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'Yeah' Jane said. 'She told me. And she told me how much you helped her.'

'She stayed with me for a few days after that' Kevin mumbled. 'My parents let her stay. She made her own way after that, free from him, though it took a long time to shake him off. He stalked her for ages afterwards, even threatened me. The guy was crazy.'

'He's still taking the drugs?' Kevin asked Jane.

'So, you know about that' Jane mumbled sadly.

'Of course I do' Kevin replied sadly. 'You know I wonder what he would be like if it weren't for the drugs. The guy's a mess, he's paranoid and violent…'

'I know' Jane sighed. 'He…he hurt me.'

'Not too bad I hope.'

'I…. I've been talking to Christina about this, and we're taking him to court.'

'Really?' Kevin replied in interest.

'Yes' Jane answered. 'He…is horrible, but I cannot get away from him, not easily anyway. He had secluded me, cut me off away from my own friends and family. I am completely alone.' She began to cry again as she spoke. 'I'm not allowed to leave the house, he rings the house phone every single hour just to check I'm still at home. I'm not allowed to invite friends over, I'm not allowed to even have a mobile or to go on the internet, he asks me questions about everything all the time and has to know everything I do or even think…. yet he is allowed to leave me in the house alone for hours on end. I'm not even allowed to work, yet he is allowed to hang out with his friends and come back drunk, and he hits me…. even when he's sober…...and in the middle of the night….' She broke off then, swallowing the lump in her throat. 'I'm not allowed to say anything to him. It's always me. I'm always in the wrong. He left fresh meat out the other day, in the kitchen, I said it was bad because…well its obvious' she continued, 'and he…. oh, we just…. got into a massive argument about it. And he…was angry at me for…you know silly things like…. Not being pretty, not plucking my eyebrows, or shaving my legs. I have to be ready for him all the time…. all the time. I've known how horrible this is for so long but…. I was not able to get away, not until Christina was able to help me. She knew about him and…well…. she found me.'

'Jane is staying with me for a short time' Christina told Kevin, moving closer towards them and giving them each a cup of fresh tea. 'I'm not allowed tenants but…this is diff

erent. I'll give my reasons if anyone asks.'

'Thanks' Kevin sighed, taking the mug from Christina. 'Just how I like it.'

He put the mug on the table, leaning back in his chair.

'That's so good of you to help her' Kevin said to Christina.

'I'm helping Jane take him to court' Christina explained. 'It needs to be done.'

'Don't get yourself in trouble' Kevin said to her.

'It needs to be done' Christina repeated. 'I don't want him doing this to anyone else. I should have been the last.'

Jane let out a slow sigh, holding the mug of tea before her with both hands.

'So, what about you?' Jane asked.

'Me?' Kevin answered uncertainly.

'It looks like you've been through something yourself.'

'Is it really that obvious?' Kevin asked glumly.

'Kinda' Jane laughed awkwardly. 'I knew the moment I saw you.'

'It's ok' Christina said to him taking a seat beside him at the table, taking a sip from her mug. 'You can trust Jane, she can keep a secret.'

Kevin pursed his lips then, turning back to Jane.

'For the last few weeks and months' he said to her, 'I've been staying with this guy…. living in his apartment' Kevin explained. 'I…. I'm adopted. My foster parents have always been good to me, but I wanted to move out and make my own way in life. I hate depending on people, so I found a place to stay.' Kevin smiled weakly to himself then, running his thumb across the rim of the mug. 'It was pure chance that we found each other' Kevin went on, 'but it was a good place to stay…at first.'

Jane listening to him silently as he spoke.

'I paid rent with what little money I saved up, but I needed a job.' Kevin swallowed the lump in his throat. 'Things changed, one thing led to another and…. I ….'

'Go on' Christina smiled warmly at Kevin, leaning forwards on her elbows.

'He and I began to have sexual relations' Kevin finished. 'I don't love him, I never have. We don't have feeling for each other. It's purely physical. But…' he frowned. 'He did say recently, that he had began to develop feeling for me, when I tried to leave he…he said he realised that he actually cared for me.'

'Strange' Jane mumbled. 'Go on. What else?'

'Well, things began to…you know over time…become more intense…more violent.'

Kevin let out a sigh, holding his hands together before him, reluctant to speak, though h forced himself to continue.

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