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   Chapter 45 No.45

Breaking Bonds By Lady Lilium Characters: 4880

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'Ah' Kevin gasped. 'What are you doing?'

Justin kissed him then, holding Kevin by the wrists.

'Stop' Kevin hissed, breaking away and turning his head to the side.

'I want you.'

'Again? I mean…already?'

'You still owe me for what you did' Justin told him simply. 'Alicia is gone because of you.'

'I know' Kevin replied sourly. 'You keep telling me. But I can't…I'm…. too sore.'

'Then let me fuck your mouth' Justin said tilting his head, his bright-blonde dyed hair falling about his shoulders, his green eyes piercing.

He pressed his forehead against Kevin's gently, their lips inches apart.

Justin's grin was predatory, and when Kevin did not react or resist, Justin began to chuckle.

He reached past Kevin, locking the front door. Kevin felt a twinge of nervousness in the pit of his stomach.

Justin took Kevin by the wrist, dragging him away and towards the stairs, Kevin stumbling after him.

Back in Justin's bedroom, Kevin was pushed upon the bed again, lying back against the headboard.

Justin sat on his chest, holding Kevin's hands together above his head, pinning him there. With his free hand he unzipped himself, touching himself. He was already hard.

'Are you ready?' Justin asked him.

'Yeah' Kevin gasped staring up at Justin. 'I'm ready.'

'Open your mouth.'

Kevin did so, and Justin pushed himself forwards.


'Don't struggle' Justin told him calmly. 'Just relax.'

Kevin tried to shift his legs, hands still held above his head.

He let out another muffled moan as Justin began to thrust, pushing deep towards the back of his throat.

Justin grabbed Kevin by the hair roughly with both hands now, releasing his hold on Kevin's wrists.

Kevin grabbed Justin by the thighs, holding him tightly as Justin continued to thrust.

'I'm going to cum' Justin gasped. 'I'm going cum….'

He thrust one last time, causing Kevin to choke.

Justin held himself forwards, grasping Kevin tightly by the hair as he held him there forcefully.

'Swallow it' Justin whispered speaking dangerously, 'swallow it…'

Kevin stared up at Justin, eyes shimmering and body trembling as he dug his nails into Justin's flesh hard. Kevin hesitated, flinching, closing his eyes tightly now.

He swallowed once deeply, and Justin pulled out of him.

Kevin began to cough violently, hand going to his mouth.

'It's bitter' he gasped.

Justin moved off the bed, standin


'Dinner will be soon' he said to Kevin as he zipped himself up again. 'I'll see you downstairs.'

He did not look at Kevin as he said this. He strode out of the room without a backwards glance, closing the door after him.

Kevin let out a heavy sigh, resting back against the bed and allowing his body to relax.

He felt so drained.

'So, who cooked all of this?'

'I do have some skills in cooking' Justin smiled gently, raising an eyebrow. 'Why, is there something wrong with it?'

'Well its ok I guess. You will never become a chief but its passable.'

'Is that supposed to be a compliment' Justin tilted his head in almost a playful manner, his bright blonde hair falling about his face.

'It's the beset you're going to get out of me' Kevin replied flatly. 'The cheesy potatoes are very nice. The meat is a little dry.'

'I followed the cook book.'

'I'm surprised a superstar like you cooks for himself' Kevin noted.

'I don't want any more strangers in my home right now' Justin said dismissively. 'I want us to be alone when we fuck. And next time I will make the meat far juicier.'

Kevin steepled his fingers, leaning forwards with his elbows on the table.

'What?' Justin said raising an eyebrow.

'Do you miss Toy?' Kevin asked him.

'What do you mean?' Justin asked. 'He was a gift to you. The questing is do you miss him?'

'How's the new job going?' Kevin asked.

'New job?'

'You got a new photo shoot recently, didn't you? I saw you outside. A few days back. The other day…whatever.'

'Oh, you saw me?' Justin grinned in amusement. 'How fun. Did you not think I looked so beautiful?'

'Real glamorous' Kevin said flatly again, reaching for his drink and glancing up at Justin as he took a sip. 'My friend thought you were very handsome. She has a crush on you, you know?'

Justin chuckled.

'Your friend? She? Is she your girlfriend?'

'No' Kevin said putting his drink down deliberately and grabbing his fork. 'Though she wants to be. She's totally infatuated with me. So obvious. But I'm not really interested in that. She's a nice girl though.'

'Why?' Justin asked with curiosity. 'Why are you not interested in her?'

'Nah she's nice and all' Kevin replied non-committedly. 'She…she's just not for me. A bit too clingy, you know?'

Kevin continued to eat.

'No' Justin said. 'I don't think I know. I'm not really…familiar with people who are too clingy.'

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