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   Chapter 61 No.61

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Downstairs, Justin was with another man.

Kevin saw them through the crack in the door, he watched as Justin had his way with this new man, hearing his voice as he moaned. But the other man was out of sight, hidden from view by the back of the sofa.

Kevin stepped back, closing the door softly so as not to make a sound.

He drew back into the room, heading over to the drawers again and taking some of Justin's clothes, putting them on. He had been naked for so long, he had begun to feel uncomfortable.

It felt strange now wearing someone else's clothes.

He moved back towards the bed then, sitting down upon it and staring at the door, hearing the sounds continuing from downstairs.

He waited.

It was probably many hours later. It was fully dark outside, and everything downstairs was silent now.

Kevin rose from the bed.

He pressed his ear to the door, listening hard, but hearing nothing.

Chapter Fifteen


Kevin leant against the door as he waited for the right moment to escape, his body feeling strange now that he was wearing Justin's clothes.

When the right moment came, he moved slowly, opening the door carefully so as not to make a sound. He moved across the floor, stepped gingerly down the stairs, seeing the figures of Justin and the other man lying on the sofa together fast asleep, their naked bodies covered only by a blanket. It was dark, and Kevin could not see the other man's face clearly, but he did not hang around to get a closer look.

Kevin moved away, stepping quietly towards the front door, never taking his eyes off the pair in case they were to wake.

He took his mobile from the kitchen counter as he went, pocketing it before heading towards the door and opening it slowly.

He slipped through, closing the door quietly behind him, then breaking into a run towards the lift.

His heart was pounding in his chest, palms sweating as he stood before the elevator, waiting anxiously for the lift to arrive.

The wait felt like a lifetime.

'What are you doing here? And where the hell have you been?'

'Can I come in?' Kevin asked Christina patiently, standing before the door of her apartment.

Christina hesitated for an instant, glancing over her shoulder.

'What's wrong?' Kevin asked.

'You can come in' Christina said, 'but I have a guest.'

'I …. I'm sorry but…'

'Just come in' Christina said stepping back to give him space, 'and be on your best behaviour.'

'I always am' K

evin frowned at her as he stepped in.

She closed the door behind him.

'Those aren't your clothes.'

'I'll explain about that later' he replied shortly.

She turned away from him.

'Come and meet my friend.'

Kevin followed Christina into the next room, entering the tiny kitchen to see a young woman sitting at the table, her eyes were red with tears.

'Hey Jane' Christiana spoke with a smile. 'This is my friend Kevin.'

'Hey' Kevin replied, giving her an awkward wave.

Jane glanced up. She was a small figure, about the same age as Christina, with rose-red dyed hair and dark eyes.

'I'm sorry' Jane mumbled, dabbing at her eyes with a tissue before looking back up at Kevin. 'I must look a mess.'

'Yes, you do' Christina said loudly.

Jane began to chuckle at this.

Kevin glanced from Christina to Jane and back again.

'I've just been helping Jane with some man troubles.'

'More issues with men' Kevin sighed at Christina. 'I guess men are just bad.'

'Not you though' Christina answered sweetly before turning her attention back onto Jane with a smile. 'Kevin has been a good friend of mine for years' she said to her.

'Oh.' Jane mumbled, straightening up a little, 'I remember you talking about him before.'

Kevin shifted a little uncomfortably at that. 'I don't want to get in the way.'

'It's ok' Jane said, 'I trust you if you are a friend of Christina's.'

'So…' Kevin mumbled. 'What's going on here?'

'You remember that guy I was dating years ago?' Christina said to Kevin.

Kevin froze then, staring back at her, before his expression darkened.

'Him?' Kevin said darkly. 'I thought that was the last we would hear of him.'

'Sadly not' Christina groaned. 'Would you like some more tea?' she said to Jane.

'Oh yes please' Jane smiled then. 'Thank you.'

Christina dipped her head with a smile, beginning to bustle around the kitchen.

Kevin took a seat at the table beside Jane.

'It's nice to finally meet you' Jane said to him. 'I'm sorry I look like such a mess.'

'Its fine' Kevin smiled. 'And I've been friends with Christina for years. We've been through a lot together. Things have been difficult at times.'

'You're telling me.'

'So, what has that dick-bag been doing this time?' Kevin asked her. 'Christina was only with him for a short time, but that was traumatic enough. I remember her coming to my house in the middle of the night many years ago. She had bruises on her neck.'

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