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   Chapter 52 No.52

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'Maybe I should not have asked you to dig for me' Kevin mumbled.

'What did you expect?'

'I feel like I am way in over my head' Kevin admitted. 'I don't know how to get out of this situation.'

Kevin lay on his back, his wrists tied above his head, his legs spread. He was completely naked beneath Justin now, laying there submissively as Justin thrust into him, his movements aggressive and forceful. But this time Kevin could handle him.

Kevin stared at the wall, eyes glazed over, as he felt Justin deep inside him.

'So where do you see yourself a few years from now?'

Kevin raised his head, staring at the caress advisor.

'A few years from now?' Kevin repeated, speaking in a mumble. 'I... never really thought about it. I mean I used' he trailed off, without finishing his sentence.

'Is there anything you enjoy doing?' the woman asked him, sitting opposite him in the quiet room. 'Any goals you strive towards? Anything you wish to achieve?'

'Not…not really' Kevin answered, feeling suddenly empty. 'I'm just…I thought I knew what I wanted.... but things did not work out.'

Kevin felt disjointed as he walked home later that day after school. He felt almost as if he were outside his own body, like he wasn't himself anymore.

He had no work today, and so he headed straight home, wanting only to relax and withdraw into himself.

He went up in the lift, heading to the door at the end of the corridor.

He had barely closed the door when he saw Justin approach him from the other side of the room, having heard Kevin unlocking the door he had made his way over to it.

Justin didn't pause or hesitate, he pushed Kevin against the door forcefully, kissing him deeply.

'H-hold on' Kevin stammered. 'I just got home I…'

'No, I don't care' Justin hissed, 'I need to fuck you here and now.'

Justin forced him onto his knees. Kevin allowed himself to be shoved forwards, resting submissively on his elbows as Justin frantically unzipped Kevin's trousers.

Kevin could already feel Justin's hard-on push against him through his trousers.

Justin pulled Kevin's trousers down, unzipping his own.

Kevin bowed his head, gritting his teeth and whimpering as Justin forced himself in. It was difficult without lube, and it hurt Kevin, but Kevin did not protest, and Justin did not stop.

He fucked Kevin hard, right before the front door. Kevin groaning as he endured it, feeling Justin's thrusts deep within him.

He was savage, forceful. But Kevin didn't say anything. His body was tense the entire time until Justin finally came, letting o

ut a sigh, before his body slumped.

Kevin allowed his body to relax a little, raising his head as Justin looked down at him.

'There's a good boy' Justin mumbled, before pulling out of him.

Kevin gritted his teeth as he did, straightening, his hands going to pull his trousers back up gingerly.

'Are you ready to eat?' he asked Justin, as behind him Justin rose to his feet.

'Yeah' Justin replied nonchalantly. 'I'll order food. I can have it sent to the door.'

They ate in silence at the table, the food brought to their apartment.

After that, they rested for a time, maybe an hour or so, before heading up the stairs to Justin's bedroom.

Justin placed the blindfold over Kevin's eyes slowly. He tied him to one of the posts of his four-poster bed, tying the rope around his body in intricate knots, forming shapes with the rope over his body. Kevin tilted his head back, moaning as Justin placed a bit into his mouth, a plastic piece that held his mouth open, forcing him to stay that way. Unable to close his mouth Kevin began to salivate, feeling it running down his chin and throat.

He moaned loudly then, Justin spilling hot wax from the candle he held over Kevin's chest.

Kevin let out a whimper, arms tied to the post behind him, unable to move. Kevin stood there, legs held apart by the thin metal bar attached to his ankles.

Justin slipped his fingers into Kevin's open mouth, feeling the saliva, bringing it to his own mouth and licking it off.

He knelt before Kevin, running his nails down the outside of Kevin's thigh briefly, but forcefully, leaving red marks and causing him to bleed.

Kevin made a sound of pain, his voice cracking, balling his fists behind his back. He was unable to speak because of the bit that held his mouth open in place.

Justin pleasured Kevin for a short time, caressing him between the legs oh so tenderly, causing him to stiffen, before slipping his mouth over him.

'Moan for me baby' Justin purred, and Kevin made a strangled cry as Justin at the same time, used a toy to shove up Kevin, doing so forcefully, the end he had already soaked with lube, so it slid in easily.

Kevin began to moan in pleasure as he felt both sensations.

Justin did to him as he pleased, working to his own rhythm. When he at last allowed Kevin to come, Kevin let out a groan, shoulders slumped then and head hung.

Justin wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, with the other hand, pulling the toy from out of Kevin, who was dripping clear liquid from between his legs.

Kevin gasped, shoulders rising and falling gradually.

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