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   Chapter 28 No.28

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He had a shower quickly, washing and drying his hair before stepping out, seeing Justin still sitting there reading his magazine.

'Alright' Kevin said at last, 'alright.'

Justin turned to him, a strange look in his eye.

'I know what happened before was my fault, so I am the one who can make it right.'

Justin continued to stare at him, he did not move.

'I um…' Kevin began, hunching his shoulders. 'You can have me' he said, forcing the words from his mouth. 'You can…make love to me.'

'I don't' make love' Justin answered shortly. 'Love implies tenderness, affection. I don't care for relationships, nor do I have time for them.'

He approached Kevin then, causing him to tense up then.

'I only care about raw hard sex' he spoke in a seductive voice.

Kevin swallowed the lump in his throat, feeling suddenly out of his depths.

'Its true that you owe me after what you did' Justin said to him, 'but are you willing to give me what I want? Are you willing to give me the only thing that will make it better?'

'Ah…' Kevin breathed glancing away. 'Yes.'

'Alicia warned you about me' Justin spoke in a level voice, 'didn't he?'

'…Y-yes' Kevin said.

'I'm big' Justin spoke seriously, 'and rough. He could handle me, I doubt you can.'

Kevin began to flush then, feeling a little lost, unsure of what to say.

'If the offer stands' Justin said, reaching out to caress his face tenderly, 'I'd really like to fuck you tonight.'

Kevin's heart beat hard in his chest, so much it began to hurt.

'Come with me' Justin said backing away then, turning and walking up the stairs. 'I want to show you something.'

Kevin breathed a heavy sigh as Justin walked away, bowing his head before glancing up towards Justin again.

He followed him up the stairs.

Justin led him to his bedroom, a large room with a king-size bed. It was dark outside now, the light in the town beyond dim in the cloudy night.

Kevin lingered in the doorway as Justin moved over to a chest of drawers.

He opened the top draw, and Kevin's heart froze in his chest as he saw, one by one, the things that Justin pulled out, placing each one after the other, upon the top.

Whips, ropes, ball-gags, a human-muzzle, handcuffs.

Kevin's hea

rt dropped in his chest.

'We won't use any of these yet' Justin said. 'For now, we'll just do it straight.'

He turned back to Kevin, who lifted his eyes, meeting Justin's

'Are you frightened?' Justin asked him.

'No' Kevin answered quietly.

'You look it.'

Kevin averted his eyes.

'You want to make it up to me' Justin said to him, approaching him. 'You want to let me come inside you, like you let….' He trailed off.

'I didn't mean for that to happen' Kevin whispered, trying to control his nerves. 'But I….'

'Did you like it?' Justin asked him. 'Did you like being penetrated. Did it feel good?'

'Um…' Kevin answered, his voice breaking. 'Yes' he said at last. 'It felt…. good…strange…at first……I've never…. I….'

'So you liked it?' Justin asked.

'…. Yes.'

'Doing it with me will be very different' Justin said seriously. 'I like it…. hard. I like to….' He balled his fists, 'fuck so hard…...' he turned his heavy eyes back onto Kevin. 'I want to do it with you' he said. 'You have to consent to it, you have to say yes. But once you agree, you cannot back down. If you say yes, I will do what I want with you until I am finished. Do you understand?'

Kevin blinked uncertainly up at him.

'You said that I can have you' Justin told him. 'Know that I like it rough.' He paused. 'I need to know its consensual. I need you to say yes.'

Kevin hunched his shoulders, glancing towards the chest of drawers, where there lay the ropes and others things that Justin had put there.

He glanced towards Justin who stood before him, waiting patiently for his answer.

Kevin drew a deep breath, swallowing the lump in his throat.

'Yes' he spoke, in a loud and clear voice.

Justin bowed his head, blinking slowly.

He moved past Kevin, closing the door, his hand splayed on the wood.

He turned back to him.

'Take your clothes off.'

'Is that it?' Kevin asked. 'You're going to tell me to do everything?'

The edges of Justin's eye twitched then as flicker of anger crossed his expression.

Kevin looked down at his own body, hugging himself, feeling suddenly strange at the thought of being naked in front of Justin.

'It would….' Justin began, 'be difficult to undress you if you are struggling.'

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