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   Chapter 20 No.20

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Kevin's expression dampened as he watched her.

Poor girl he thought. She works so hard all the time…

She brought him his order and went away quickly afterwards. It was comfortable in the café and Kevin liked it here very much, even more so that he could watch Christiana work. Almost every time she appeared, his attention would drift towards her, but she was too busy to notice.

Kevin smiled to himself, taking another sip from his third cup. He had left to go to the bathroom several times but ordered several more cups by the time Christiana had finished her shift.

She hung up her apron when she was done, moving groggily through her exhaustion.

'I can't wait to get home and rest' she sighed.

'Are you sure you don't mind me staying with you?'

'You've hung around for hours in the café' Christina said giving him a tired smile, 'I could hardly change my mind now could I? And besides' she added turning to him and stroking his face, 'I would never do that to you. You are always welcome at my place, you know that.'

Kevin caught her hand as it fell.

'I know' he whispered, holding her hand to his cheek.

Christina's place was a short walk and a short bus ride away. It wasn't an entirely pleasant place to be and was situated in a bit of a rough area. But despite Kevin's initial concerns and protests when Christina have first some here, she had managed this long here.

Kevin glanced about him as they headed towards the flats, graffiti was everywhere, rowdy gangs of youths hung around late at night, and there was often a lot of noise in the area. But despite first appearances, this was not as dangerous a place as many assumed, and Christiana had never experienced any trouble, and for that Kevin was immensely grateful.

This building itself was run down and neglected, inside Christina's apartment was far more appealing, and she had done with it what she could.

'Can I get you anything?' she offered him, unlocking her front door and holding it open for him.

They had travelled in silence, Christina too tired to speak, and Kevin not wanting to push her.

'I'm fine' he said to her heading straight for the kitchen, 'let me get you something though.'

Christina turned on the heating as Kevin began to fill the kettle up, moving around the kitchen he knew exactly where everything was. He had been here many times and was almost as familiar with the place as Christina was.

'Why don't you have a bath?' Kevin suggested. 'It might help you relax.'

Christina who

had flumped back on the sofa turned to him with a glower.

'Not before you talk to me.'

'What do you mean?' Kevin asked her, pausing to glance around.

'You've been acting different for a few days, don't think I haven't noticed. So, what's happened?'

Kevin groaned then, putting the pot of sugar down and facing her.

'You didn't mention it before' he spoke quietly.

'I didn't want to pester you' she replied, 'but it's clear you're not going to say anything…. or maybe you wanted to come over to tell me now. Either way I think it's time you told me.'

'Alright' Kevin relented. 'You're right. I think it's time I told you…I would never tell anyone else…. there is no one else I trust more.'

A few moments of silence passed as they waited for the kettle to boil. Kevin poured each of them a tea and brought the two mugs over to the sofa. He put the mugs down on the low table and sat next to Christina.

'Aren't you tired of drinking?' Christina asked him, 'you've had so much today.'

'No' Kevin mumbled offhandedly, scratching at his side, '…no.'

His hand went to his mouth absently, as beside him Christina waited.

'It's about Justin' Kevin began nervously.

'Oh, what's he done?' Christiana groaned tiredly.

'It's not something he's done' Kevin continued, hunching his shoulders.

'Hm?' Christina narrowed her eyes at him then, her expression fixed. 'You're tense' she told him shortly. 'Why?'

'Well…' Kevin hesitated, 'how do I say this….?'

Christina's first reaction when Kevin had finished was to laugh.

'H-hey it's not funny!'

'Are you kidding?!' she cackled, 'that's the best story I've heard in a long time… especially coming from you!' She stopped laughing abruptly, expression turning serious, though the wild look was still in her eyes.

'So what was it like?'

'What was what like?'


'You're asking me that?!' Kevin spluttered. 'Haven't you ever tried it yourself?'

'What are you kidding? No freaking way!'

Kevin flushed as she continued to laugh at him.

'Please' he begged her, 'please don't…'

She fell silent then, watching him closely out of the corner of her eye, relenting.

'Alright' she sighed, 'I'm sorry. You're right I shouldn't laugh.'

Kevin groaned miserably to himself. He felt so frustrated and confused.

'So why did you do it?' Christina asked him seriously, 'you're not gay are you?'

'No' Kevin answered, 'I just…. thought I'd try it out.'

'You thought you'd try it out?' Christina repeated flatly.

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