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   Chapter 40 No.40

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'Can I help you buddy?' Kevin spoke harshly, his tone confrontational. 'Why are you in front of Christina's door?'

The guy hesitated, glancing down at their hands they held together, before looking back up at Kevin, sparing a glance only briefly towards Christina.

'Who are you?' the guy asked.

'I'm Christina's boyfriend. Who the fuck are you?'

The guy hesitated then, gritting his teeth.

'I've heard you've been giving her some trouble' Kevin said, letting go of Christina's hand. 'And I don't like it. If I ever hear of you giving her a hard time again, I'll fucking kill you. You'd better delete her number off your phone, because if you send her one more text, I will find you.'

The guy glared at Kevin with hate in his eyes, and without another word, he turned and stalked away.

Kevin let out a sigh, shoulders slumped.

'Guess he didn't want to fight me.'

'Would you really have fought him?' Christina asked.

'Of course, ' Kevin replied simply. 'No one messes with my girlfriend and gets away with it.' Christina chuckled at that.

'Well thanks anyway' she said moving towards her door and taking out her keys. 'Would you like to come in?'

'I'm kinda busy actually' Kevin replied. 'I'm meeting some friends.'

'Are you sure?' Christina said. 'Are you sure you don't want to…. fuck me…' she said quietly. 'Just a quickie? We are going out after all.'

Kevin grinned with amusement.

'Ok fine' Kevin sighed, stepping forwards.

'I mean…if its not too much trouble for you' Christina added.

'Just let me in' Kevin spoke in a monotone, standing close behind her.

Christina grinned at him, unlocking the door.

She and Kevin both stepped inside, Kevin closed the door behind them.

Shortly after that, Kevin returned to Justin's apartment.

'Welcome home' Toy gleamed at him, the moment he entered.

Toy stood in the kitchen wearing an apron and kitchen gloves on his hands.

'How are you doing?' Toy asked.

'Fine I guess' Kevin sighed wearily.

'Do you have energy to fuck me tonight?' Toy asked him.

'What's for dinner?' Kevin asked. 'It smells good.'

'Lasagne' Toy replied merrily. 'So do you have the energy to fuck me tonight?'

Kevin glanced up towards the top of the stairs then, seeing Justin appear from his room.

'We're going to try something a bit different after dinner' Justin said, walking slowly down the stairs, not taking his eyes off Kevin as he spoke. 'After we've had time to rest and digest' he said, 'after we've a

ll washed…I want us to do something different.'

'What' Kevin asked uncertainly, 'what do you want us to do?'

Justin reached the bottom of the stairs, watching Kevin with a smile now. 'We're going to both fuck Toy together.'


'That's right' Toy gleamed excitedly. 'You're both going to get to fuck me at the same time. I'm so excited. I want to you use me as you please, fuck me hard, come inside me, on my chest and in my face and oh so many things.'

'……………...okay?' Kevin raised an eyebrow, glancing over towards Justin. But Justin was watching Toy now.

'I can barely contain myself' Justin said, gliding over towards Toy in the kitchen then, shoving him forwards onto the counter suddenly.

'Not yet master' Toy gleamed looking back at him. 'It's not time yet.'

Justin gave a predatory smile, caressing Toy between the legs for a moment, before releasing him.

'Fine' he said backing away. 'Not yet.'

'So, is dinner nearly ready?' Kevin asked the wall.

'Please sit down' Toy smiled happily, indicating the table which was already set. 'It'll be just a few more minutes.'

Kevin sat in his place, the same chair he always sat at. Justin was already sitting at the table opposite him.

Kevin glanced over at him tentatively. Justin was completely distracted now, playing absentmindedly with a fork as he waited.

Kevin looked away again, sitting awkwardly with his hands on his lap. He let out a heavy sigh, glancing up a short time later as Toy brought the food over for them. Kevin couldn't hold the smile from his face.

'Oh, it looks so good' he said.

'I'm an excellent cook' Toy said to him, not intending to brag. 'Now please help yourself' he said to Kevin as Justin already began to do so. 'I will serve myself after you guys.'

'Shouldn't you eat first?' Kevin asked him, 'you know, since you cooked it?'

'I can't eat before my masters' Toy grinned at him, taking his seat and waiting patiently for Kevin to dish up his food. 'Please' he said. 'After you.'

'Ok' Kevin said flatly, reaching for the lasagne.

Some time passed, and as Justin had said, the three of them went upstairs to Justin's bedroom.

Justin closed the door, after holding it open for them to enter. He closed the door behind them.

It was dark inside the room Kevin noticed, glancing over towards the windows to see the curtains drawn.

Justin grabbed Toy first, shoving him against the door and kissing him. Kevin took a step back, bowing his head and glancing away.

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