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   Chapter 36 No.36

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Anastasia looked away again, towards Justin.

'He's so pretty' she breathed.

Kevin glanced at her in surprised then, eyes wide. He smiled to himself then knowingly, greatly amused by what she had just said.

Oh Anastasia…. you have no idea….

'Do you have a crush on him?' Kevin teased.

'What?' Anastasia gasped. 'No!'

'Oh, come on. You can tell me the truth' Kevin said.

'Well…' Anastasia kicked her feet shyly as her attention drifted back towards Justin, seeing him one last time before the model disappeared into the building.

He must have a photo shoot or something Kevin thought vaguely.

'I do kinda have a crush on him' Anastasia admitted reluctantly. 'But who doesn't?' she added hastily. 'I mean all the girls like him. He's just so beautiful…like an angel.'

She flushed slightly then, eager to change the subject.

'I…I heard that you live in the same building as him' Anastasia blurted then. 'A couple of people have said…you know…'

Kevin raised his eyebrow at her.'

'I moved out of my parents home recently' he answered simply.

'To such an expensive part of town?'

Kevin shrugged silently without giving an answer.

'I'm just renting a room with a guy' he told her in a mumble. 'I'm very lucky to have found a place to live. You might now know but my parents moved away due to work reasons, and I'm kinda on my own now. I mean I have to fend for myself. That's why I got a job. I don't want to depend on my parents anymore. I'm not even their child. I was adopted. I guess that's why I feel worse for scrounging off them.'

'Oh, you're not scrounging off them' Anastasia said hastily.

'I am really' Kevin smiled. 'It's ok. I just…I understand and I know what you're going to say. But I was still scrounging off them, even though I didn't mean to. I just…really wanted to move out and look after myself.'

'So you rent a room with someone in an expensive part of town?'

'Yeah, it's kinda a weird arrangement.'

'And you pay him rent?'

I stopped paying rent ages ago. I let him fuck me instead.

'Yeah I pay him rent' Kevin smiled. 'Now let's go, I want to get out of here, it's too crowded.'

They moved on, continuing on their way.

They came to the coffee shop and found a table and Kevin ordered.

With their drinks before them, they began to talk.

Kevin grew tired after a time, changing subject deliberately to make a

point. He talked for a long time about Lisa, his childhood friend and sweetheart. He talked about the time he had spent with her and his family, how much she meant to his own family, the last time they had met and how they parted.

He could tell it clearly annoyed Anastasia, though she tried not show it. Kevin could read the signs, they were subtle, but he noticed them.

'I miss my family most of all' Kevin said. 'I have not heard from them in ages, not since they left.'

'You haven't messaged them?' Anastasia asked in surprise. 'Don't you have their number?'

'Of course I do' Kevin replied, 'but I can't explain it. I love them but…. I just…. don't need them right now….'

They parted hours later, spending most of the day together. Anastasia had had a good time, and Kevin enjoyed himself too.

'See you around then Ana.'

Anastasia flushed at this, Kevin shortening her name like this caught her off guard.

'Well…' Anastasia smiled back, holding her hands behind her back and beaming at him, 'I'll see you around then, I hope we can do this again soon.'

'Yeah' Kevin grinned back. 'Me too.

Chapter Eight

A New Game

'You don't need to stand so close to me' Kevin said uncomfortably to Toy.

'I'm not sorry' Toy replied with amusement, stepping back slightly. 'You just smell of perfume. Have you been with a woman today?'

'Yeah' Kevin replied. 'It was kind of a date but we're just friends.'

'Oooohhh' Toy purred, eyes bright then. 'How fun. Have you made love to her?'


'Good' Toy grinned. 'Not that it matters that much. I just…don't like girls myself…haha. I don't like vagina…'

'Ok' Kevin spoke loudly then to stop him from continuing. 'So, you're cooking now?' Kevin said hastily changing the subject.

'I sure am' Toy gleamed moving away from him then, gliding backwards towards the kitchen. 'You can have me if you want by the way' Toy added.

'You like to cook then?' Kevin said to him, watching Toy move about the kitchen.

'Oh yes, I love it very much' Toy gleamed, waving the spatula at him. 'It's such a wonderful hobby' he continued. 'To live a healthy life all comes down to what you eat' Toy said to him. 'Oh, did you know, what you eat effects how your cum tastes?


'I once was with a man who ate a lot of mango' Toy giggled at Kevin excitedly, bouncing on the spot. 'His cum tasted so sweet!'

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