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Kevin turned back to him, his face dirty.

Justin let out a sigh, body slumped now. He reached towards Kevin, using the gag to wipe his face.

'I just can't get enough of you' Justin spoke quietly. 'You are just… good for me.'

Justin untied Kevin from the bed, allowing him to sit up.

'Where are my clothes?' Kevin asked immediately.

'You won't be needing them anymore.'

Kevin tensed upon hearing these words.


'I want you to stay here.'

'You want to keep me prisoner? I have to go to school.'

'No' Justin said to him calmly leaning towards him and taking his wrist in his hand. 'I want you to stay here.'

Kevin heard the click of a lock then and glanced down at his wrist, seeing handcuffs.

Justin locked the other cuff to bar of the bed before Kevin knew what was happening.

'You can stay here.'

'You're kidding' Kevin said to him flatly, not bothering to resist. The handcuffs were already closed.

'I will bring you food.'

'You can't keep me here.'

Justin rose from the bed, turning and moving away.


He closed the door without a backwards glance.

Chapter Fourteen

Breaking Free

Christina stood outside the school gates, lingering there for a time, waiting for Kevin, but he did not show.

She tried to call his mobile, but as it had done before, it went straight to voicemail.

Christina pocketed her phone. She turned and made her way to her first class.

Kevin lay on his back, Justin was on top of him, thrusting into him hard, again and again. He hooked his arm around the back of Kevin's leg, lifting it upwards, pushing deeper into him.

Kevin moaned.

Justin had him this way for a time, before flipping him over, bearing over him again.

Justin reached for the bedside table, grabbing the thing there and lifting it.

He positioned himself behind Kevin, pushing into him.

Kevin grimaced.

Justin reached forwards and placing the bit into Kevin's mouth. He pulled the reins back, jerking Kevin's head backwards forcefully, continuing to thrust inside him. Kevin grimaced, feeling pain deep inside him, gritting his teeth, his eyes watering.

Justin let out a final moan, coming at last, before relaxing his grip on the reigns.

Kevin let out a breath, his body slumped forward as Justin pulled out of him.

'Where are my clothes?' Kevin asked him again, as behind him Justin straightened, getting off the bed and zipping himself up.

Kevin was still handcuffed to the bed, unable to

leave, save for the few times Justin released him to allow him to eat and use the bathroom. All the while Justin watched over him, before returning him to this room, and locking him to the bed again.

'Oh, you won't be needing your clothes anymore' Justin told him casually. 'I threw them away.'

'You what?'

'I want you to stay here' Justin said to him. 'I will provide for you.'

'I can't stay here my whole life' Kevin argued, the feeling of trepidation growing in his chest. 'I…. I have to go out. I have to go to school and…... see my friends.'

'Maybe' Justin answered, '…. some other time.'

'You have to let me go.'

'I don't think so' Justin replied, turning away from him. 'I will bring you your food later.'

'I'm bored!'

'I'll bring you a book' Justin replied with a grin of amusement. 'How's that?'

Kevin glared at him.

'You cannot keep me here.'

'I will' Justin said. 'Just for a while.'

He walked out the room then, without another word.

Kevin stayed there for hours, the time dragging by. There was no clock on the wall in this room but Kevin could see the sky through the gap between the curtains. The sky was getting darker. It was getting late.

The skin around Kevin's wrist was getting red and sore now, as he struggled to find a way to free himself, moving awkwardly around the bed.

He froze suddenly, glancing towards the door as he heard muffled sounds.

Kevin listened silently, like a frightened animal, like prey. He stared at the door transfixed.

There were voices. Two voices. One of them was Justin's, the other voice Kevin did not recognise.

Kevin remained standing there for a moment beside the bed, listening closely.

He could not hear what was being said, but by the sound of it they were staying downstairs.

Kevin let out a breath and returned his attention to the bed. He continued to work, unscrewing the bed, and pulling it apart in places, in order to free himself.

'Thank god at last' he gasped to himself a time later, overcome with relief as he finally was able to break free.

He was able to move around the room freely now, heading over to the drawers and looking for the tiny key to the handcuffs. He unlocked them, putting them carefully down on top of the drawers, so as not to make even the slightest sound.

Kevin glanced back towards the door, hearing the muffled voices from downstairs continuing.

When he moved over towards the bedroom door and cracked it open, he saw what he suspected.

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