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   Chapter 53 No.53

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Justin reached out to him, pulling free the knot that held him to the post.

He freed Kevin's legs then, forcing him to kneel.

'Now' he whispered dangerously to Kevin. 'I want you to take me.'

A drop of saliva fell from Kevin's chin then as he leant forwards, hands still bound behind his back.

Justin fucked Kevin's mouth, Kevin unable to close his mouth, choked and gagged as Justin did this to him.

But before he finished, Justin pulled back, pulling Kevin to his feet and pushing him back onto the bed.

He tied Kevin to the bed now, his wrists bound together and tied to the headboard, his legs spread eagled, his ankles tied to the posts of the bed.

Justin sat on his chest, thrusting into him again and again, but before he finished Justin pulled out again, jerking himself and shooting into Kevin's face.

Kevin turned his head to the side, coughing and spluttering, his breath coming in wheezes.

Justin sat back on his chest then, his body flecked with sweat, gasping deeply.

He bowed his head, looking down at Kevin beneath him, seeing tears running from Kevin's eyes and down his cheeks.

Justin reached forwards, taking the piece out of Kevin's mouth.

Kevin instantly closed his mouth gratefully, gritting his teeth together and groaning. He opened his mouth again, gasping deeply.

'Did you like that?' Justin asked him.

'Aw yeah' Kevin moaned. 'It felt so good…. master…'

Justin grinned cruelly down at him.

'You are learning well my Toy.'

He moved off Kevin then, crawling down the bed.

Justin untied Kevin's legs, lifting them up.

'I'm going to fuck you hard' Justin said. 'You are mine. You are mine to do with as I wish.'

Kevin did not speak, he just gritted his teeth, still unable to see because of the blindfold Justin still had not taken off.

He felt Justin pushing himself inside, throwing his head back, his back arched, as he let out a moan of pleasure.

The next day

'Where do you see yourself years from now?'

'What?' Dean said to Kevin.

'I went to see the career advisor recently' Kevin said to his friend, they were hanging out at the skatepark now. 'I was wondering how it went for you guys.'

'It went fine' Dean said, leaning back against the chain-link fence behind him. 'It was kinda boring.'

'What did she say to you?' Kevin asked his friend, as they watched the skaters in the park.

'Just generic stuff' Dean shrugged.

'Oh, come on' Kevin pressed.

Dean turned to him

, standing with his hands in his pockets.

'What do you want to be?' Kevin asked his friend. 'What do you want to do once you leave school?'

Dean frowned thoughtfully before replying.

'I want to be a marine biologist' Dean said to Kevin. 'I love the sea.'

'Hu' Kevin said.

'What about you?' Dean asked.

'I don't know really' Kevin admitted. 'I have no idea.'

'Too bad' Dean smirked.

'Hey Jack!' Kevin called out to his friend then who was skating around.

Jack skidded to a stop.

'Did you talk to the career advisor?' Kevin asked him.

'Yeah why?'

'Do you know what you want to do after you leave school?'

'I want to be a graphic designer' Jack replied.

Kevin felt a sinking feeling in his heart.

'What about you?' Jack asked Kevin.

Kevin shrugged carelessly, looking away reluctant to answer.

'I don't know' he forced himself to say. 'I haven't decided yet.'

Kevin went back to the place he called home after that, to Justin's apartment. And just as it had been so many times before, Justin leapt on him the moment he walked through the door, as if he had been waiting for Kevin.

Kevin naked now, rested on his hands and knees.

He bowed his head, lowering himself onto his elbows, on the bed.

'P-please' he moaned to Justin, who was fully clothed behind him. 'No more…I'm full…. I can't…'

Justin grinned down at him slyly.

Justin pushed the anal beads a little further, causing Kevin to moan again. Justin cupped him between the legs, caressing him gently.

'Does that feel good?' Justin purred.

'Y-yes' Kevin groaned, through gritted teeth. 'It feels so good…. master.'

Justin took the end of the string of beads, pulling them slowly out of Kevin.

Justin pulled Kevin into an upright position now, resting on his knees. Kevin was unable to resist, his wrists handcuffed together.

'You are mine' Justin whispered into his ear. 'You will obey my every command.'

'Yes' Kevin breathed, 'yes master….'

Justin pushed Kevin back onto his front, leaning over him now

Kevin let out a whimper of pain as he felt Justin push himself into him.

He was so sore by now, but Justin did not stop.

Chapter Twelve

Closing Cage

Kevin was becoming more exhausted as the days went on. He was becoming mentally drained, and physically drained, and as he went about his day, at work, at school, at home, he felt almost like he was in a dream-like state. Almost as if he were living someone else's life.

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