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   Chapter 26 No.26

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He moved his hand away then, grasping the top of her trousers and tearing them off as Christina helped him, sitting up then and taking off her shirt. She leant back then against the sofa, wearing only her bra.

Kevin bore over her again, kissing her deeply as she moaned in pleasure, hand going to himself as he unzipped his own trousers, already excited.

Christina gasped as Kevin pushed inside her, arching her back and grasping onto Kevin's shoulders tightly.

Kevin began to thrust into her, his movements forceful.

'Don't stop' Christina moaned, hanging onto him. 'Don't stop…'

Kevin's hand wound around Christina's naked thigh, as he continued, pulling her bra down and biting her chest, sucking her and clawing her.

Christina bowed her head, grasping onto Kevin's hair as he continued to thrust into her, faster now, letting out a groan through gritted teeth as he came.

Kevin let out a sigh, cheeks flushed as Christina beneath him gasped.

She smiled up at him then as she felt his body relax.

'I love it when you fuck me like this' she told him. 'It feels so good to have you inside of me.'

Kevin bowed his head, pulling out of her.

He sat back against the sofa, breathing deeply, head tilted as he stared up at the ceiling.

'God you make me feel so good' he gasped.

Christiana giggled at him, sitting up and putting her hand between her legs.

'I'm gonna clean up' she told him, 'you should probably get going, I got stuff to do.'

'Sure' Kevin mumbled, zipping himself up again. 'I…I got stuff to do as well….'

He returned to the apartment shortly after that, finding the place empty. He sat on the sofa for a short time, reading a magazine and feeling bored, until Justin came home.

He was immediately grouchy.

'What are you doing?' he snapped at Kevin.

'Me? I…. nothing.' Kevin put the magazine down. 'How are you?' he forced himself to say.

'Fine' Justin replied in a tone that suggested he was anything but.

'Ok' Kevin forced a laugh, getting up off the sofa and moving away towards his room. 'That's just great' he smiled. 'Well I'll see you like tomorrow or something.'

He moved over towards the room, darting in and closing the door quickly behind him.

He leant back against the door, letting out a heavy sigh, hanging his head.

Jeez that guy can really be scary.

He straightened up, moving forwards towards the b

ed and falling on his front, lying across it.

'Ugh…' he groaned, turning his head to the side and staring at the wall. 'It's too bright in here.'

It was shortly after that, just a few days later that Kevin was allowed to return to school again, his suspension now over.

Jessica was the first one to welcome him through the gates.

'I've been waiting for you' she gleamed.

Kevin blinked back at her in surprise.

'I've been watching you' she smiled. 'Oh wait' she fumbled catching herself, 'that sounded kinda creepy, I didn't mean it to.'

'Ha' Kevin laughed, 'that's ok. I understand.'

'I'm just really grateful for what you did before…for me, and I'm sorry I got you into trouble.'

'You didn't get me into trouble' Kevin smiled warmly at her. 'I chose to get into that fight, and I would do it again.'

Jessica blushed slightly.

'I….um' she fumbled looking away. 'I wanted to give you something' she reached into her bag then, taking out a little box of chocolates, small enough to fit in your palm, and held together by a little purple bow. 'I wanted to give you this.'

'Hm?' Kevin tilted his head. 'For me?'


'Oh, that's so thoughtful of you' he said, taking it from her and pulling at the bow.

He took one of the chocolates from inside and looked up at her. 'Open your mouth' he said.


Kevin leaned closer to her, their faces inches apart, holding the chocolate before her mouth.

'Open' he whispered seductively, '…your mouth.'

Jessica flushed scarlet, obeying him.

He slipped the chocolate in, running his finger briefly across her lip as he moved away again.

He leant back then, straightening up and sauntering past her.

Jessica clapped her hand to her mouth, shoulders hunched and eyes wide, her cheeks were flushed and her heart was pounding in her chest.

Kevin continued to walk, holding the box of chocolates in his hand and feeling extremely satisfied with himself.

He met his friends shortly after before class, laughing and joking with them, turning up to class late because of an interesting discussion they were having.

He met with Anastasia shortly after class has finished, she had sought him out as soon as she had learned that he was back in school after his suspension was lifted.

'Kevin I'm so glad to see you!'

'Oh, hey Anastasia' Kevin beamed confidently. 'It's so good to see you.'

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