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   Chapter 48 No.48

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'I was actually brave enough to try a little bit.'

'Oh, waw yeah sure you're so freekin brave.'

'It tasted of air.'

'Well at least it didn't taste bad' Christian answered shortly.

'Please tell me you have more food in your bag.'

'Of course, I do' Christina smiled, reaching into her bag again. 'You know I'll look after you, especially after what you've done for me, and not just recently.'

'Is that twat-face leaving you alone now?'

'Don't be horrid' she told him, handing him a pasty. 'And yes. He has so far.'

'Because you know if he's still causing you trouble, I'll fight him again as soon as I get out of here.'

'I don't want you to kill yourself' Christina told him seriously, 'I would never forgive you.'

'I have to stand up for what I believe in, even though it's hard. I cannot be weak. I have to protect those I care about…. protect those around me.'

'There is a limit' Christina said to him in a level tone.

She watched in silence for a few moments as Kevin ate, speaking again a few minutes later.


'Aw yeah thank you so much' he moaned. 'God that was so good. Well done for choosing a good pasty.'

She smirked at him.

'Seriously' Kevin said smiling at her. 'Thank you for caring for me.'

'Don't be so silly' she shook her head.

'You're such a great friend.'

'Stop it. Please. You're not dying.'

He tilted his head as her, smiling warmly at her.

'I love you' he said.

She frowned at him, keeping her lips tight shut.

Kevin looked over her head then, his expression changing quickly to confusion.

'What the hell???'

Justin stood in the open doorway to the room, smiling with an amused expression down at Kevin.

'What…?' Christina asked, glancing around and seeing Justin standing there. 'Wait… Justin?'

'It's you again' Justin replied, speaking to her.

'You fucked Kevin didn't you.'

'Christina!' Kevin cried out.

Justin began to laugh at that. 'What a strange girl.'

He ran his fingers through his hair, which was short at the top and long at the bottom, wavy and beautiful, it was dyed a bright artificial blonde. His figure was lean and muscular and flawless, green eyes shining bright and skin like porcelain. As usual he looked incredibly handsome, perfection, like an angel.

'What are you doing here?' Kevin asked him shortly.

'You don't want me here?'

'You have no reason to be here.'

Justin stared at him in silence for a moment, without reaction. And then he smiled.

'I guess you're right' Justin relented. 'Call it curiosity then.'

'I'm glad I am so interesting to you' Kevin replied flatly.

At that Justin began to laugh.

'How did you find me?' Kevin asked.

'With great ease' he said leaning back against the wall and folding his arms. 'I just wanted to see you. You really got yourself beat up pretty bad. Why did you do it?'

'None of your business' Kevin answered shortly. 'That's why.'

'He was protecting me' Christina spoke up.

'What's wrong with you?' Kevin scowled at her.

'What?' Christina shrugged back at Kevin. 'I'm curious about him.' She turned back to Justin. 'I want to know more.'

'You told her about us?' Justin asked.

'There is no us' Kevin answered. 'But I did tell her what was going on.'

'I see.'

'Christina knows about you but she's promised to keep the whole thing a secret' Kevin said.

'I'm glad' Justin spoke seriously. 'It would be a shame if people found out about me.'

'Why are you bothering to keep it a secret anyway?' Christina asked him loudly.

'I have a reputation to hold. People expect certain things from me. But I can't change who I am. I have to keep it a secret.'

Christina turned away then, holding her head as she laughed.

'This is such a bizarre arrangement. Kevin does thing I would never...'

'Is that true?' Justin raised his head.

'Well you guys have fun' Christina said rising suddenly.

'Wait are you seriously leaving me with him?' Kevin asked Christina in disbelief.

'I have work later' Christina replied, flicking her hair back and smirking at Kevin.

'Seriously?' Kevin's eyes were pleading.

Christina only giggled at him, turning her back on him and staring at Justin now.

'So interesting' she muttered under her breath looking him up and down, though both of them could hear her clearly.

'As are you' Justin countered, looking deep into her eyes. It was as if he was seeing inside her.

A moment of silence passed between the two, and Christina walked past Justin slowly then, not taking her eyes off him until she was out of the room.

Kevin was sad to see her go.

He reluctantly turned his eyes back onto Justin.

'Why are you here? Did you come here to make me feel uncomfortable?'

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