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   Chapter 33 No.33

Breaking Bonds By Lady Lilium Characters: 4977

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'Here you are.'

'Thank you so much my little flower' Kevin teased.

'Oh, give me a break' she muttered under her breath. 'Anything else?'

'How about a kiss?' Kevin grinned.

'Enjoy your meal' Christina told him sarcastically, before heading quickly back to the kitchen.

Kevin's eyes lingered on her for a moment, before turning down to his food.

He was happy eating here now and took his time with his breakfast.

When he was done he paid, leaving without saying goodbye to Christina. She was busy with other customers, and didn't want to bother her, and so he left, making his way through the town to meet his friends.

Kevin met a group of his friends at the skatepark. They greeted him, and the small group hung out together for the rest of that day. They moved through the town, heading to the shops at midday for something to eat, visiting the arcade, going to the beach, going over one of their houses briefly because he forgot his phone.

Now they hung out outside some shops, around some benches near some railings.

Kevin looked to the sky then, heart sinking in his chest.

'Ok guys I gotta go now.'

'Aw won't you stay?' one of his friends said.

'Sorry but got school tomorrow, and work after school. I don't want to wear myself out' Kevin said straightening.

'Man, you're no fun sometimes' his friend complained.

'Yeah?' Kevin frowned at him. 'You get a job and then tell me what it's like.'

Kevin said goodbye to his friends and left them, heading back to the place where he lived, though he could hardly call it home, not even in his mind.

He made his was across the town along the now familiar route, heading towards the large building, the apartment complex.

He went up in the lift, getting off at the top floor and making his way to the door at the end of the hallway.

He got out his keys to unlock the door.

Kevin blinked then, jiggling the key in the lock.

'It's not working?'

The door suddenly opened then and Kevin baulked, seeing Justin standing in the doorway and smiling.

'Hello' Justin grinned, and Kevin was immediately suspicious.

'Um…yeah' Kevin said, reaching forwards and taking the key back out of the lock. 'The door wouldn't open' Kevin told him.

'Yeah, I know, I locked it from the inside.'


'I have a surprise for you' Justin grinned again, 'close your eyes.'

'Are you kidding me?'

'Just do it' Justin ordered, his expression turning serious.

Kevin felt a little

nervous suddenly, a little uncertain in front of Justin.

He closed his eyes, feeling his heart skipping in his chest.

Justin reached out to take him by the arm gently, pulling him inside the apartment and closing the door behind him.

Justin led Kevin towards the centre of the apartment, slowing to a stop then and standing beside him.

'Ok' he said, 'you can open your eyes.'

Kevin opened his eyes.

'What? What the hell?!!'

Beside him Justin smiled.

'What the hell is this?' Kevin asked, turning to face Justin.

Justin looked back at Kevin, a teasing smile playing about his lips.

'It's a present' Justin explained, 'my gift to you.'

Kevin stared at Justin hard, narrowing his eyes slightly, trying to gage if he was serious or not. But Justin was deadly serious.

Kevin looked away from Justin then, and back towards the 'present'.

The man was young, less than twenty in age. He was slender and slight of frame. His hair was spiked and dyed deep blue, and his ears…

Kevin stepped forwards, reaching out to brush the man's hair back.

The young man's ears were pointed like an elf's.

'Surgery?' Kevin mumbled.

Justin raised his eyes to Kevin.

The young man was tied to the chair he sat on. His wrists were tied together and bound to the chair above his head. His legs were tied to the arms of the chair, the cord wound around his ankles. He was blindfolded, and there was a gag around his mouth.

'I don't understand' Kevin mumbled.

'He is my gift' Justin reiterated, 'from me to you.'

Kevin turned back to Justin.

'I want you to fuck him' Justin said. 'I want to watch you fuck him.'

Kevin stared at Justin for the longest time, for ages he did not speak.

He looked at the young man again, staring at him intently.

'Is that what you want?' he said to the man. 'Do you want me to do this to you?'

The young man swallowed, unable to speak behind the gag, he gave a single nod of his head.

Kevin hesitated for a moment, before reaching out to him.

He touched the gag around the man's mouth, reaching forwards and untying.

The young man opened his mouth as the gag was taken away, breathing a slow and deep breath.

He fell still again, mouth slightly open as Kevin stared down at him unmoving.

Kevin reached forwards again at last, caressing the man's cheek briefly.

The man did not move, did not resist, did not react at all, but continued to breath slowly, waiting for whatever was to happen.

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