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   Chapter 34 No.34

Breaking Bonds By Lady Lilium Characters: 5253

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Kevin dropped the gag he held, before leaning forwards and kissing the man.

The nameless man tied to the chair kissed Kevin back passionately, slipping his tongue far into Kevin's mouth, tasting as much of Kevin as he could, clearly wanting more.

Kevin blinked slowly, the man's eyes still hidden by the blindfold.

Kevin pulled back then, straightening up and tugging the bow that tied the man's wrists to the chair, though still keeping his wrists bound together. He knelt briefly, untying the cord that held the man's ankles to the arms of the chair.

Kevin pulled the man up then, with the slightest of tugs, the man placed his feet on the floor, rising to a stand. He allowed himself to be walked a few steps across the room and towards the sofa.

Kevin pushed him back against it, the man's head back against the armrest. Kevin bore over him as the nameless man spread his legs further apart.

Justin moved across the room, sitting a short distance away in a single sofa chair facing them. He leant back, leaning an elbow upon the armrest, and touching his hand to his face as he watched, his foot raised and resting across his knee. He watched.

Kevin pinned the man's hands above his head, holding them there as he kissed him. The man let out a small moan as they touched, Kevin's other hand moving slowly down the man's body.

He tensed suddenly as Kevin's wandering hand came between his legs, caressing him there.

He felt the man beneath him was already beginning to get hard, and he moved his hand away for a moment, slipping it this time into the man's trousers, and touching his naked skin.

The man's breathing changed suddenly as he began to gasp and moan, his body beginning to tremble, head bowed now and teeth gritted.

He really does want this Kevin realised, watching the man. Ok…fine…. I'll do this, if that's what he wants…

Kevin glanced to the side then towards Justin, who sat passively watching the both of them without reaction, his expression level and eyes calm.

Kevin's attention lingered on Justin a moment longer, before he looked away again, and back down to the man beneath him.

Kevin moved off him then, straightening the man's legs together and unzipping his trousers.

The man threw his head back as Kevin pulled his trousers off, throwing them to the floor beside the sofa, exposing the man, completely naked from the waist down.

Kevin hesitated for a moment, feeling a twinge of uncertainty and confusion inside him, and a little bit or nervousness.

The man lay there beneath him, not resisting, arms still above his head, wrists tied together.

He parted his legs then without being prompted, opening himself for Kevin.

A sudden urge rose inside Kevin then, lust. He realised suddenly that he wanted him, he wanted to feel the pleasure. He wanted this man.

Kevin bore over the man again, kissing him yet again, as he moved his hand around the man's naked thigh, slipping his fingers into him.

'Yeah' the man moaned, speaking for the first time, 'I want more…'

Kevin leant back, unzipping his own trousers. He leant back on his heels then, rubbing the end of himself for a few moments, before leaning forwards again, grabbing the man around the thigh and lifting his leg.

The man let out a slow gasp, as Kevin slowly pushed himself in, grimacing with the effort.

He continued to push, until he was all the way in, bearing over the man beneath him, resting on his elbow, his other hand lifting the man's leg up.

Kevin pulled back slightly, before pushing forwards again, again and again, his rhythm fast and hard.

It felt so good. The man beneath him (whoever he was) was a tight fit.

Kevin gritted his teeth, brow furrowed in concentration as he thrust repeatedly, the effort and the pleasure began to build, and his grip on the man's thigh began to tighten. He gripped the man by the hair suddenly with his other hand, pushing into him hard as the man continued to moan in pleasure, Justin looked silently on.

Kevin came at last, gritting his teeth and letting out a groan, the man beneath him began to whimper, gasping, cheeks flushed.

Kevin let out a breath, body relaxed.

He pulled out of him.

'Hello, it's nice to meet you! My name is Toy.'

Kevin blinked uncertainly at the man, eyebrow raised in confusion.


'Yes' the young man gleamed.

'What's your real name?'

'No real name' the man replied, 'just Toy.'

Kevin glanced towards Justin uncertainly.

'I've explained the situation to Toy' Justin informed Kevin. 'He knows everything.'

'I sure do' Toy gleamed, approaching Kevin and taking both his hands in his. 'I look forward to being with you as you want. I am your present after all, your Toy.'

'And you are ok with this?' Kevin asked uncertainly, glancing down at his own hands within Toy's, before looking up at Toy again.

'Of course, ' Toy gleamed happily. 'I am here for your pleasure, I want you to use me as you please.'


'You were really good to me earlier' Toy said to him, his hand weaving around the back of Kevin's neck, sliding closer towards him and resting his forehead against Kevin's. 'You felt so good' Toy repeated, 'I hope…that we could do it again….'

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