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   Chapter 51 No.51

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The edges of Christina's eyes crinkled then, and she looked away.

'He almost looks better in a dress then I do' Christina noted. 'Almost.'

Kevin smirked at that quietly.

'So, what did you find out?' he asked again.

'Oh, Alicia told me so many interesting things' Christina began eagerly, continuing to work in the kitchen. 'Justin is interesting, so very interesting.'

'What did you find?'

Christina straightened, turning towards him with a cup of tea in each of her hands.

She took a seat beside him, putting the cups on the low table before them.

'Let me start from the beginning' Christina said, leaning back in the seat and crossing her legs seductively. 'Now. Let me think.'

Kevin's eyes drifted down her body, towards her legs, her naked flesh beneath her skirt, before his attention flickered back up to her eyes again

'Well I guess it begins with what made Justin the way he is now' Christina began, holding her knee with both hands as she leant back.

'What do you mean?'

'Have you not realised this yet?' Christina asked tilting her head towards him. 'He is afraid to love.'

'How would I know that?'

'He's not fallen in love with you yet.'

'You say yet as if it's about to happen, plus I'm not even gay.'

Christina brought her fingers to her lips, running her main finger along her lower lip as she thought. She was clearly very amused by all of this.

'He was very close to Alicia, because of his wild spirit, but Justin is afraid to love, because of his wife.'

'Wait' Kevin said raising an eyebrow. 'He's married?'

'He was. She is his x-wife now. He had his heart broken, he changed forever after that. He developed a high sex drive afterwards, probably due to frustration…now he just enjoys it. Its who he is. Who he has become. But he will not love. Alicia is the closest thing he has had to true love since his wife left him.'

'Oh my god' Kevin said, putting his head in his hands. 'I ruined that for him.'

'Don't feel bad. It wouldn't have worked out in the long run' Christina told him, 'in the end…they were just' she broke off for a moment as she thought, 'too different.'

'Is that what Alicia told you?'

'Yes, it is.'

'I still feel bad for…' Kevin sighed, 'what I did.'

'You mean letting Alicia having his way with you?'

'I didn't know' Kevin said in his defence. 'I didn't know I….' he clenched his teeth then, swallowing the l

ump in his throat. 'I didn't mean to do anything bad, I didn't mean to hurt anyone.'

'That was part of the problem' Christina told him. 'Alicia could not be controlled, and Justin did not like that. It became more of a problem as time went on. But you changed that when you moved in to live with Justin. It was going to happen anyway, but you just pushed it to happen sooner. It was for the best.'

Christina ran her fingers through her hair.

'Alicia was always convenient' she said, 'because Justin could be in a relationship with him and still keep the secret that he was gay. Alicia made such a convincing and beautiful woman. He still does.'

'Why does he dress like that?'

Christian shrugged. 'He just likes it. And hey, who are we to judge?'

'I guess you're right' Kevin sighed.

Christina watched him closely, before bowing her head, straightening the skirt of her dress before sitting up again.

'Are you still Justin's plaything?' Christina asked.

'Yeah' Kevin mumbled, speaking in a monotone. 'I don't know how I feel about it…I don't really know how I got into this situation, things just sort of happened. It's so bizarre.'

'Do you enjoy it?'

'I think so' Kevin replied, without pause or hesitation in his voice. 'Sometimes. It uh…it's a bit intense at times.'

Christina looked ahead again.

'I just wanted to find out more about him' Kevin mumbled. 'I've been living with him for so long now it feels. I know next to nothing about him still.'

'He would be mad that you've been trying to pry into his personal life and find out about his past. Why did you want to know anyway?'

'I was bored I guess?' Kevin shrugged. 'I don't really know. The thing is I am so involved with him, yet so distance. I wanted to find more about him. That is all. Just because I can.'

'Have you ever suffered a broken heart?' Christina asked Kevin softly.

'You know I have' Kevin answered.

'It is the worst pain I have ever experienced' Christina uttered, hand going to her own heart as she touched her chest tenderly. 'Whatever you have planned, I would not bring this up with Justin. He would be furious.'

'I'm not stupid' Kevin grumbled.

'That is why he does not want to fall in love again, it's because he fears it. It was a messy break up. His wife has moved on and they will never see each other again it seems, but he has never fully recovered, or so Alicia tells me.'

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