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   Chapter 24 No.24

Breaking Bonds By Lady Lilium Characters: 5071

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It was difficult walking on the skates, but once on the ice, they were graceful in each other's arms.

They both wore only thin shirts, but it was only moments before they began to warm up. Breaking apart for a moment they skated side by side, jumping up in the air and turning sharply, skating backwards now and performing a spin. Lisa lost her balance and fell with a bump on the ice. Kevin turned back to her, breaking sharply and spraying her with ice, causing her to protest loudly.

He leant down to help her up, taking both her hands in his.

'I'm sorry' he laughed, brushing ice from her face, 'are you ok?'

'Yeah' she giggled, brushing her nose playfully. 'I'm good.'

Kevin took her hands again, pulling her forwards. Kevin skated backwards, pulling Lisa with him as she skated forwards. He let go of one of her hands, skating with her hand in his around the rink, careful to avoid the other people around, though it was quiet on this day. At one point, Lisa laughed at Kevin, who broke away from her to perform some fancy footwork on the ice, spinning again and again. Lisa clapped approvingly, copying him.

They were both experienced skaters, having spent so many days of their childhood practicing. Even after years without practice, neither of them forgot how to skate.

They skated for hours, coming off the ice only when they began to get hungry, Kevin helping her off the ice.

They ate in the café on the balcony overlooking the rink, watching now the other people skate.

'Oh, I'm having so much fun!' Lisa declared at one point, leaning back and kicking her fleet playfully. 'Aren't you having fun?' she said to Kevin.

'Yeah I am' Kevin grinned happily back. 'It's so great to…you know…'

'Just like old times hu?' Lisa replied, slurping through her straw loudly and glancing up at him.

They had both finished their meals now and were nearly ready to go.

Kevin received a text on his mobile then, pulling it from his pocket.

He read it.

'Oh' he said.

'Is everything alright?' Lisa asked, putting her drink down.

'Yes' Kevin replied. 'My parents want me to come home. They have something to tell me.'

'Do you want me to go away?'

'Oh no of course not' Kevin fumbled. 'I want you with me…if you want to I mean.'

'Of course, ' Lisa gleamed. 'I want to stay with you as long as possible.'

They walked quickly to Kevin's home, Kevin feeling a little nervous, his trepidation growing with every footstep.

'Are you alright Kevin?' Lisa asked.

'Yeah' Kevin grinne

d, 'I'm fine.'

'What did the text say?'

'Well my mum and dad said before that they wanted to move house' he explained. 'I mean…it's more than that' he continued, dipping his head. 'They want to leave this county, and travel the world, because of their business as tour guides.' Kevin faced ahead then. 'I guess they're leaving far sooner than I thought. They want to see me now.'

But when they reached the house, Kevin was shocked by what he saw.

His parents both greeted before the house him with hugs. As they broke away from him, Kevin looked about at the front garden. There were sealed boxed being moved from the house and to a truck waiting on the road before the home.

'What's going on here?' Kevin asked his parents, his voice wavering as he spoke.

'We are leaving' his mother said to him. 'This all happened very suddenly, and our dear neighbour is sorting out the house.'

'Sorting out the house?' Kevin repeated.

'We're selling the house' his mother said to him, as his father stood by her side smiling quietly. 'We're going to be leaving on the plane in a few hours.'

Kevin blinked in shock at this, tears brimming in his eyes.

'Don't be sad dear' his mother said then, cupping his face and pressing her forehead against his. 'You can still call us anytime.'

'I can't believe you're really leaving' Kevin whimpered, as Lisa watched quietly a short distance away.

'I'm sorry about this' his father voiced suddenly. 'This just happened suddenly, we didn't expect to leave so soon.'

'We are staying with a friend far away' his mother said. 'Everything we have is being sold.'

Kevin looked down now as his mother pressed something into his hand.

'There's enough here for you to look after yourself for a while.'

Kevin stared down at the envelope in shock.

'I love you very much Kevin.'

'Mum…' Kevin uttered.

She hugged him again, cutting off his next words.

'We'll be in touch' his mother whispered to him, holding him tightly.

His mother raised her head as she held him, smiling warmly to Lisa, who smiled back.

Kevin broke away from his mother then, turning to his father who embraced him tightly.

'I'm sorry' his father said to him, 'I know this is sudden.'

Kevin stepped back, smiling up at his father with tears in his eyes.

'Thank you' Kevin breathed, speaking in a whisper, not trusting his voice to speak. 'Thank you for everything you've done for me… almost my whole life…. I know that… you are not my real parents but…. so often I forget.'

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