm not that drunk' Kevin replied, but she was already gone.

Kevin let out a sigh, leaning back against the counter, head bowed.

He stayed at the party for hours, his head eventually clearing. And then he met a young woman, with beautiful long dark hair and a slender frame.

He pushed her against the wall, kissing her passionately as she held onto him, grasping his hair tightly.

They went upstairs together, Kevin pushing her back onto the bed, consumed by a sudden strong lust, hungry for her body. He held her head in his hands as he kissed her, moving down her body, biting her neck and shoulders and chest, moving further down to her belly, hearing her moan as his hand moved over her thigh.

He grabbed the top of her skirt, pulling it down, throwing the skirt and pants to the floor.

He moved his head to between her legs then, using his tongue, making her moan.

She arched her back, grabbing the pillows behind her, gasping.

Kevin straightened, hand going to himself, unzipping his trousers.

He bore over her, pushing himself carefully in as she reached for him, grasping onto him tightly as he pulled back a little, pushing himself into her more forcefully this time.

She moaned beneath him, clawing at his back beneath his shirt.

Kevin grimaced in pain as her nails ran across the wounds that were there, slapping her hands away sharply one after the other and holding her down, his hands around her wrists. He pinned her to the bed.

He leant forwards, biting her chest again, licking and sucking her.

The muffled music from downstairs continued to play, the sound from the other partygoers outside.

Kevin thrust into her again. It felt so good to do this. It felt so good to be the one leading, after all this time.

Kevin went downstairs after that, meeting a young man he had not seen in the longest time. It was pure chance that they ran into each other on this night.

'Alex' Kevin breathed. 'What are you doing here?'

The young man called Alex stared back at him in surprise, at first unable to answer.

'Kevin…' he mumbled. 'You're here.'

They stared at each other for a few moments.

Kevin dipped his head.

'Do you want to talk?' Kevin asked.

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