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'He whipped me. I still have wounds on my back. He likes to hurt me. It gets him off. We got to a point where I was no longer paying money for rent to stay with him. He wanted my body now.' Kevin let out another sigh. 'I…tolerated it for a time, even when he whipped me, and the other things he did to hurt me. But I can take no more. My world has become too small around him. I want to go out and see my friends, expand my horizons. But in my life now, all it's been about is him. He wants my body…. all the time. His appetite…...I've never known anything like it. I'm sorry' Kevin smiled then glancing up at Jane then. 'I didn't mean to go on.'

'It's ok' Jane waved at him. 'I find sharing makes you feel better about things. It gets it off your chest you know?'

'Yeah' Kevin laughed. 'Its just been hard lately. I was thinking of maybe moving on from him and finding another place to stay, I've been working to save money in my job but…he had me fired.'

'How did he have you fired?' Jane asked frowning.

Kevin laughed humourlessly.

'He told my boss I was coming onto him at work…making him feel uncomfortable, inappropriately touching him. It's ridiculous.'

'And you were fired for that?'

'This guy knows a lot of people' Kevin shrugged. 'He's well known. It was easier to fire me than to offend him.'

'Bastard!' Jane declared.

'Yeah' Kevin scoffed. 'Tell me about it.'

'So, what are you going to do now?' Christina asked him. 'And where have you been all this time? You were gone for like a whole day. You weren't answering your phone.'

'Oh my god' Kevin sighed then tiredly. 'You wouldn't believe what I've been through.'

'Tell me.'

'I tried to leave' Kevin answered. 'He wouldn't let me. I tried to get away and…I fell and hit my head. Next time I woke up…. the next thing I knew.... I was tied to the bed. He…'

'Go on' Christina prompted, staring at Kevin intently.

'He wouldn't let me leave' Kevin finished shortly. 'I…was only able to escape when……he let his guard down. Then I came here.'

She stared at him, pursing her lips and frowning suddenly. It was clear she wanted to hear more details, but did not press him, not now, not yet.

'You said you hurt yourself' Christina said to him. 'You said he whipped you.'

'Yeah' Kevin mumbled.

'Can I see?'

Kevin gritted his teeth.

'Lift my shirt' he spoke quietly to her.

Christina rose to her feet, moving carefully around Kevin and

touching him at the bottom of his back. Justin had since removed the covers over the wounds to let them heal better, and they were clearly visible beneath his clothes.

Christina lifted his shirt gently.

'Oh my god' she whispered.

Kevin bowed his head.

Hours later, Christina went out to buy them all food. Kevin and Jane stayed behind in the apartment together. They talked and got to know each other. Kevin quickly decided that he liked her very much, and she too seemed fond of him.

'I'm glad what I said before didn't put you off or anything' Kevin mumbled awkwardly.

'No, its fine' Jane smiled at him, averting her gaze then. 'Life is crazy, and things get difficult for everyone from time to time.'

'I guess' Kevin smiled.

'So, um…. are you gay then?'

'No' Kevin answered quickly and clearly. 'I just thought I'd try it out.'


'Yeah' Kevin replied. 'Its fine. It was nice but…. sometimes it just got a bit brutal. Nah' he said waving her away. 'I like girls most of all.'

'You're weird' Jane giggled then.

'Thanks?' Kevin frowned at her in amusement.

'No problem.'

'I'm glad you're smiling now.'

'Yeah, Christina told me how caring you were.'

'She did?'

'Yes. She also told me about the kind of relationship you have together.'

'She did?' Kevin repeated, raising an eyebrow.

'Yeah' Jane laughed then. 'I never had a friend with benefits.'

'Oh waw' Kevin said, resting his chin on his palm. 'She really did tell you everything didn't she?'

Chapter Sixteen

A Far-off Memory that's like a Scattered Dream

'What are we doing here again?' Kevin asked Christina, standing outside the house with his hands in his pockets.

'It's a party' Christina told him flatly, her arm hooked around Jane's. 'You said you wanted to expand your world.'

'Yeah, I guess' Kevin mumbled, kicking his feet.

It was late, and the garden around them was bustling with people, the murmur of overlapping voices sounding all around them as the guests talked and laughed together. Kevin glanced to the side as one of the rowdier party goers fell of a table in his drunkard state, his friends around him laughing, one of them filming on a mobile.

'There's drinks inside' Christina told him, walking forwards with Jane beside her. 'I don't know about you, but I'm going to get completely smashed. And don't' worry' she added, patting Jane's hand then, 'I'm not going to leave your side.'

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