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   Chapter 55 No.55

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'Are you having sex with Justin?' Kurt asked.

The others fell silent, waiting for a response.

Kevin said nothing.

'I guess that confirms it' Sean said.

'If you start telling people that Justin and I are fucking, that will get him into a lot of trouble' Kevin told them.

'Waw' Felix smirked. 'You basically just admitted it.'

'Leave Justin out of this' Kevin said angrily to him under his breath, trying to remain calm at work.

'So what's it like?' Sean asked Kevin.

'Why don't you try it?' Kevin said to him. 'We could meet up later and I'll show you how it's done.'

Sean spluttered in shock then, beginning to laugh.

'So it's true! Oh my god I had no idea you liked dick.'

'Careful I don't think the entire restaurant heard you' Kevin said to him calmly. 'Also, my boss didn't hear. Could you repeat that louder please?'

'No?' Sean grinned.

'I don't care what you tell people about me. I don't care for rumours. Just leave Justin out of this.'

'Do you love him?' Felix asked.

'No way' Kevin replied. 'I just don't want him to get into trouble for this. If he finds out people know then I'll be kicked out. I need a place to live.'

'We won't mention Justin then' Felix grinned at him.

'Anything else I can get you?' Kevin asked.

'Just the bill.'

'Of course.' Kevin walked away from them.

By the time his shift finished, it was dark outside. Kevin made his way through the town, heading back to the home he shared with Justin.

'There you are' Justin said the moment Kevin walked through the door.

Kevin stopped for a moment, standing in the doorway with his hand still on the handle, staring back at Justin, who remained seated.

Kevin waited for a moment, expecting Justin to ravage him. But this time, he remained seated.

Kevin closed the door.

'Long day?' Justin asked.

Kevin moved across the room, eyes fixed on Justin.

'What's for dinner?' Kevin asked.

'Actually' Justin said, leaning forwards with his elbows on his knees, 'you're going to cook tonight.'


'Yes' Justin smiled. 'I want you to cook for me.'


Justin grinned then. 'It would please me' he answered simply.

Kevin swallowed then, gritting his teeth.

'You sighed a contract' Justin reminded Kevin. 'I want all of you, your body and your mind. I want to…. own you.'

'Why?' Kevin asked again. 'What is your obsessio

n with control?'

'It brings me pleasure' Justin replied.

'That is what chased Alicia away.'

Justin's expression immediately began to darken then.

Should I say it, should I continue? Kevin thought to himself.

'Why do you have to bring him up?'

'I just thought it was fun.'

Justin rose to his feet, he approached Kevin, his demeanour menacing.

He stood over Kevin, glaring down at him.

'You want to play games with me?'

'What?' Kevin answered quickly.

'Are you trying to piss me off?'

Kevin felt a twinge of nervousness inside him suddenly.

'N-no' he fumbled, 'I….'

'Never mention Alicia in front of me again. Never mention him again. Do you understand?'

'I…. yes.'

Justin stepped back, turning and walking away. He resumed his place, sitting back on the sofa.

'I uh…I'll cook then' Kevin spoke enthusiastically, trying to ignore what just happened, leaning forwards and hunching his shoulders, holding his hands behind his back. 'What did you get?'

'Pasta' Justin replied shortly. 'I think you could manage that. Have you cooked before?'

'Yes of course' Kevin said, speaking more confidently than he felt at that moment. 'I cooked at home before. I'm not that bad.'

A short time later and Kevin was just dishing up the pasta having drained the water.

He glanced up at Justin briefly who read a magazine, still sitting on the sofa, waiting for Kevin to finish.

Things really are changing for me Kevin thought to himself as he put the dirty dishes in the sink. I really am becoming like Toy…so much like him…

'It's ready' Kevin spoke happily, and Justin glanced up.

Kevin carried both plates over to the table, placing them down.

'Looks decent' Justin commented as he took his seat at the table.

'Oh, thank you so much' Kevin grinned, speaking eagerly.

Kevin waited until after Justin was seated and comfortable, before sitting down himself.

'Bon appetite' Kevin gleamed.

Justin glanced up at him, giving him a level expression.

'Thank you' he replied shortly

They began to eat, Kevin waiting for Justin to start first, before lifting his own fork.

'That wasn't bad at all' Kevin sang happily once they had both finished eating. 'I actually really enjoyed it.'

'I'm glad' Justin said, rising to his feet and moving over towards Kevin as he began to clear away. 'I'm glad you are happy about it.'

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