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   Chapter 41 No.41

Breaking Bonds By Lady Lilium Characters: 5206

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Justin let go of Toy then, releasing his hold as he turned towards Kevin, Toy behind him was flustered.

'I want to undress you' Justin gleamed, pressing his forehead against Kevin's, his hand slipping beneath his shirt and running his fingers up his spine slowly, causing Kevin to shiver.

Kevin raised his arms to allow Justin to take his shirt off. Toy came up behind Justin then, covering Justin's eyes playfully and giggling. Justin placed one of his hands upon Toy's then, letting out a sigh as Toy hugged him from behind.

Minutes later the floor was strewn with clothes. The bed however was let untouched, the sheets perfectly flat.

The three of them knelt on the floor, Justin and Kevin facing each other, with Toy between them.

He moaned and cried out as he was used by Kevin and Justin, Justin behind him, and Kevin in front.

Toy coughed violently as Kevin thrust into his mouth, pulling out at the last minute and coming on his face.

Toy groaned loudly as behind him, Justin continued to thrust in him.

Kevin sat back on his heels, gasping as he watched. Toy rested on his front now, as Justin continued to thrust him, throwing his head back with a moan. Justin bowed his head, letting out a sigh before pulling out.

They rested for a few minutes, before Justin was hungry again.

He grabbed Toy roughly by the hair, jerking him back towards him. Kevin sat on the floor, leaning back against the bed behind him, with his arm upon the edge, he watched as Justin had his way with Toy again. Kevin sat completely naked with his legs open, feeling hot, feeling flushed as he saw Justin pull out then, carrying Toy over to the bed and throwing him down. Justin tied Toy's wrists above his head, entering into him again. Kevin heard Toy's pleas as Justin thrust into him on the bed behind him.

'Oh yeah…fuck me harder master!'

Justin finished him a long while later, maintaining his stamina, and managing to contain himself until he could no longer.

'It's your turn' Justin gasped, his body a sheen of sweat as his shoulders and chest rose and fell with every breath. 'Go on' Justin said crawling back off the bed and away from him. 'You must be rested now.'

Kevin rose to his feet, kneeling on the bed and positioning himself behind Toy.

'Are you alright?' Kevin asked him quietly, leaning forwards to whisper into his ear.

'Aw yeah' Toy moaned, his shoulders beginning to tremble, 'please…. please fuck me master…use me…abuse me….'

Kevin placed his hand upon Toy's naked thigh, pausing only briefly before pushing himself in.

His rhythm was hard

and fast, and beneath him, Toy moaned loudly.

Justin walked away from the bed as they did this, letting out a deep sigh and sweeping his blonde hair back.

Kevin sweated and panted in the room as he held Toy beneath him, feeling his skin hot beneath his touch.

As Kevin continued his rhythm, Justin approached him from behind, caressing Kevin beneath his jaw.

'I want to fuck your mouth' Justin uttered.

'You weren't kidding' Kevin gasped, not looking away from Toy. 'You sure have some appetite. Aren't you tired?'

'Not yet' Justin breathed, taking Kevin's face in both hands and turning him towards him. 'I'm not done yet.'

Kevin kissed Justin, as he continued to fuck Toy.

'I want to fuck your mouth' Justin breathed again, 'when you're finished fucking him.'

'Ok' Kevin breathed. 'Ok.'

When he was done with Toy, he shoved him forwards onto the bed, turning his attention now onto Justin.

Justin tied his wrists above Kevin's head, tying them to one of the bed posts at the end of the bed, before sticking his cock in his mouth.

Kevin knelt before Justin, as Justin began to move.

Kevin choked and spluttered as Justin stood over him, thrusting hard down his throat. At times Kevin struggled to breath.

A long time later Justin came at last. Toy who had been resting on the bed raised his head then, watching with tired eyes Justin begin to shudder, Kevin before him let out a tiny whimper.

Justin pulled away and Kevin bowed his head, coughing onto his own chest, wiping it away with the back of his hand after Justin had freed his hands. Above him, Justin grinned hungrily.

'No more' Kevin whispered, 'no more…. I can't…. need to rest…'

'Let's sleep in a little gay pile on the bed' Justin suggested jokingly.

Kevin was too tired to even think, hardly hearing what Justin was saying, he was vaguely aware of Justin pulling him to his feet. He hadn't even realised that Justin had untied his wrists.

'Come on' Justin mumbled, pushing Kevin gently now towards the bed.

Toy shuffled over, giving them space to lie down. Toy rested facing Kevin who lay in the middle. Justin lay behind Kevin, closing his eyes, he was asleep in minutes.

'Well' Toy gleamed happily at Kevin. 'It was nice to have known you.'

'You're leaving?' Kevin asked him. Somehow, he felt strangely saddened by this, but he didn't know why.

'My time here is up' Toy informed them. 'My contract is over.' He brought his hand to his mouth then, giggling. 'I said up. Sounds kinky.'

Kevin frowned at that. 'You never switch off do you' he said to Toy flatly.

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