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   Chapter 37 No.37

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'Riiiiight' Kevin spoke slowly.

Toy turned the stove off, turning towards Kevin.

'You can have me if you want' Toy said again to Kevin casually. 'You know…. if you're feeling horny' he said nudging Kevin playfully with his shoulder. He giggled, taking the pot off the stove and moving across the kitchen.

Kevin glanced sideways towards Toy as he placed the pot on a rack.

'Wait' Kevin spoke clearly.

'Hm?' Toy glanced up curiously.

Kevin bowed his head, shoulders hunched and staring at the floor.

'What's wrong?' Toy beamed at him, taking his gloves off and moving closer towards Kevin. 'Do you want something?'

'You' Kevin mumbled. 'I want you…'

A silence passed. Toy gave a slow gasp then, eyes sparkling and hands balled over his chest.

'Really?! Oh yes please!'

Kevin raised his head then, looking towards Toy who was smiling back at him.

'You want to fuck me?' Toy tilted his head playfully. 'Is that what you want?'

Kevin stepped towards him and grabbed him without warning, shoving him forwards onto the table.

'Oh yeah fuck me daddy!' Toy instantly cried out.

Kevin gritted his teeth, brow furrowed as he held Toy down onto the table, Toy resting on his front, head turned to the side.

Kevin reached around, slipping his hand into Toy's jeans and further. Toy began to moan as Kevin touched him.

'Oh yeah' Toy groaned. 'Give me more…I want more...'

Kevin's hands went to Toy's jeans, unzipping him and pulling them down.

Toy drew a sharp intake of breath as Kevin slipped his finger in, his other hand going to his own trousers.

Kevin shoved Toy back onto the table again as Toy tried to straighten, pressing his hand splayed against his back.

'Don't move' he ordered Toy.

Toy let out a gasp as Kevin began to push himself into him, moaning loudly as Kevin began to thrust inside of him.

He gripped Toy by the arms as he fucked him over the table, his movements forceful, before pulling out quickly and pulling Toy into a standing position, turning him around sharply.

'Take your trousers off' Kevin ordered, and Toy did so.

Kevin pushed him back onto the table, Toy on his back this time. He lifted Toy's legs over his shoulders, pushing into him and thrusting hard. Toy threw his head back, his expression that of intense pleasure as he grasped the edge of the table with shaking hands.

Kevin spat on his own hand before grabbing Toy around the cock, he was already hard. He worked jerking his hand back and forth until Toy came, continuing to thrust inside of him.

He let go of Toy then, hand covered as Toy began to sob.

'Oh yes master' he

begged. 'Please cum inside me!'

Kevin grasped him again then, both hands around his thigh as he continued to thrust faster, one last time until he stopped suddenly, groaning and gripping Toy's thigh tightly with nails digging into his flesh.

He relaxed his grip on Toy, allowing his leg to slid of his shoulder as he let out a deep sigh.

'Oh yeah' Toy groaned, his voice hushed. 'That felt so good.'

The front door to the apartment opened suddenly, and both looked up to see Justin standing there.

'Oh hey' Justin said casually, closing the door behind him. 'How you doing?'

'Welcome home master!' Toy gleamed staring up at him, still with Kevin inside him.

Kevin said nothing as Justin moved across the room, he flushed slightly bowing his head, pulling out of Toy quickly and turning away.

Toy moaned loudly as he did this, hand going to his own chest where he began to wipe the front of his own shirt.

It was sticky.

'Have you finished cooking?' Justin asked Toy casually.

'Yes' Toy replied, sitting up and reaching down for his jeans.

'Then go up to my room. Food can wait for a short time.'

'Oh' Toy mumbled, 'oh ok' he finished with a smile. 'Kevin. I'll be down again later.'

'Um…. ok' Kevin mumbled uncomfortably glancing away. 'Have fun' he added flatly.

Toy winked at him playfully, turning and heading upstairs. He walked ahead of Justin who followed after him, lingering at the bottom of the stairs for a moment, glancing towards Kevin before following after Toy.

Kevin let out a heavy breath, heart pounding in his chest.

He walked across the room, moving to sit on the sofa. He leant back against it, breathing slowly.

He heard the door to the bedroom upstairs close, glancing around towards it before looking ahead again, bowing his head to his lap.

It wasn't long before he heard Toy's moans.

Justin bit into Toy's shoulder hard, Toy rasping as he held onto Justin, Justin's arms wrapped around his smaller frame.

Justin shoved Toy back onto the bed, stepping back briefly and taking his own clothes off quickly. He bore over Toy, kissing him passionately, his tongue reaching into him, tasting him, savouring him.

Beneath him, Toy lay on his side as Justin knelt over him, resting on his elbows.

Justin grabbed Toy around the thigh then, lifting his leg up and pushing himself in. He was already hard.

Toy moaned loudly, grasping onto the pillow tightly and gritting his teeth as Justin thrust into him forcefully. Toy resting on his side, Justin sat on one of his legs as he fucked him, holding his other leg which rested over his shoulder.

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