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   Chapter 30 No.30

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Kevin reached out to grab his hand then, stopping him.

'Don't…' he gasped. 'Don't ever do that to me again….'

Justin froze as he watched him, seeing Kevin shudder.

'If I had known you were….' Kevin groaned, hands going to his face. 'How could you do that to me?' he whispered, beginning to cry, tears running down his cheeks.

'I didn't mean to hurt you' Justin replied. 'At least…not at first.'

'You will not touch me again' Kevin breathed. 'You will not touch me again...'

Kevin got out of the bath shortly after, struggling to move. Justin helped him to stand.

Justin left momentarily to get Kevin's clothes. Kevin used the towel to dry himself as best he could, putting the towel between his legs and pulling it away, he saw blood there.

Kevin let out a sigh, feeling miserable.

Justin returned, he knelt before him, helping Kevin put his feet though this pyjama bottoms, Kevin leaning forwards gingerly on Justin for support.

'You should be careful when you move' Justin told him. 'It will take a while for you to recover, you don't want to tear yourself again.'

'Yeah' Kevin scoffed angrily. 'I got it.'

'Where are you going?' Justin asked, rising to his feet as Kevin moved away.

'To my room' Kevin answered shortly.

'Don't you want anything to eat?'

'No' Kevin snapped back, walking out the bathroom and heading back to his own room.

He closed the door with a snap, leaning against the wood and crying quietly into his hands.

After a time, he straightened, moving over to his bed and crawling forwards.

He rested on his front, hugging the sheets to him.

He closed his eyes, and became still, falling asleep quickly.

The next day in school

'Woah, what happened to you?'

Kevin had just crossed the school gates, glancing up to see Christina standing there before him. He had been completely distracted, lost in a world of his own.

'Woah' Christina said again, staring at him more closely this time. 'It must have been something bad.'

Kevin sobbed into his hands suddenly and without warning, shoulders trembling as he covered his face.

'Oh my god Kevin!' she embraced him then, holding him tightly to her.

Kevin drew a shuddering breath, forcing himself to calm.

'I'm sorry' Kevin whispered, 'I'm sorry.'

'Come with me' Christina spoke softly, turning and ushering him, moving away from the main path where

there were people, and towards a secluded spot away from the main buildings.

She placed her hands upon his shoulders, pushing him down into a sitting position on the bench and seating herself beside him.

She shuffled closer, leaning towards him with her hands together.

'Go on' she prompted. 'Tell me what happened.'

Kevin explained briefly what happened the night before, how he had offered himself to Justin as a sort of debt he felt he owed for causing Alicia to leave, and what had happened after.

'Oh…' was all that Christina managed to say. 'Ah.'

'I feel so violated' Kevin whispered, not trusting his voice to speak. 'I just feel so sore…down there. It felt good when I… when Alicia um…'

'When Alicia fucked you?' Christina offered.

'Yes' Kevin finished, bowing his head. 'I didn't realise…' he trailed off.

'Justin did warn you though' Christina said. 'He did warn you.'

Kevin gritted his teeth, holding his hands together tightly, shoulders hunched.

'What do you think I should do?' he asked her sadly.

'Go with it.'

'Are you serious?!'

'Why not?' Christiana asked. 'You might decide in time you like it rough.'

Kevin stared at her in disbelieve, before running a hand down his face.

'I can't believe you sometimes…'

'Listen' Christina told him seriously, 'I believe you should try your best to make the best of whatever situation you're in. You said you enjoyed it with Alicia, ok…. Justin is a little different, you know that now. Set your boundaries, make it clear to him what you are comfortable with. It may take some time though' she added as an afterthought. 'I won't let anyone penetrate me who's that big. I just use my mouth. Maybe you could do the same.'

'I'm not gay Christina' Kevin mumbled to the ground.

'Bi-curious then.'

He turned to face her, seeing that she was smiling at him.

'I'm almost jealous of you. I would love a sugar daddy.'

'It's not like that' he answered sourly, glaring back at her. 'I don't want anything like that. I'm not a toy to be enjoyed like that.'

'Why not?' Christina answered deadly serious. 'I'm sure he would be happy with the arrangement, he's already charging you practically nothing for rent.'

'The deal wasn't based on sex.'

'But you offered it, and now he's had a taste.'

Kevin blinked in confusion then.

'You say completely the wrong thing sometimes.'

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