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   Chapter 25 No.25

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'Oh honey' his mother sobbed, grasping him again tightly.

His father stepped forwards again, hugging them both.

'Thank you' Kevin said to them again, beginning to cry into his mother's shoulder. 'Thank you…'

Kevin and Lisa stood at the end of the driveway minutes later, watching the vehicles drive away.

Kevin raised his hand, waving slowly at his parents briefly, before they too drove away, the van carrying everything they owned following after them.

Kevin looked back towards the house, which was now completely empty, all the furniture had been removed. The home seemed so desolate now.

'Kevin?' Lisa spoke tentatively, turning towards him. 'Are you ok?'

Kevin turned to Lisa then, enveloping her in a firm embrace.

She held him back, together they stood at the end of the driveway, in each other's arms.

'I'm glad we could have met like this' Kevin whispered into Lisa's ear. 'I'm glad you're here with me now.'

It was just a few hours later, Kevin walked with Lisa back towards the train station.

'I don't know when I will be able to see you again' Lisa said to him, stopping on the platform and turning to him. 'I just want you to know that I really had fun with you' she beamed. 'I would love to do it again someday.'

'Yeah' Kevin said to her, 'I had fun too.'

Lisa stared at him for a moment, reaching out to Kevin and taking both his hands in hers.

She reached up to him, standing on her tip toes to kiss him on the lips.

Kevin closed his eyes, feeling within his body, sudden calm and serenity.

Lisa leant back on her heels again, taking a step away.

'This was one of the best days I've had' she said to him.

Kevin smiled to her warmly, the edges of his eyes crinkling, though he said nothing.

'Goodbye' Lisa breathed, 'and thank you.'

Kevin stood waiting on the platform, watching as Lisa boarded the train with her luggage. She took a window seat, turning to face him as the train began to depart.

She waved to him as the train moved away, and Kevin raised his hand, waving to her in return.

Minutes later, the train was completely out of sight.

When the train was gone, Kevin collapsed on a bench behind him, sobbing quietly into his hands.

It was the next day, when Kevin decided to risk returning to the apartment.

Kevin approached the building, glancing up at its shiny front before entering the foyer. He waited for the lift to arrive, then stepped in and pressed the button, waiting again as he stood in the centre of the lift, feeling a little nervous as the lift ascended.

He reach

ed the top floor and entered the apartment, finding Justin in the kitchen.

'Hey' Kevin began tentatively.

'Oh, it's you' Justin glowered.

'Where is Alicia?' Kevin asked, glancing about.

'She's gone' Justin told him shortly. 'She left shortly after you did.'

Kevin turned his eyes towards what Justin was doing.

'What are you cooking?' Kevin asked.

'Ready meal' Justin replied.

Kevin stepped a little closer, staring down at the contents within the plastic container.

'…. Hu….' he said.

Alicia, Kevin later found out, had moved onto a new town

Chapter Five

For the First Time

'Man, he's still so pissed at me' Kevin grumbled.

He was at Christina's apartment now, lying back on her sofa with his arm over his eyes. Christina sat in the comfy seat a short distance away, curled up with her homework on her lap.

'Well you did fuck his girlfriend' Christina replied, '…. boyfriend….' she corrected herself, '…whatever…'

'It was a misunderstanding' Kevin protested.

'Nothing misunderstanding about it' Christina mumbled, not looking up from her work. 'You let him fuck you…caught in the act…haha' she finished.

Kevin glowered at her.

'You're going to have to go back eventually' she said to him, looking up at last from her work. 'You can't stay here much longer. I'm not allowed tenants, I could get in trouble.'

'I know' Kevin grumbled, 'I know.' He let out a sigh. 'I won't stay much longer I swear. I'm sorry to be trouble' he said, 'and thank you for your help.'

She smiled, looking down at her work again.

'You're welcome' she said to him, continuing with her notes.

'Ack' Kevin moaned then. 'I feel so stressed right now…'

Christina stopped what she was doing, glancing up at him then.

'Do you want to have some fun?' she asked him casually.

'Hm' he thought. 'If you're not busy. God, just you asking me turns me on.'

She smiled at him, putting her pen down. 'I'm never too busy for you.'

'That's a lie' he frowned at her in amusement.

She grinned at that, rising from her seat and moving closer, leaning over him and kissing him.

Kevin opened his mouth, kissing her back, slipping his tongue insider her mouth.

He sat up and pushed her back onto the sofa, leaning over her, caressing her breasts, running his hand down her body and between her legs, caressing her there. He moved his hand up again, slipping beneath her jeans and touching her bare flesh with his fingers. Christina let out a moan as Kevin slipped his middle finger into her, moving is back and forth and in circles.

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