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Justin began to laugh at him.

'I love your body' Justin continued, running his finger down Kevin's bare chest, down his belly, and between his legs, 'it's so flawless.'

Kevin tensed then as Justin grasped him tightly, holding for a moment, before releasing him.

Kevin let out a moan.

'It's almost as if' Justin spoke carefully. 'I actually care about you.'

Kevin glanced to Justin then as he rose to his feet, crawling onto the bed and bearing over him. 'I didn't mean for that to happen' Justin said to him, as beneath him, Kevin glared angrily up at him. 'I just…I didn't mean to turn so physical. I just didn't want you to leave. I panicked.'


'I want to show you' Justin purred, caressing Kevin's cheek then, 'though I love to see you in pain…it gives me pleasure…. but…. I want to make you feel good too.'

Kevin closed his eyes, body tense as he felt Justin move down the bed, and further down his body.

Kevin let out a moan, muffled by the gag, opening his eyes now and staring upwards as he felt Justin grasp him around his thigh, his tongue running up the inside of his leg to between him.

Kevin moaned again, shifting on the bed slightly, as he felt Justin's breath upon him, his mouth, his saliva.

Kevin's body began to relax then as Justin put his mouth around him, moving back and forth.

It felt good, Kevin began to moan in pleasure, then in pain, as Justin began to claw his flesh, doing so hard enough to make him bleed.

Kevin tried to speak, wanting to beg Justin to stop. But the gag muffled his voice.

'What's wrong?' Justin asked, pulling back from Kevin then and looking into his eyes. 'You want me to stop?'

Kevin stilled, his breath in shudders as he looked down at Justin who leant over him again.

'I could have you, you know' Justin said. 'I…. could have you, right now, and you would not be able to stop me. You would not be able to say no.'

Kevin calmed his breath, controlling himself, willing himself to remain calm.

'I never realised' Justin continued, reaching up to caress Kevin's cheek again, 'how much I cared for you. Not to say I love you but….' he broke off then. 'You are very important to me.'

He grinned cruelly then, his grasp tightening around Kevin's leg as he bowed his head.

Kevin groaned in pain as Justin sunk his teeth into the tender flesh of his inner thigh, leaving there a mark, before moving up his body again

, putting his mouth around him.

Caught between these two sensations, Kevin's mind was fraught as Justin toyed with him, first going one way, then the other, constantly swinging from between pain and pleasure.

Kevin gritted his teeth as he came, throwing his head back, body tense.

Justin immediately stopped, breathing carefully.

He leant back then, coughing into his hand as he sat up, resting on his heels as Kevin began to sob.

Justin smiled to him, reaching towards him again, this time, pulling the gag free from him.

'How did that feel?' Justin asked him.

'Let me go.'

'I'm not done with you yet' Justin replied. 'I want to hurt you a little.'

Kevin gasped suddenly as he felt Justin's nails running down his ribcage, leaving behind red marks. Blood began to speckle from the scratches.

Justin began to lick him then, running his tongue up his belly and biting his chest. Kevin gritted his teeth to stop himself from crying out.

'I love it when you are helpless before me.'

'Let me go.'

'I could have my way with you' Justin said to him again. 'I could put it in you…. if I wanted.'

'You won't' Kevin gasped. 'Because you don't have my consent.'

Justin's brow furrowed ever so slightly, his eyes shining in amusement.

He bent down again, one last time, licking the inside of Kevin's thigh, moving closer to between his legs.

'You won't rape me' Kevin spoke calmly, feeling Justin's tongue against his skin. 'I know you won't. It's not in you.'

'You think so?' Justin asked, untying one of the ropes around Kevin's ankle, and lifting his leg over his shoulder, biting his calf tenderly now.

'I know' Kevin said. 'Because you need consent.'

Justin raised his head.

'You won't do it' Kevin breathed calmly. 'You won't do it. Not without my permission.'

Justin purred then, running his hands up and down Kevin's legs tenderly.

'You're right' he said. 'I would never go against your will. I…...need you to say yes.'

Kevin gleamed a slow smile. 'I know…'

Justin's hand moved down his own body then, touching himself. He began to moan.

Justin moved around Kevin now, kneeling beside Kevin.

Kevin turned his head to face him, seeing Justin exposed before him. With only his ankle free, he was unable to move, the rest of him still tied, holding him down onto the bed.

Justin began to work himself, Kevin watched, until Justin came, doing so across Kevin's face.

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