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   Chapter 46 No.46

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'Are you not?' Kevin asked with surprise. 'Don't you have hordes of girls falling for you?'

'Yes' Justin said glancing away a little uncomfortable then, it was clear that he did not like this topic. 'I don't really count them though' Justin said. 'I mean…when I have uh…. relationships with uh…guys. I don't have trouble with those who are too clingy. Alicia was….' He trailed off suddenly, taking a drink to distract him. 'She was an exception' he finished after a time.

'So, you only like guys?'

'Yeah?' Justin replied. 'I don't like girls. I mean they are nice and all but….to have sex with a girl…ugh I just….' He cringed then, shaking his head appearing visibly disgusted. 'I just don't like…. vagina.'

'I see' Kevin frowned. 'You know Toy said the exact same thing.'

'He did now did he?'


'Well…. something Toy and I have in common' Justin went on, swirling his drink in his glass and staring down at it, 'we like ass.'

'Hmm' Kevin replied, only half listening.

'Yeah' Justin went on, his eyes becoming distant. 'I just love…so good.'

'Why did you get Alicia to dress up like that?'

'Because' Justin answered quickly, sounding defensive, 'it was easier to uh…spend time together that way. It was never official, but people speculated we were together. It would have…caused me problems if people found out I were gay. I am in this industry, a model and star. I have to live up to people's expectations. Kinda sad really that I have to hide who I really am' Justin mused, still staring at his drink. 'The whole thing with Alicia dressing as a woman…that was a mutual decision. It benefited us both. And he came to really like it. He was beautiful. Even though he looked like a woman, I still found him attractive…because I knew what was beneath his skirt.'

'You miss him?'

'It wasn't ever supposed to be serious' Justin said quickly. 'It was perhaps best that he left before I started to develop true feelings for him.'

Kevin stared at Justin hard at that.

'What would happen if people found out you were gay?' he asked.

'I don't know' Justin mumbled. 'I can't say for sure but… but I have an image to hold. My agent would not like it. I am supposed to keep up this image, it's what people expect of me. Girls love me. If they found out…. I don't know…' he took another drink. 'I don't want to fall in love.'

'Why don't you want to fall in love?' Kevin asked him.

Justin swallowed then, eyes distant.

'I…' his expression gr

ew darker. 'It doesn't matter' he finished shortly, straightening. 'What are you doing today?'

'Just going out' Kevin replied noncommittedly.

'Seeing your girl again?'

Kevin smiled at Justin.

'Doesn't matter' Kevin answered to him.

Justin smiled back at Kevin in amusement.

'I want to have you again tonight' he told him, pushing away from the table and rising. 'When will you be back?'

'When I get back' Kevin answered.

Justin began to chuckled, turning and moving over towards the kitchen.

'I really can't get enough of you' Justin sighed, speaking to the air.

'You have a really high sex drive by the way.'

'It's just the way I am' Justin replied simply.

Chapter Ten

The Other Contract

Kevin was out with his friends the next day when he received a call.

He turned away from his friends as he pulled the mobile from his pocket, answering it quickly when he saw that it was Christina who was calling him.

He held the phone to his ear, listening silently for a moment, before hanging up.

'I gotta go you guys' Kevin spoke to his friends then. 'I gotta sort something out.'

'Who was on the phone?' his friend said.

'Christina' Kevin replied shortly, before turning and jogging away with no other explanation.

His friends stared after him.

He saw her in the park, striding towards her without pausing. Christina watched him with wide eyes as he approached and passed by her.

Kevin completely ignored her, instead heading straight towards a figure he recognised.

The figure turned just as Kevin approached him, just in time as Kevin punched him full on in the face, causing the man to fall backwards.

'I told you to stay the fuck away from my girlfriend!' Kevin yelled at the man.

'You fucking bastard' the man hissed, rising to his feet, he had been caught by surprise, but quickly recovered.

He grabbed Kevin by the front of his shirt then, but Kevin acted fast and without hesitation, instantly headbutted him hard on the nose, causing the man to let him go.

The man stumbled back for the second time, holding his nose which began to bleed, frozen in shock for a moment. He straightened up, and attacked Kevin, swinging a fist at him.

Kevin leant back, dodging the first blow, but not the second one.

The man grabbed Kevin by the shoulders, moving to hurt him again, but Kevin held the man back, snarling with rage and shoving him away. He fought with the man, but was suddenly grabbed from behind.

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