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   Chapter 29 No.29

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'Just…' Justin hissed impatiently now, 'take off your clothes. Everything. I want you completely exposed to me.'


Kevin did so, undressing quickly. He paused at his trousers, hands upon the waist, before taking those off as well.

Justin watched him as he did this.

'Ok' Kevin mumbled, hugging himself, 'I've done it.'

Justin reached out to him, running his finger down Kevin's chest, almost tenderly, his breath coming in shudders.

'You have no idea how much I've needed this' he whispered.


His hand shot up then, grabbing Kevin by the hair.

'Ah! What are you-?'

Justin dragged him across the room and threw him down onto the bed, pausing for only a moment before bearing over him.

He cut off Kevin's nervous whimper with a kiss. He didn't hesitate to slip his tongue in, tasting as much of him as he could, ignoring Kevin's tight grasp on his shoulders as he tried to push him back.

Justin released him only for a moment, and Kevin threw his head back with a gasp, breathing heavily to catch his breath.

'Justin hold on for a minute.'

'No' Justin spoke in a sharp and commanding voice. 'You do not tell me what to do' he said, taking Kevin's hand and bringing it to his lips.

He bit him hard.

Kevin moaned in pain, tensing up.

He opened his eyes only when Justin opened his mouth, releasing his bite. Kevin could not see through his tears of pain, the marks in his hand, the indentations.

He looked down then as he heard Justin unzipping himself, seeing Justin's erection spring free.

Fuck he's so big…oh god…

Justin clapped his hand over Kevin's mouth, pressing his weight on his jaw painfully.

Justin's other hand went to between his legs, pushing himself forwards and inside, moving with surety.

Kevin began to shake his head violently, breaking free of Justin's hold he began to cry out.

'Get it out it hurts!'

'No' Justin growled, grabbing him again with a hand and silencing him. 'I warned you. You cannot back out now. I cannot stop myself when I have a taste.' He lifted his body then, arching his back as his other hand wound around Kevin's thigh. 'I won't let you go until I am done.'

He thrust into Kevin hard with all he had, Kevin's breath was forced out of him and Justin went all the way in.

He thrust again and again, Kevin screaming in pain and clawing at Justin's chest, begging him to stop.

Justin leant down to kiss him. In desperation Kevin bit him, so hard he caused Justin to bleed.

Justin drew back sharply, pausing only momentarily to wipe the blood from his lip.

He smiled then and pushed into

Kevin once more.

'Please stop!' Kevin sobbed, pinned to the bed now, Justin's body pressed down upon his. 'Please!'

Justin's hand snaked up the bed then, covering Kevin's mouth once more. He bit into Kevin's neck hard, hand grasping his shoulder as he ran his nails down Kevin's back, clawing him and making him bleed.

Kevin's continued screams were muffled by Justin's hand.

Chapter Six


Justin ran the water for the bath, filling it nearly to the top with clear warm water, no soap.

He reached down to feel the water, adjusting the hot and cold water from the taps before turning them off and straightening.

He glanced around, looking towards the open door, from which he could see the bottom of the stairs.

Justin left the bathroom, walking upstairs slowly and back towards the bedroom.

He opened the door.

Kevin lay on the bed utterly still, resting on his side with his back to the door.

There were red lines down his back and over his shoulders, bitemarks also, and on the white sheets, were faint smears of blood.

Justin approached him, reaching out to him.

He touched Kevin on the shoulder gently, rolling him onto his back.


Kevin blinked slowly up at him, breathing calmly through his mouth.

Justin reached down to him, sliding his arms beneath his body and lifting him, holding him to his chest. Kevin let out a slight whimper of pain at the movement, his body was very sore and tender.

Kevin carried him downstairs slowly, taking one step at a time.

He carried him to the bathroom, standing beside the bath, he lowered Kevin in.

Kevin flinched as he was lowered, drawing a sharp hiss of pain between his teeth as his body stung.

Pink could be seen suddenly in the water.

Justin moved slowly, allowing Kevin to sit back against the bath. Kevin let out a sigh, resting his head back and closing his eyes.

Justin knelt on the floor beside the bath, watching Kevin closely. For the longest time he did not speak, and Kevin remained utterly silent.

'I didn't mean to take out my frustrations on you so violently' Justin spoke at last. 'It's just…. I've been very…' he let out a sigh. 'I've been very angry without Alicia' he admitted. 'She…was able to satisfy my needs. She was able to handle me…. that's why I was so angry when she left.'

Kevin said nothing, gritting his teeth, he swallowed, before letting out a slow sigh.

Justin rose then, going over to the cupboard and taking a clean flannel. He returned to the bath, kneeling beside Kevin and soaking the flannel in the water. He began to clean Kevin's face tenderly.

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