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   Chapter 47 No.47

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A short distance away, Christina turned and ran away to seek help.

Kevin was held by a man behind him, immobilised as several men began to attack him.

Kevin tried to fight back, to free himself, but there was little he could do, as he was punched in the stomach repeatedly. Eventually falling to his knees, but they did not stop.

There were several of them, and they hit him while he was down.

Kevin remembered feeling nothing but pain, and not much after that.

He woke sometime later, in hospital.

Christina leant over him, she was crying.

'Ah' Kevin gasped, feeling instant pain as he woke. 'Wha…what…'

'Don't try to talk' Christina said, caressing his cheek tenderly and speaking in a whisper. 'Just try to stay still.'

Kevin shifted in the bed then, breathing slowly.

'Ha' he began. 'I really did it this time.'

'I'm sorry you got hurt because of me' Christina gasped, 'I'm sorry this has happened to you…this all my fault…'

'No' Kevin said to Christina. 'I chose to do this. This was because of me. I…' he smiled then, a genuine smile. 'If I could turn back time' he said to Christina, 'I would have done the same thing all over again.'

'I know you would' Christina uttered.

Kevin tilted his head towards her, still resting back against the pillows he smiled lovingly.

Christina smiled back at him, the edges of her eyes crinkling. She bowed her head, dabbing away the tears tentatively.

'So, what happened?' he asked her. 'I'm…. afraid I don't remember much.'

'Things got really crazy' Christina told him. 'They jumped you. There was a whole gang.'

'Oh' Kevin said casually. 'I see. Ha ha' he laughed weakly. 'I guess that is why I ended up here.'

He grimaced then, body tense.

'Are you alright?' Christina asked him, worry in her tone.

'How bad are my injuries?' Kevin asked.

'You'll live' Christina said. 'You should be out of here soon, it will take a few days for you to recover.'

'That's great' Kevin groaned. 'I would hate to have to hang around here for longer than I have to. Hospitals are so boring, in fact I am already bored.'

Christina chuckled under her breath.

'You have a really sweet laugh' Kevin said to her.

'Is that what you think?'

'You know, I really want you now, I…. I want to…have you sit on top of me.'

'Ok' Christina laughed,

rising to her feet. 'I'll be going now. I should be at work. You'll give me a call when you're discharged won't you? You will do that yes?'

'Of course, I will' Kevin spoke to her.

'Ok' Christina said, holding her hands before her. 'I will see you next time then.'

'Ok' Kevin replied shortly.

'And Kevin?'


Christina smiled at him, pausing for a moment.

'Thank you.'

Kevin stared at her for a moment, before breaking into a smile.

'No problem' he replied. 'You could reward me with a free ride.'

Christina grinned at him teasingly, before turning and walking away without another word, giving him a final wave as she went.

Kevin watched her go, until she was out of his line of sight.

He turned away from the door then, looking at the ward around him. He was in a large room with about eight beds in total, most were empty, the other patients were sleeping or resting, and nothing interesting was happening.

Kevin stared upwards towards the ceiling.

He let out a heavy sigh, blinking slowly. He already felt bored.

It was the next day when Christina visited him again.

'Oh, hey there' she beamed as she approached.

'Oh god please tell me you brought some food!' Kevin gasped, reaching out to her desperately as she drew closer to his bed.

Christina chuckled lightly, stopping beside him.

'Yes of course I did' she said, dragging an empty chair towards him and sitting down on it.

Kevin watched her with wide and hungry eyes, his attention transfixed in anticipation as she rummaged through her bag.


'Oh my god is that a sandwich?!' Kevin blurted then. 'Please give it to me!'

Christina could not help but laugh at him now.

'You're like a starving animal in a zoo.'

'That's not funny' he said tearing the packet open. 'I am starving. The food here is terrible.'

A short time later.

'I'm still hungry.'

'Do they not feed you at all in this place?' Christina asked raising an eyebrow.

'Have you seen the food?'

'Yeah you said its terrible' Christina answered in a monotone.

'Well it is' Kevin answered sourly.

'Oh, now you're just being ungrateful.'

'No' Kevin said patiently. 'You have not seen it let alone tried it.'

'Oh, come on its not that bad I'm sure' Christina said rolling her eyes and turning away in exasperation.

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