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   Chapter 49 No.49

Breaking Bonds By Lady Lilium Characters: 5012

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'I told you it was curiosity.'

'But that can't be the only reason. So what is it?'

'I came to tell you those boys won't bother you again.'

'Ok, first that's creepy and second I don't need your help. I don't want it.'

'Stubborn' Justin sneered at him then. 'And I was just trying to help you.'

'Wait a minute' Kevin said suddenly, sitting up then. 'I know why you're doing this.'

Justin bowed his head silently, staring at Kevin with clear amusement, waiting for him to continue.

'You think you own me. You're doing this so…. I'm not hurt…so you can…' Kevin's expression darkened. 'You will have to be gentle with me next time' he whispered. 'I am still a bit sore.'

Justin tilted his head slowly at that, his blonde hair falling over his eyes.

Kevin turned away in disgust. 'You only care about my body, you don't care about me.'

Justin continued to stare at him, maintaining a distance between them. He still stood by the door, he had not approached his bed.

The next day (Kevin has been discharged from hospital)

Justin pushed Kevin back onto the bed, bearing over him.

Kevin whimpered as Justin grasped his arm tightly.

'Are you alright?'

'Yeah' Kevin gasped. 'Yeah…'

Justin leant back, easing off him a little.

'You are so handsome' Justin uttered. 'So flawless.'

Kevin hunched his shoulders then, turning his head to the side, gritting his teeth, cheeks flushed.

'You keep saying that, you don't mean it.'

'Of course, I do.'

'It feels weird to get compliments from you like this' Kevin said, turning back to face Justin.

Justin stared down at him. For a moment it looked as if he were about to say something, but instead he closed his mouth.

He leant over Kevin again, kissing him tenderly. Kevin opened his mouth, feeling Justin's tongue inside him. It felt good, but his body still felt sore all over, and he flinched then, as he felt Justin's weight increase upon him.

Justin pulled Kevin's shirt up, moving his down his body, kissing Kevin's chest, and moving further down.

Kevin let out a shuddering breath, shifting on the bed, as Justin pushed his leg to the side, hand snaking up his thigh towards his crotch, caressing him before carefully unbuttoning him, pulling the zipper down.

Kevin began to gasp.

'Just relax' Justin whispered, biting the flesh of Kevin's leg firmly.

Kevin's chest rose and fell slowly, and he let go of the sheets he had grabbed onto, forcing himself to stay calm as Justin's hold on

his thigh tightened.

'Put your head back' Justin told him. 'Just relax.'

Kevin let out a breath, staring up at the ceiling. He let out a moan as Justin put his mouth around him, moving his head back and forth.

Kevin began to gasp.

'Don't….' he uttered, his voice weak, 'don't stop…'

Justin glanced up at Kevin. He moved his hand into Kevin's trousers then, slipping his finger into him.

Kevin arched his back, holding into the pillow behind his head.

'More…. more…'

Justin leaned back then, wiping the back of his mouth, stopping before Kevin was able to come.

'It's my turn now' he breathed, taking the top of Kevin's trousers and pulling them down.

He threw them to the side.

Kevin flinched in pain then as Justin put his weight back onto Kevin.

'Sorry' Justin whispered, pausing suddenly. 'I just…. get carried away.'

'Be careful' Kevin spoke softly to him, lying on the bed before Justin naked. 'Please…'

Justin stared down at him, before reaching for him again.

He began to play with Kevin for several minutes, before lifting Kevin's leg over his shoulder, unzipping himself.

Kevin looked down, seeing that Justin was hard.

'Just relax' Justin told him again. 'Trust me.'

Kevin let out a breath, resting his head back against the bed.

He grimaced then, clenching his jaws as Justin pushed himself in. He was so big.

'It hurts' Kevin gasped.

Justin pulled out.

'Get on your hands and knees. It would be easier like that.'

Kevin let out a groan, sitting up then and turning over. He rested on his knees now. Justin placed his hand upon his back, pushing his front down onto the bed.

'Just stay still' Justin whispered into Kevin's ear, before straightening again.

Kevin breathed slowly through his mouth, tensing slightly then as he felt Justin push into him for the second time.

He stayed on his knees as Justin thrust into him, using him, taking his pleasure from him, before reaching around and touching Kevin.

Kevin let out a moan, Justin continuing to work his hand, until Kevin came. He breathed in shallow gasps, still resting on his front as Justin pulled back, his hands sticky now.

He thrust into Kevin again hard, causing Kevin to moan loudly, body trembling, feeling both strong pain and pleasure at the same time.

He lay on the bed alone afterwards, hearing the sounds of the shower running from downstairs, as Justin washed himself.

Kevin stayed where he was, running his hand down his own body.

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