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   Chapter 54 No.54

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He was getting so worn, but he hardly seemed to notice, hardly seemed to think about it, as if he were living in autopilot.

'Are you getting enough sleep?


Christina took the tray from Kevin, piled with dirty glasses, handing him another tray of drinks.

They were at work now, Kevin had been in school all day, afterwards he had walked to his work with Christina.

'You look exhausted' Christina told him.

'So do you' Kevin retorted.

'Yeah but I'm always tired' Christina replied. 'Now go and take those drinks to your friends.'

'My friends?'

Kevin glanced around, seeing three of his friends sitting at one of the tables, talking together.

'Hurry up' Christina said to him flatly.

Kevin turned, carrying the tray of drinks to his friends.

'Hey Kevin' one of them smiled as he approached.

'Hey guys' Kevin replied, placing the tray of drink on the table and handing each their own.

'How are you doing?' his other friend said, 'you look tired.'

'Yeah, I'm great' Kevin sighed wearily, straightening up again. 'Can I get anything else for you?'

'Nah we're good' his friend said. 'Hey did you hear about Anastasia?'


'We saw her with this guy' his friend grinned at him. 'We went to speak to her, she has a boyfriend now.'

'Oh really?' Kevin said perking up a little. 'That's great.'

'You're not bothered by that?'

'Why would I be?' Kevin replied.

'I thought you would get together' his friend Sean said to him. 'You two would make such a great couple.'

'You're joking' Kevin said flatly.

'I don't know why you don't want her' Kurt said to him, adding more sugar to his coffee and stirring it. 'You never know what you want, you're always so indecisive. Hey, maybe that's why you didn't do so well in your career advisor meeting thingy.'


'That's what your problem is' Kurt said to him. 'You never know what you want. How can you get what you want when you don't know what it is?'

'Hu' Kevin replied.

'So, are you going out with Christina instead?' his other friend Felix said to him.

'Yeah no. And I wish you would stop asking me that. You know we're just friends.'

'That's funny' Felix said loudly to him.

'Is it?' Kevin mumbled, blinking tiredly.

'What happened to your wrists?' Sean asked.


evin pulled his arm back then protectively, pulling his sleeve down to cover his wrist.

'Don't bother' Sean said, 'I already got a good look. Why do you have those marks around your wrists? You know what that looks like? It looks like you were tied up. Are you into some kinky shit? The look on your face says yes.'

Kevin gritted his teeth, glaring at Sean.

'Is that why you're so tired?' Kurt asked him.

'I work a lot, you know that' Kevin replied defensively.

'So, you haven't heard the rumours beginning to spread about you?' Felix said to him.

'What rumours?'

'People are starting to notice certain things' Felix went on. 'The way you tease girls but don't have a girlfriend, 'how close you are to Christina but not going out with her either, even though she's totally hot, and the fact that you're living with that guy. Justin is it? The superstar. The model.' Felix grinned slyly at Kevin, leaning forwards on his elbows. 'People are starting to say that you're gay.'


'I heard that too' Kurt said.

'And me' Sean added.

'You're serious' Kevin asked flatly.

'Are you gay?' Felix asked him.

'No' Kevin said sharply.

'I think doth protest too much.'

'Shut up Felix' Kevin snapped.

'So, do you have a girlfriend?' Sean asked Kevin.


'Are you having sex with a girl right now?'

Only Christina Kevin thought to himself.


'So, you basically admitted you're gay' Sean said to him. 'If you're not with a girl, then how did you get those marks on both your wrists, like you were tied up?'

'That is bullshit' Kevin mumbled under his breath, doing so loud enough so that only they could hear him.

'Then who bit you?' Kurt asked.

Kevin moved to lift his collar then, acting subconsciously. The marks Justin had left on him. There were more beneath his clothes, on his chest, belly, around his thighs.

'Waw' Felix gleamed happily. 'So, you're gay now, and by the look of it you're the submissive. Haha. I'm going to tell everyone. That's the real reason you're so tired all the time. He must be an animal. So, it's the guy you're living with then? I suppose he does have a pretty face. I didn't realise it would turn you gay though. I'm telling everyone.'

'Don't' Kevin snapped.

'Why not?'

'Because I'm not gay.'

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