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   Chapter 44 No.44

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Kevin let out a moan, his voice breaking, he tensed, turning his head to the side and gritting his teeth as Justin pulled back slightly.

Justin paused, watching Kevin gasping, waiting for his body to relax, before pushing forwards again more slowly.

Kevin grimaced, but this time did not cry out.

Justin began to thrust inside him, careful not to move too forcefully, his brow furrowed in concentration. Beneath him Kevin's cheeks became ever more flushed.

Kevin reached up to him, holding him around the back of the neck.

'Don't…. don't stop…' he gasped.

Justin held him tighter, pushing into him harder.

'Can you lie on your front?' he asked then pausing.

'Yeah' Kevin whispered, and Justin pulled out of him.

Kevin turned over, lying on his front and feeling Justin's weight on top of him immediately.

Justin pushed his legs apart. He grimaced as Justin entered him again, thrusting harder this time.

Kevin grasped the sheets at the edge of the bed as Justin fucked him. Pinned beneath him, he was helpless, unable to move.

Kevin was trapped beneath him, simply waiting for Justin to finish, his body tense.

Justin had a lot of stamina, and continued for a long time, until coming at last.

Justin thrust one last time, grasping Kevin's arms painfully. He let out a breath, his body relaxing as he pulled himself out.

Kevin let out a sigh of relief as Justin got off him, able to allow his body to relax fully again.

Kevin pushed himself up on his knees gingerly, lifting his hand to his head.

I can't believe I did that.

'How did that feel?' Justin asked, sitting back against the bed, legs spread.

'Yeah' Kevin said, 'that was fine.'

'I hope I didn't hurt you.'

'No, I'm ok' Kevin said facing him.

'You have such a fine body' Justin purred, 'and you're so tight.'

'Ah…thanks' Kevin laughed awkwardly.

He rose from the bed gingerly, reaching for his clothes.

'I gotta go' Kevin said.

'Where are you going?'

'Do you care?' Kevin asked, pausing to turn back.

Justin smirked. 'I guess not.'

'Yeah' Kevin raised an eyebrow. 'That's what I thought.'

'So how are you today?' Christina asked Kevin when he turned up for work.

'I'm fine' Kevin replied tiredly.

'How is Justin?' Christina winked slyly at him. 'Oh!' she said suddenly seeing Kevin's reaction. 'What happened? Oh, please te

ll me!'

Kevin didn't mean to react to her words, but they had known each other for so long, she just knew how to read him, better than anyone else in his life.

'I don't really have time right now' Kevin said averting his eyes.

'Oh, come on' Christina persisted, pressing her boobs into his arm deliberately. 'I know something happened. You are so easy and fun. Just tell me or I will annoy you until you do.'

Kevin groaned irritated, rolling his eyes and tilting his head towards her.

'Alright' he began reluctantly. 'Something did happen.'

'Tell me.'

'We had sex' Kevin mumbled quietly so that only she could hear, 'Justin and I.'

'What was it like?' Christina asked with eyes wide.

'It was…uh…. mmmm……...well he didn't hurt me this time.'

'So, it was good?'

'Well when Alicia and I…you know….'

'Had sex. Oh, you let him fuck you, didn't you?'


'Oh, come on don't get shy' Christina told him straightening again but remained standing very close to him. 'You liked it, right?'

'Yeah' Kevin muttered hunching his shoulder. 'It did feel good.'

'So, what about Justin? What did it feel like with him?'

'Justin is just a bit rougher' Kevin mumbled.

'Whoo boy' Christina cackled, running her fingers through her hair. 'So, what is going to happen now?'

'What do you mean?'

'Well he's going to want you more' Christina told him, 'isn't he.'

Kevin frowned then, brow furrowed as he narrowed his eyes at her suspiciously.

'It might be good for you' Christina gleamed happily putting her hands together before her.

'What do you mean?' Kevin scoffed, moving over towards the locker.

'You might come to enjoy it' Christina teased. 'You never know.'

A silence hung in the air for a moment, then Christina turned and walked away, pausing in the doorway and winking back at him, before slipping around the corner and out of the locker room.

Kevin watched her go, sighing heavily as he opened his locker, beginning to dress for work.

When Kevin got home, he found Justin sitting upon the sofa waiting for him.

'Oh hey' Kevin said, closing the door after him as Justin rose to his feet. 'I didn't realise you would be here.'

He turned and saw Justin approaching him.

Kevin tensed as Justin closed the distance between them, pressing his body against Kevin's and trapping him against the door.

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