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   Chapter 43 No.43

Breaking Bonds By Lady Lilium Characters: 4996

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Kevin felt a shiver run through his body as Justin began to kiss him, began to bite him gently.

He ran his hand down Kevin's stomach, slipping into his trousers and caressing him.

Kevin gasped, his chest rising and falling.

'Does that feel good?' Justin asked after a time.

'Yeah…. yeah' Kevin breathed.

He tensed slightly as Justin moved away from him sharply, sitting back on his heels and taking off his shirt.

'No' Justin whispered as Kevin moved to take off his own shirt. 'I want to do it for you, just relax and lie back.'

Kevin did so, allowing Justin to lift the shirt off over his head.

He threw it to the side, reaching to Kevin's trousers and unzipping them.

Kevin lay there naked and exposed, head turned to the side, cheeks flushed as he breathed slowly.

'You're so handsome' Justin breathed, feeling Kevin's dark blonde hair between his fingers.

'Ha' Kevin laughed then, glancing towards him, 'not as handsome as you superstar.'

Justin frowned in amusement, hesitating for a split second, before leaning forwards.

Kevin let out a breath as Justin began to kiss his neck, running his tongue across his collar bone and down.

Kevin drew a sharp intake of breath as Justin put his mouth around him, grasping onto Kevin's inner thigh then.

'Just relax' Justin breathed pulling back briefly. Kevin bowed his head, letting out a slow sigh before resting his head back against the pillows.

He gritted his teeth then, letting out a moan. Justin moved his head back and forth, sucking gently, looking up at Kevin with his mouth still around him.

Kevin balled the sheets up in his hands, spreading his legs wider.

'More' he gasped, 'm-more….'

Justin shifted on the bed, adjusting himself.

Kevin arched his back, turning his head to the side as he breathed in shallow gasps.

'That feels so good' he moaned. 'I'm going to cum.'

'I want you to' Justin breathed pulling back briefly, 'I want you to cum.'

Justin began to work faster, Kevin reached out and grabbed him by the hair suddenly, moaning through gritted teeth.

He let out one final gasp, his shoulders slumped as he dropped his hand, falling back down onto the bed, his body trembling.

Justin sat up slowly, bringing his hand to his mouth and coughing into his palm. He reached for a towel beside the bed, wiping his hands and mouth.

'Sorry if I….'

'Don't be sorry' Justin grinned. 'I like it. I just don't like to swallow. Well…' he thought then, 'not all

the time….'


'Do you want me to fuck you now?' Justin offered.

Kevin looked down, seeing that Justin was hard.

'Um…yeah…if you go easy on me….'

'I will' Justin breathed. 'I will let you lead.'

Kevin watched as Justin reached for the drawer of the bedside table.

'I've got something that will make it easier' he said, bringing out the bottle of lube.

'You keep that by your bed?' Kevin scoffed turning sharply away.

'Where else would I keep it' Justin asked him flatly.

Kevin smirked at that. 'Good point.'

'I want you to sit on top of me' Justin said squirting the contents of the bottle onto his open hand.

'Alright' Kevin muttered, shifting as Justin lay back against the headboard.

Kevin straddled him, grabbing onto the headboard behind and lifting himself up as Justin ran his hand up his thigh, moving around to behind him.

Kevin grimaced then, beginning to tremble as Justin slipped his fingers in, middle finger first, then another, moving back and forth gently.

'Does that feel good?'

'Yeah it does' Kevin whispered, body tense and brow furrowed.

Justin played with him for a time, making sure he was properly wet down there before speaking again.

'I want to you come down now' Justin told him speaking softly, pulling his hand away. 'You're ready.'

Kevin who had been holding himself up on his knees looked down at Justin. He was massive.

'Just take it slow' Justin said as Kevin lowered himself down. 'You're in control.'

Kevin reached down to touch Justin, positioning himself before lowering his body.

He moved carefully, easing himself down until he was all the way.

Justin tilted his head, relaxing slightly.

'Can you move?' he asked Kevin.

Kevin stayed there for a moment, breathing calmly, before lifting his body slightly, and bringing it down again.

He began a gentle rhythm, up and down on top of Justin.

'Does that feel good?' he asked Justin.

'Yeah' Justin smiled slyly, holding onto Kevin's waist. 'For you?'

'It feels ok.'

'Can I have you on your back?'

Kevin paused, looking at Justin.

'Do you think you can handle it?'

'Yeah' Kevin whispered. 'We'll try it.'

He got off him, lying back against the bed as Justin sat up, leaning forwards over Kevin, moving between his legs.

Justin lifted one of his legs, holding Kevin behind the knee as his other hand went to Kevin. He slipped two fingers inside Kevin, working for a moment before pushing himself in again.

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