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   Chapter 27 No.27

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'It is?' Anastasia gleamed excitedly. 'Really?'

'Yeah' Kevin laughed. 'Why wouldn't it be?'

'I've been hoping to see you' Anastasia breathed. 'I um…I was hoping we could go out again like we did before.'

'You know I've made my intensions clear' Kevin said raising an eyebrow.

'I know but….'

'Anyway, I can't tonight, I have to work.'


'Yeah. I got a job now. I work with Christina at the hotel restaurant. She was able to help me get the job. I'm so grateful' he laughed. 'I'm trying to save up to get a place of my own. I uh…. want to move out of the place I'm staying at the moment. It's nice and all but…. well…' he shrugged. 'I just want to get my own place.'

Anastasia giggled then, hand going to her mouth.

'Yeah, that would be nice, I can't wait to get out of my parent's house.'

'Why is that?'

She grumbled, glancing to the ground.

'They nag me all the time, they never get off my back.'

'I miss my parents' Kevin sighed. 'They moved house to uh…you know…life stuff.' He shrugged, standing with his hands in his pockets. 'You know in life' he sighed again, 'you meet new people and move on…things change.'

'Yeah' Anastasia smiled. 'They do.'

Kevin stepped back, waving to her happily.

'Another time then' he sang merrily. 'Bye!'

He turned and sauntered away, Anastasia watched him go, shoulders slumped in disappointment. She hung her head and turned and walked away.

It was just a week or so later, and Kevin was continuing his life as normal. He had been working nearly every day in his new job, working shifts alongside Christina after school, and it was exhausting for him, but he was enjoying every moment of it.

He worked in the restaurant part of the hotel near the centre of the town, not far from his school and in reasonable walking distance so he didn't have to pay for a bus.

He worked mostly in the restaurant, though occasionally did housekeeping also and cleaned the rooms of the hotel upstairs. He worked hard and was quickly liked by the managers and people around him.

Kevin was a confident person and loved meeting new people. He got along with most people around him easily.

On this day, he met Christina at the hotel, where they would be starting their shifts at the same time.

'There you are' she said to him.

'What do you mean?' he raised his eyebrow. 'You say it like I'm late or something. Or did you just miss me?'

Christina laughed at him, turning away. 'Don't flatter yourself.'

Kevin took his apron from the hook, checking hims

elf in the mirror briefly before getting dressed into his shirt and work trousers, shoving his school bag into his locker.

'So how is Justin?' Christina asked him casually.

'Ugh' Kevin groaned, slamming his locker shut. 'Man, he's still so grouchy.'

'Well you did fuck his…. whatever he-she is, boyfriend, escort, whore. You did fuck him.'

'Yeah thanks for reminding me again.'

She just laughed at him in response.

'I can't take much more of his crap…' Kevin complained, 'he's so moody and…. jeez he's kinda scary too.'

'Well you do owe him' Christina said, tying up her hair and admiring herself in the mirror as she stood beside him.

Kevin watched her with a flat expression as she preened herself, doing so overly dramatically and for a prolonged period of time before turning to him with a giggle.

'I'm ready' she gleamed, before turning away from him and skipping off. 'Come on boy don't just stand there' she sang back to him. 'The customers are waiting.'

Kevin sighed, hanging his head.

He put the apron on quickly and marched out of the locker room towards the restaurant.

Kevin finished his shift hours later and was exhausted after so many days working after school. He headed home, walking the distance, moving slowly through the now eerie and dark town.

He found the building in the quieter more scenic part of town, entered the lift and pressed the button for the highest floor.

He let out a weary sigh, blinking slowly as he waited.

Kevin stepped out of the lift when the doors opened, heading to the apartment at the end of the corridor, he felt a sudden twinge of nervousness inside him as he pressed his hand upon the handle.

Opening the door, he immediately saw Justin sitting on the sofa and reading.

Justin turned very slowly around to look at him, and Kevin felt a sliver of trepidation.

'Uh…hey' he smiled. 'I'm back.'

Justin said nothing as Kevin closed the door, moving across the room and putting down his bag. 'Just gonna have a shower ok? Ok.' he finished without waiting for a response from Justin.

He fled into the bathroom, closing the door with a snap and leaning again it.

'Ugh' he groaned to himself. 'What a hassle….'

And then he realised.

'Oh no I need to get my clothes……need to face him again.'

With deep reluctance he stepped out of the bathroom, crossing the main room again as he headed to his room to get his clean clothes, before heading back to the bathroom, all the while, Justin was staring at him with an unfriendly expression.

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