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'What did he say?'

'He said you made him uncomfortable, he said you were trying to touch him, and were chatting him up.'

Kevin stared at Christina in disbelief.

'He's never even visited the restaurant' Kevin spat angrily.

'Yeah I know' Christina mumbled, staring at her coffee. 'This is really nice' she mumbled under her breath. It's a tad too sweet though.'


Justin flinched as Kevin slammed the door. He glanced up as Kevin stormed up to him and slammed the paper down on the table.

'You got me fired. My contract has been terminated.'

'Oh waw' Justin said calmly, leaning forwards and picking up the paper, reading through it quickly. 'Oh waw' Justin said again. 'It says here you were flirting with customers. That's very inappropriate behaviour in the workplace. No wonder you got fired.'

'Are you fucking kidding me!?' Kevin howled at him again, snatching the paper back from him. 'You lied! You just lost me my job…. wait…' Kevin faltered. 'Why did you do this? Are you…' Kevin broke off. 'You're trying to trap me here' Kevin realised. 'You…wanted this…. you wanted me to be fired. You wanted me to say here.'

Justin rose to his feet, staring at Kevin with a calm and relaxed demeanour, but there was something else there too behind his eyes.

Chapter Thirteen

A Sudden Turn of Events

'What are you trying to do?' Kevin glowered. 'Why would you do this? What's wrong with you?'

Justin turned to face Kevin.

'You're trying to control me' Kevin snapped. 'You know how dependant on you I am already, but it's not enough for you is it?'

'Does it bother you that I am jealous?'

'You what mate?' Kevin made a face.

'You're right' Justin replied. 'I want you all to myself.'

'Because what I give you already is not enough.'


'How could you do this to me? I'm not your toy. I'm not your plaything. I give enough of myself to you already as it is! My life is my own. How would you like it if I started interfering with your life? How would you like it if I told everyone the truth? How would you like it if I told everyone what you're really like?'

'Don't you fucking dare.'

'Why not?' Kevin snapped. 'After what you've done to me?! I won't allow myself to be trapped here like this.'


But Kevin ignored him, turning and heading back towards the door.

'Where are y

ou going?'

'I'm leaving' Kevin retorted, without looking back. 'I'm getting out of here.'

He reached for the door but was grabbed suddenly from behind before he could touch it.

'Let go of me!'

'No' Justin hissed, pulling Kevin backwards and towards the stairs. 'I won't have you telling people my secret. I have a reputation to hold.'

'You should have thought of that.'

Kevin began to fight with him, struggling to free himself from Justin's hold.

'Let me go!'


'Let go!'

Kevin gasped as Justin grabbed his face then, hand over his eyes so that he could not see.

Kevin felt himself being dragged backwards, feeling the bottom of the step as Justin pulled him up the stairs.

'Where are you taking me?!' Kevin howled.

They were nearly at the top of the stairs now.

'I'm going to teach you a lesson.'


Kevin broke free from Justin's hold suddenly, wheeling around, Justin still holding onto his sleeve.

Kevin slipped, falling backwards.

He hit his head.

The next time Kevin woke, he was lying on his back.

He woke gradually, slowly coming to consciousness.

It took him only a short time to realised, he was lying on a bed.

He felt a weight upon the edge of the bed, and turned, seeing Justin sitting there, watching him closely.

Kevin tried to move, but he could not.

His arms were tied above his head, ropes around his ankles held his legs apart, tying him to the posts at the bottom of the bed.

Kevin tried to pull his arms to him, but the ropes were tight. He was gagged also; the soft velvet cloth muffled his cries as he tries to talk. Kevin was completely naked.

'You won't be getting out of that' Justin told him calmly, as upon the bed Kevin glared at him with hate an anger in his eyes. 'No need to look so glum.'

Kevin tried to speak, struggling against the ropes.

'Don't even try' Justin said to him calmly. 'You won't get out of that. Not without my help.'

Justin reached for him then, touching the side of his head gently. Kevin flinched.

'You hit your head pretty hard' Justin mumbled, his voice soothing. 'I didn't mean for you to hurt yourself like this. I…. I just wanted you to…'

Justin drew his hand back.

'I don't want you to leave me' Justin spoke carefully. 'I never realised…' he said, 'how important you were to me. Not until you were about to leave me.'

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