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   Chapter 57 No.57

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Justin ran his hand up Kevin, hand moving to between his legs, slipping his fingers into him and playing with him.

Kevin let out a gasp, tilting his head back.

On his knees behind him, Justin glanced up at him, before his grip tightened.

He pulled his fingers out of Kevin, grabbing his ankles and pulling them apart, one after the other and tying them to the posts of the bed.

'J-Justin?' Kevin wavered. 'What are you doing?'

Justin did not answer. He rose to his feet, moving away from Kevin and back towards the drawers. Kevin was completely immobilised.

Kevin looked over his shoulder, watching Justin closely.

His hearted tightened in his chest when he saw Justin bring out a whip.

Kevin began to panic, struggling against his binds.

'Shhhh' Justin whispered, coming up behind him, hand curling around his throat, and below his jaw, his touch was soft and tender. 'Don't fight me' Justin whispered into his ear, 'don't resist.'

Kevin began to tremble, his breath in shallow gasps as he slowly turned to face ahead of him, his body beginning to sweat.


Justin took a step back.


Justin cracked the whip, and Kevin threw his head back, crying out in pain.

It was agonizing, a great cut across his naked back.

Kevin bowed his head, beginning to sob.

Justin whipped him again.

Kevin screamed again, as the pain coursed through his body.

'JUSTIN PLEASE STOP!' Kevin begged him.

But Justin only hit him again.

Kevin's eyes watered from the pain, his hands contorted as he tried to struggle, but he was tied too tightly to the bed.

There was no way for him to stop this, and Kevin's pleas fell only on deaf ears.

Just as it had been first time Kevin had said 'yes', Justin did not stop until he was done.

Kevin could not remember much after that, or how many times Justin hit him, not until it was over.

Justin untied Kevin's wrists, bending him forwards and over the bed. He moved to stand behind him, leaving his ankles tied to the posts of the bed, legs spread.

Kevin could not hear as Justin unbuckled his belt, he only felt when Justin pushed into him, thrusting hard. But despite Justin's size, Kevin barely noticed this sensation. All he felt now was the pain in his back, his skin was in agony, it felt like it was on fire. And in his head, all he could hear was the blood rushing and his heart beat in his e


When Justin was finished with him, he pulled out, untying Kevin's ankles and allowing him to sink to his knees.

Kevin held his head in his hand, sobbing and shaking with shock, body trembling all over.

'Never do that to me again' Kevin uttered, forcing himself to speak at last, tears of pain rolling down his cheeks.

Justin only stared down at him without compassion, silent as he stood there looming over him.

Afterwards, Kevin leant over the kitchen table downstairs, still completely naked, as Justin washed the blood away from his back, doing so ever so tenderly.

'It will heal quickly' Justin said to him, speaking in a quiet voice. 'These aren't so bad.'

'It hurts so bad' Kevin rasped through gritted teeth. 'It stings.'

'You'll be fine.'

Kevin groaned as Justin pressed the wet cloth again to him, dabbing at his skin.

He washed the wounds in the kitchen sink that was filled with water. The water was pink now.

'What's wrong with you?' Kevin rasped. 'Did you do this to Alicia too? To anyone before?'

'Yes' Justin answered shortly.


Justin did not answer. He began to dry the wounds now, using a new cloth.

'The bleeding had stopped now' Justin said. 'You're going to be fine. I'll cover it to keep it clean.

'I just don't know what to do' Kevin sighed, sitting at the table in the café with Christina, but not in the same one that they both worked in.

'You did ask for it' Christina told him simply. 'Sorry but you get no sympathy from me.'

Kevin laughed humourlessly. 'You're a real bitch sometimes.'

'I'm just speaking the truth.'

'I just don't know what to do.'

'Yeah you said that.'

'At least pretend like you care' Kevin scoffed.

'I do care.'

'The thing is….' Kevin went on, 'the longer I stay, the harder I feel it's going to be to leave.'

'Maybe you won't be able to leave' Christina added. 'Unless he kicks you out.'


'Oh, I have some bad news for you' Christina said casually to him, lifting her cup of coffee. 'You've been fired.'


'Keep your voice down' Christina replied carelessly, before taking a sip from her cup.

Kevin let out a breath.

'What do you mean I've been fired?' Kevin asked Christina quietly now.

'Well….' Christina began.

'Get to the point.'

'It was Justin' Christina said. 'He made a complaint about you. They've let you go because of it.'

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