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   Chapter 21 No.21

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'Oh, it's stupid' Kevin grumbled to his lap, balling his fists together. 'I didn't think…I just thought…'

'Go on' Christina urged. 'I'm interested.'

'I mean there's nothing wrong with being gay and I thought…...why should guys like only girls? It was kinda confusing' he added with an awkward laugh. 'He had me so convinced he was a girl…and then I saw…'

'Was it nice?' Christina asked him seriously. 'Did you enjoy it?'

'I…. yeah, I mean….it felt good, a bit weird but….'

'I guess girls and a boys mouths don't feel much different when it comes to head' Christina said, leaning back on the sofa. 'So, what are you going to do now?'

'I just need to stay away for a while' Kevin spoke quietly. 'He probably doesn't ever want to see me again…' he groaned again, furious at his own mistake. 'Alicia just swept me off my feet' he told her, 'I was caught up in the moment.'

'Oh you…' Christina sighed, closing her eyes. 'I just love having you around…'

She opened her eyes then.

'When are you meeting Lisa?'

'Tomorrow' Kevin breathed, feeling his heart skip a little in trepidation, and excitement also. 'I see her tomorrow…'

'Are you nervous?'

'More so the closer the moment comes' Kevin smiled turning to her.

'Well as least the bruises on your face are nearly gone' Christina smiled. 'You can hardly see them at all now. If she asks how you got them…you can tell her something innocent like you fell off your bicycle. If you tell her what really happened you'll probably make her worry.'

'I'm not a child' he scowled at her, 'and neither is she.'

Christina smiled warmly at him, flopping on her side away from him and hugging a pillow to her.

'You must really like her' she spoke with sincerity, 'I've never seen you blush like that before.'

Kevin flushed further.

'I'm not blushing!' Kevin protested loudly.

'So, when are you going to get married buy a house and have thirty-three babies together?'

'Shut up' he said, grabbing a pillow by his side and throwing it at her.

She caught it in the air, hugging it too and snuggling up.

'I'm going rest for a while' she said to him. 'Ok? You can watch TV if you like, just keep the volume down.'

'Sure' Kevin mumbled, watching her. 'No problem.'

Kevin stayed in Christina's apartment overnight, waking early the next morning.

He walked with Christina to school, saying goodbye to her at the gates.

'When do you return back to school?'

'I don't know'

Kevin shook his head. 'Soon in think.'

She smiled wearily at him, touching his face briefly.

'They're nearly gone' she spoke in a mumble, before withdrawing her hand. 'I'll see you later.'

'Yeah' Kevin nodded. 'Take it easy ok?'

She nodded tiredly and turned away.

Kevin watched her go, lingering at the entrance of the school grounds. He glanced to the side, recognising a figure in the distance. It was Jessica, and she was with her friends.

Kevin raised his hand to wave to her, and Jessica waved back, smiling.

Kevin went away then, heading towards the train station. With every step he drew closer to the station, he became ever more nervous.

For years he had longed to see Lisa again, now at last he would, and he was overcome with nerves, but longing at the same time, and excitement.

He was still very early when he arrived, Lisa's train would not reach the station for another few hours. But he didn't care, he wanted to wait here for her, and watch the trains come and go.

He found a small table at a café, and stayed here while he waited for her, watching the people going about their lives, gazing out of the window silently.

He glanced around, looking towards the clock upon the wall as around him, the quiet murmur of the customers continued. He felt a jolt in his heart as he saw the hour. It was time.

Kevin placed his hands flat upon the table, pushing himself up.

He walked out of the café, palms sweating. He headed over to the correct platform, standing there as his heart hammered in his chest.

A few minutes passed, and he watched the timetable above his head.

The train suddenly appeared, drawing closer to the platform and coming to a gentle stop.

Kevin drew a slow and deep breath, watching the doors of the train.

About a minute passed as the passengers filed slowly off the train, and then he saw her.

Lisa stepped off the train and onto the platform, facing the other way, looking out for him. And then she looked towards him, eyes lighting up as she spotted him.

Kevin's breath caught in his throat as she made her way over to him, pulling with her a wheeled suitcase.

She was a sweet young girl, about a year younger than Kevin, with a petite build and a head shorter than Kevin in height. She had bright blue eyes and a curtain of black hair, and she almost always dressed wearing flowers. That was the way she was as a child, and that about her had not changed as she grew up.

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