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   Chapter 56 No.56

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He came up behind Kevin then, shoving him forwards over the kitchen counter.

'H-hang on…'

'No' Justin hissed. 'I can't hold on any longer…I'm still hungry.'

Kevin gritted his teeth, resting on his front as behind him Justin fumbled at his clothes.

Kevin let out a cry of pain, feeling Justin push inside him forcefully, thrusting hard.

He began to gasp and moan as Justin had his way with him.

When Justin was done, Kevin straightened, breathing heavily.

His hand went down, pulling his trousers back up.

'Ach' Kevin grimaced, lifting his hand to his head. 'Shit' he hissed. 'I really am becoming like Toy.'

'You don't like it?'

Kevin turned to face Justin who stood behind him.

'It's not that.' Kevin mumbled. 'It's just…. ugh….so exhausting.'

Justin began to chuckle in amusement.

'Did that feel good?' Kevin asked him.

'What do you mean?'

'Why do you act this way? It's like you never tire.'

'I just know what I want' Justin said. 'And…you've not known the true me.'

Kevin narrowed his eyes at that.

'Did Alicia know the true you?'

Justin's expression changed, it was only very subtle, but Kevin noticed it.

I should stop speaking Kevin thought to himself, I should stop.

But he carried on.

'That's why he left, because you were too much for him.'

'Shut up' Justin spoke quietly.

'I know why you act this way. It's because you're frustrated, you're still upset about your wife.'

Justin grabbed him suddenly without warning, holding him roughly by the shirt.

'Where did you hear that?'

'Let go of me.'


Kevin faltered then, glaring back at Justin, a little afraid now. 'I…. Alicia said so.'


'He told a friend of mine.'


Kevin swallowed, gritting his teeth.

'I asked her to find out more about you' Kevin sneered at Justin. 'Because I was bored.'

'You were bored?'

'Yes, I'm bored!' Kevin yelled back. 'I'm bored of this routine. It's boring!'

Justin narrowed his eyes, gritting his teeth, tightening his grasp on Kevin's shirt.

'You want to know why my wife left me?' Justin spoke dangerously to him.

'No' Kevin said shortly. 'I don't care.'

Justin let go of Kevin slowly, pushing him back.

Kevin rubbed his chest, glaring back at him.

'Did Alicia like all the things you d

id to him?' Kevin asked him. 'You said you like it rough. How rough?'

'You really want to know?'

'Yes, I do' Kevin said straightening up then, standing tall. 'I'm tired of this routine. I want to find out what Alicia experienced. Why was he so different?'

'He wasn't' Justin said. 'He grew tired of me too.'

'You love whips and chains?'

'Not for me' Justin said simply. 'For others.'

'And do you miss abusing people?'

Justin began to laugh.

'Did Alicia let you beat him?' Kevin asked.

Justin just let out a sigh.

'Yes' he replied. 'He…. enjoyed it. But…only very occasionally.' Justin scratched his chin thoughtfully. 'I had to give him time to heal.'

'Oh my god.'

'So, you want to step it up?' Justin asked. 'You're bored of the way things are?'

'I can't stay here forever' Kevin said, 'one day…. I will be gone from here.'

'In any case' Justin said. 'I am not happy you thought it was appropriate to pry into my personal life.'

'I was bored.'

'Well' Justin purred then, eyes shining bright. 'Maybe we can liven things up a bit.'

Justin threw Kevin onto the bed, tearing his clothes off.

'You're not going to blindfold me?' Kevin gasped as Justin leaned over him, trapping him beneath him.

'I want you to see what I'm going to do to you' Justin whispered, caressing Kevin's cheek tenderly, before getting off him and moving over to the drawers.

Kevin propped himself up on his elbows then, laying on the bed completely naked, watching Justin with a little trepidation, as Justin pulled out some ropes from the drawer.

'What are you going to do?' Kevin asked him, his voice wavering a little.

'I'm not going to tell you' Justin replied, moving over towards him. 'That would spoil the fun, for me anyway.'

Kevin flinched as Justin grabbed him by the wrist, pulling him into a stand.

Kevin opened his mouth, but did not speak.

He closed his mouth again, swallowing the lump in his throat as Justin tied Kevin's wrists high up on the posts of the four-poster bed, Kevin was facing the bed itself.

'Don't move' Justin breathed, grasping Kevin around the thigh as he knelt behind him.

Kevin flinched as Justin bit him hard, sinking his teeth into his flesh. Kevin drew a sharp intake of breath, relaxing then as Kevin let go of him, he let out a sigh.

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