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   Chapter 35 No.35

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'Uh…yeah sure why not?' Kevin said, slightly flushed.

'And you' Toy said, letting go of Kevin who drew back quickly, and turning towards Justin. 'Am I for your use too?'

'Maybe later' Justin waved away dismissively.

'Where um…where did you find this guy?' Kevin asked Justin.

'From the internet' Justin replied simply, crossing his arms and glancing towards Toy, 'where you can find pretty much anything.'

Toy swayed on the spot then, hugging himself and looking to the ground.

'I hope I am good enough for the job' Toy said.

'You've done very well so far' Justin told him, and Toy placed his hand together before him, smiling happily. 'Toy will be living here from now on' Justin said, speaking to Kevin. 'He will be sleeping in either your bed, or mine, depending on who wants him.'

Kevin gritted his teeth together, flushing brightly at that.

'Stop talking about it like that' he told Justin shortly.

'Don't be prude' Justin told Kevin shortly. 'Now if you are ok with it' he said speaking to Toy, 'I want you stay in my bed tonight.'

'Of course, ' Toy said gleaming at Justin excitedly, 'anything my master commands.'

'Master?' Kevin echoed.

'Yes' Toy smiled warmly turning to him. 'You are both my master.'

'Ah' Kevin laughed awkwardly, scratching the back of his head. 'Ok…'

'Problem?' Justin asked him shortly.

'No no' Kevin said casually, staring at the wall to the side. 'This isn't a weird arrangement at all.'

'Good' Justin said turning away from him. 'You can cook anytime' he said to Toy.

'Cook?' Kevin questioned.

'He's not just a sex object' Justin told Kevin, as Toy skipped towards the kitchen, arms out playfully as he went. 'Toy is to do all the cooking and cleaning around here, as well as pleasing us both physically.'

Kevin hunched his shoulders uncertainly, looking away.

'Problem?' Justin asked again.

'It's just…' Kevin mumbled, 'is this fair on him? I mean…why would he do this?'

'Oh, don't worry' Toy grinned leaning forwards on the kitchen counter, waving a pan in his hand. 'Justin is paying me a fortune for my services…. plus, I get to suck his big fat cock.'

Kevin spluttered then in horror at what he said.

Toy only winked seductively back at him.

'I understand that Justin is quite big down there' Toy spoke playfully, eyes bright, crinkled at the edges playfully. 'I look forward to seeing him like that.'

Kevin co

uld only stare, looking on in disbelief.

I guess he really does want this he thought to himself.

'I thought you were short on money' Kevin said to Justin, 'that's why you wanted a tenant in the first place.'

'Things change' Justin shrugged carelessly. 'And anyway, you don't need to concern yourself with my financial situation.'

Kevin averted his eyes then, body tense and lips pursed.

This guy's so weird, this arrangement is weird… did I even get in this situation?

A few days later

Kevin waited on the street corner, leaning back against the lamppost, one hand in his pocket as he texted on his mobile.

'Hey Kevin!'

Kevin glanced up, smiling as he saw Anastasia jogging towards him. She looked ravishing, her frame very slender, like a super model.

'Hey Anastasia' Kevin grinned, straightening and putting his phone away.

'I hope I didn't keep you waiting' Anastasia said.

'No, its fine' Kevin waved her away. 'So where do you want to go?'

'Let's go get some coffee' Anastasia gushed. 'I mean…if that's alright with you. If you don't mind….'

'Sure' Kevin grinned at her, 'I love coffee.'

'Cool' Anastasia gleamed, 'I'm so happy.'

'Let's go' Kevin said, offering her arm for her to take.

'Oh!' Anastasia gleamed. 'Kevin you're such a gentleman.'

'I'm not really' Kevin said dismissively, 'I'm just being me.'

They walked through the town together.

'We look like a couple, don't we?' Anastasia grinned blushing slightly and dipping her head.

She would say that wouldn't she? Kevin thought in his head.

'Yeah we do' Kevin agreed. 'I like hanging out with you, but I'm not looking for a relationship.'

'Yeah I know' Anastasia sighed, trying to hide her negative feelings. 'But I just like hanging out with you, I'm just happier by your side.' She mumbled this last part as she said this, avoiding his eyes.

'Yeah I like being with you too' Kevin grinned at her. 'You're such a good friend.'

'Yeah' Anastasia mumbled. 'Thanks.'

They approached a small crowd as they made their way.

'What's going on here?' Anastasia voiced with curiosity.

Kevin stared into the crowd that was gathered at the front of the building they were approaching.

Kevin furrowed his brow. 'Is that Justin?' he spoke aloud to himself.

'Justin?' Anastasia echoed. 'Wait, the model?!'

'Yeah' Kevin said. 'This is the first time I've seen him out and about.'

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