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   Chapter 31 No.31

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She giggled at him.

'Well' she said, 'if I were you, I would welcome it. But' she gleamed, 'I would not let him tear me.'

'Ugh' Kevin couldn't stop himself from saying, his lip curling in a sneer as he tensed suddenly.

'Consider it' Christina told him rising, 'seriously. I mean…. you have to support yourself now, and your family has moved on. If worse comes to worse you can stay with me, but only for a short time, you know I'm not allowed people staying over.'

'Thanks Christina' Kevin mumbled.

'And remember' she winked at him, wagging a finger at him playfully. 'You can still have me almost whenever you want.' She giggled playfully again, turning and walking away. 'Bu-bye!' she waved back at him. 'See you around.'

Kevin raised his head watching her saunter away.

He let out a sigh, grabbing his bag and rising to his feet, he flinched at the pain in his body.

Kevin let out a groan unhappily, stepping forwards towards the school, heading to his first class.

He endured his lessons that day, meeting with his friends outside the school gates afterwards.

'Hey Kevin there you are, why do you look so down?'

'Sorry' Kevin laughed awkwardly, 'I'm just a little tired. It's been a long day.'

'What's so different about today?' Stu asked him as they stood there in a small group.

'I've just been busy.'

'Oh yeah' Phil said clicking his fingers then, 'you just got a job, didn't you? With Christiana yeah? Did she help you get that job?'

'Yeah' Kevin spoke flatly. 'Something like that.'

'Aw man she's so hot' Stu said. 'You're so lucky to have her.'

'What are you talking about?' Kevin said raising an eyebrow at him and shoving his hands in his pockets. 'I don't have her.'

'Isn't she your girlfriend?' Phil said.

'Uh. No?' Kevin replied disgusted.

'I thought you fucked her' Stu replied.

'Yeah I have' Kevin replied shortly.

'Oh, it's like that' Phil laughed.

'Yeah, we're not going out' Kevin said flatly. 'We just fuck sometimes.'

They both laughed at that.

'Do you think she would sleep with me?' Stu asked.

'Maybe if you ask her nicely' Kevin replied.


'No' Kevin turned to him now, 'she's not a whore. We're like childhood friends. I mean…. we've known each other for years. She's not going to fuck you. Aww

too bad. Don't look so disappointed.'

Kevin turned away then and began to walk.

'Hey where are you going? Don't you want to hang out?' Phil called out to him.

'Sorry I'm busy.'

'Come on man!' Stu said, 'don't be like that.'

'Sorry' Kevin called back, 'maybe next time.'

As he was walking away, another figure was watching him. She began to trail him.

'Oh, hey Anastasia, how are you doing?'

'Hey Kevin' Anastasia cooed, hugging her books to her. 'How are you doing?'

'I'm good' he smirked back at her teasingly. 'What can I do for you?'

'I was wondering if you wanted to hang out again?' she asked nervously.

'Like a date?' he asked teasingly.

'Yeah' she gushed, unable to stop herself.

'Sorry I'm busy.'


'And anyway, I already told you I'm not ready to commit' he said.

'Yeah I know' she replied sullenly. 'I just…like being around you that's all.'

Kevin frowned at her, recognising the repetition of this situation whenever he was around her.

'I know you do' Kevin smirked, turning back to her and looking ever so handsome. 'And I like having you around too.'

'Oh, you do?'

'Sure, I do' he gleamed at her.

'Oh waw.'

She clutched her hands over her chest then, tensing with excitement before straightening.

'So where are you going?' she asked.

'I was just going home' Kevin said. 'I'm feeling a little tired.' He couldn't hold back a yawn then.

'Awww?' Anastasia said in disappointment. 'That's a shame.'

'Maybe we can hang out some other time' Kevin offered. 'I really hope we can.'

'You do?' Anastasia said breathlessly.


He stopped suddenly, grasping her shoulders firmly then, in a comforting gesture.

'I'll see you tomorrow Anastasia' he said to her.

'Yeah' she sighed dreamily. 'Um…bye…'

He left her then staring after him as he crossed the street. She stopped following him but watched him as he walked away from her without a backwards glance.

Kevin headed through the town walking briskly, heading back towards what he thought in his mind as the fancy part of town, where Justin lived. That tower, those expensive apartments.

He reached the building, walking through the glass doors and across the lobby.

He waited for the lifts, glancing about him and tapping his foot as he did.

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