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   Chapter 42 No.42

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'Thank you for having me' Toy whispered seductively at Kevin, moving very close to him.

Kevin did not pull away, as Toy kissed him on the lips, slipping his tongue into his mouth.

Toy giggled again, grasping Kevin's face with both hands. Holding him and kissing him more passionately now.

Toy broke away at last, bringing his hand to his mouth.

Toy smiled, beginning to suck his own middle finger, slipping it in and out of his mouth.

Kevin watched him mutely, Justin standing a step behind him watched without reaction.

Toy began to moan then, salivating before straightening up again and wiping his mouth dry with the back of his hand.

'Goodbye then' he said speaking normally. 'I wish the both of you the very best, and it was a pleasure to be given as a present to you' he said to Kevin.

'What will you do?' Kevin asked him, 'I mean…where will you go?'

'The world is a place brimming with possibilities' Toy gleamed at him. 'There are so many places I could go!'

'What about your stuff?' Kevin asked, noticing that Toy did not have any bags with him.

'I didn't bring any' Toy grinned. 'I like to travel with the barest minimum. But don't worry' he said hastily. 'I have more than enough money to look after myself for quite some time. As much as I love being fucked really hard…and boy do I love being fucked really hard…you still gotta pay to play.'

Kevin smirked at that.

'You're a strange one' Kevin shook his head.

'This will give you both the prefect opportunity to get to know each other without me' Toy continued, holding his hands behind his back and grinning.

Kevil felt a jolt in his chest at that, turning and glancing back at Justin who remained impassive.

'Have fun fucking!' Toy sang turning and walking away. 'Bye now.'

Kevin stared at him, standing in the doorway and watching him go down the corridor, heading towards the lifts.

Kevin tensed then as Justin walked around him, moving to close the door.

'Wait' Justin spoke as Kevin began to walk away.

Kevin hunched his shoulders, turning reluctantly back to face Justin.


'I want to fuck you.'

'Jeez he only just left' Kevin laughed. 'And why do you want me anyway?'

Justin took his hand off the door, straightening then.

'Because you feel good.'

Kevin swallowed nervously, averting his gaze.

'You…you'll hurt me again.'

'That was diffe

rent' Justin told him. 'I was just…frustrated and angry. And without Alicia to… uh….'

'Yeah I get it' Kevin droned. 'You could take your frustrations and anger out on him because he was already used to you.' Kevin raised his head then grimacing. 'What was he like first time.'


Kevin began to laugh. 'Changed that pretty quick then didn't you?' he said, standing with his hands on his hips.

'Did you like it?' Justin asked suddenly.


'Did you like having his cock inside you?' Justin took a step closer, causing Kevin to back away.

Justin paused.

'You seemed to like it' Justin went on. 'From what I saw anyway.'

Kevin flushed then, turning his head away.

'What do you want?' he asked Justin shortly.

'I want you.'

Kevin gritted his teeth. 'I should have known.' He looked back at Justin then. 'You know I'm not gay right?'

'I know' Justin grinned. 'You like girls too. You like both.'

Kevin pursed his lips.

'I….' he forced himself to speak. 'I did like it. I liked how it felt. And I liked Alicia.' He furrowed his brow, speaking slowly and calmly. 'You want to have me again?'

'Yes' Justin breathed. 'You felt so good…I have wanted you for the longest time.'

'I don't want you to hurt me again' Kevin mumbled.

'I won't' Justin whispered. 'I promise I won't.'

'Alright' Kevin said. 'And…if I tell you to stop, you will stop?'


Kevin let out a sigh, relaxing his body.

'Alright' he said. 'Let's do it.'

'Are you sure?'

'Yes' Kevin replied. 'I…I am sure.'

Justin hesitated for a moment, before stepping closer to him, and this time Kevin did not pull away.

Justin took him by the chin, tilting his head back gently as he looked down upon him.

Justin brushed Kevin's dark blonde hair back.

Kevin gasped then, as Justin slipped his tongue into him, taking him.

Justin watched him closely as he kissed him. Kevin had flinched when Justin had first touched him, now he seemed to relax a little.

Justin pulled away.

'Shall we go upstairs to my room?'

Kevin blinked then, swallowing the lump in his throat.

'…...yes…' Kevin said. 'But only if you're gentle.'

Chapter Nine

The Way things Are Now

Justin pushed him back onto the bad, Kevin lay there staring up at the ceiling, heart pounding inside him as he felt Justin lift his shirt, felt his tongue run along his chest.

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