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   Chapter 38 No.38

Breaking Bonds By Lady Lilium Characters: 4790

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Beneath him, Toy continued to gasp and moan, as Justin had his way with him.

Shortly after, Kevin and Justin ate their meal together.

'So, um….' Kevin began, a little hesitant to ask, 'where is Toy?'

'He's resting' Justin answered simply, looking down at his plate. 'Oh, and uh…. you probably shouldn't use him for a few days…...just saying. He needs to um…. recover……yeah.'

Kevin swallowed the lump in his throat, staring intently down at his food, and thinking in his mind.


He knew exactly what had happened, and exactly how Toy was feeling.

'I hope he'll be ok' Kevin mumbled.

Justin glanced up mutely.

Three days later

'Would you like me to suck your cock?'

'I'm actually doing work right now' Kevin replied, sitting on the sofa with his books on his lap.

'Oh please' Toy begged, balling his fists over his crotch and hunching his shoulders. 'I really want someone to fuck me so bad, but Justin is out.'

'I thought he was uh…. haha…. how do I phrase this?' Kevin mumbled awkwardly.

'Massive?' Toy offered. 'Yeah he is. Oh god he was rough, really tore me up down there, but I'm building up to it, I can take it now. And waw he fucks so hard' Toy laughed, scratching the back of his head.

Kevin who had been listening to him had gone redder with every word that came out of Toy's mouth.

'I just really want you to fuck me as hard as you can' Toy whined. 'I need a good seeing to…please…?'

'Are you really like this?' Kevin asked sincerely. 'I find it hard to believe someone enjoys this and craves it as much as you do.'

'I really do' Toy insisted. 'It's true that Justin's paying me a lot for my services, but he chose me because of my needs. I need to be fucked. I love being used.' He tensed then, becoming suddenly excited. 'Can you come in my face?'


'M-maybe you can…uh…. whip me…or…. gag me…'

'Uuuuuhh…' Kevin frowned. 'No. I couldn't bring myself to hurt people like that. You should go talk to Justin for that.'

'Can you fuck me?'

'I'm a little busy.'

'Then can I blow you?'

Kevin frowned then in annoyance, glancing up at Toy.

He let out a sigh.

'Oh fine' he relented.

A slow smile spread across Toy's face, and he leant forwards then, hands resting upon the back of the sofa as he kissed him, Kevin opening his mouth and allowing him to slip his tongue in.

'Mmmmm' Toy moaned in pleasure, before backing off again, and kneeling before Kevin.

He lifted Kevin's shirt, kissing his stomach, running his tongue along his skin.

Kevin blinked slowly, letting out a sigh before closing his eyes. It felt good.

Toy's hand went to Kevin's crotch then, caressing him between the legs for a few moments before unzipping him.

Toy salivated heavily as he licked him, Kevin's blood rushing down his body as he began to swell.

Toy began to work his way up and down, head bobbing as he sucked him hard.

'Easy' Kevin said then, flinching.

'You don't like it?' Toy asked with a teasing smile, nuzzling into it as he stroked his fingers delicately up his shaft. 'Justin likes it when I blow him hard.'

Toy flinched back uncertainly as Kevin suddenly grabbed him by the hair, shoving him back and throwing him against the sofa, forcing him to the side so that he rested now with his head upon the arm of the sofa.

'Aw yeah…' Toy moaned as Kevin sat upon his chest. 'Choke me daddy. Fuck me hard. Spill your hot cum down my throat.'

'Be quiet' Kevin hissed, grabbing him by the hair before forcing himself in, shoving his dick into his mouth. 'I didn't say you could speak' Kevin growled, thrusting again and again.

Beneath him he felt Toy gag, but he didn't stop.

He fucked him hard, he had never done anything quite like this, and was surprised at how good it felt. She would never let him be rough with her like this.

He came a good while later, managing to hold off for a long time, until he could no longer hold himself.

He thrust into Toy's mouth one last time, Toy letting out a desperate moan and coughing as the cum slipped down his throat.

Toy tried to pull away but Kevin grabbed him then by the hair, pushing his hips forwards and shoving his cock back down Toy's throat.

Toy grabbed Kevin's thighs, trying to push him back, holding his breath, but Kevin held him there with his mouth over him for a moment longer, before releasing his grip.

Toy threw his head back, coughing violently, before tilting his head down, spitting Kevin's cum on his chest.

Toy let out a sigh, swallowing the rest before leaning his head back again, resting back against the arm of the sofa with his cheeks flushed, pulling his sleeve over his hand and wiping his chest clean.

'Did you like that?' Kevin asked him quietly.

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