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   Chapter 19 No.19

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'Ah' Kevin gasped, the edges of his eyes crinkling, 'it's just…. really intense…'

Alicia smiled, pushing forwards again.

'I should warn you if things ever go this way between you and Justin' Alicia began, 'he's really big' he told him, 'and savage…. He's a lot to handle.'

'What?' Kevin gasped.

Alicia suddenly lifted a leg, resting a foot against the edge of the sofa as he thrust into Kevin again, this time harder. Kevin threw his head back, moaning loudly. Alicia's hand shot up then, grabbing Kevin by the hair as he continued to take his pleasure.

'You're so fucking tight' Alicia rasped as he continued his rhythm. 'I love the fresh ones… such a handsome boy…'

The door to the apartment opened suddenly then, and Justin came walking in. He froze with his hand on the door as he saw the pair before him, Kevin kneeling and resting against the back of the sofa, and Alicia fucking him from behind.

A period of shocked silence followed. Only Alicia appeared to be relaxed.

'Oh, hey Justin' he said casually. 'You're home really early.'

Justin's face contorted with rage, and he slammed the door shut behind him, but he did not move from that spot.

Kevin buried his face in the sofa, bright red and heart hammering in his chest.

What the fuck….? How did this happen?????

A few moments later and they were all sitting in the lounge, Justin in a single seat, and Kevin and Alicia on the sofa, sitting at opposite ends away from each other. Both of them looked unhappy, Kevin was tense and averting his eyes, and Alicia just looked irritated. He was wearing his dress and wig and fake breasts now, he looked indistinguishable from a woman, but now Kevin knew, and he could not see Alicia the same again.

'This is fucking bullshit' Alicia complained bitterly, sitting with his legs crossed and arms folded, '…I didn't even get to come.'

'How long has this been going on?' Justin asked, speaking in a dangerous whisper. He was livid.

'Just today' Alicia replied carelessly. 'I really like him' he added, turning to grin at Kevin, who glanced back at him with wide eyes, '…a nice supple boy….and such a tight fit.'

'Enough' Justin barked.

'I'm sorry' Kevin fumbled, 'it was a mistake…'

Justin shot him a glare, and Kevin fell instantly silent.

'What are you talking about?' Alicia continued calmly speaking to Kevin. 'You liked it…you came in my mouth.'

The next reaction was a mix between Justin's outrage and Kevin's panic as he tried to shut Alicia up.

'I can't

believe you would do this to me' Justin hissed at Alicia.

'I told you I'm not your property!' Alicia snapped, getting angry himself now. 'I'll let you do all the fucked-up shit to me you want but you can never own me!'

Things were never the same after that…

Chapter Four

Parting Ways

In the days that followed, Kevin spent as much time as he could away from the apartment, coming home only when it was very late, and going straight to his room.

In the meantime, he hung out with his friends, or went on pretend dates with Anastasia, all the while making his position of not wanting a relationship clear. But she still kept trying.

And in the daytime during school when everyone else was in class, he wandered about the town just trying to waste time. The money his parents had given him was going to run out before long, and it was time he thought about finding a place to work.

But more than anything else that was on his mind, he thought of Lisa, his childhood sweetheart, and his oldest friend.

He came to a shop window, pausing to look at the TV's and computers behind the glass, and then his vision focused on his own reflection staring back at him.

How did things get so fucked up…………how am I supposed to face Justin after this?

He decided to meet Christina after that, who had left school early to tend to her job.

He met her in the coffee shop, where she worked most of her hours. She also had a job in a restaurant, but only worked a few hours a week there.

'Hey' Kevin waved at her as she hurried past him.

'Oh hey' she replied flustered, carrying a tray of dirty glasses. 'What are you doing here?'

'Can I go around to your place with you when you're finished?' Kevin asked her.

'Is everything alright?' she shot quickly back.

'Yeah yeah' Kevin answered hurriedly. 'I just want to talk to you about something. Everything's fine I swear.'

'Ok, I finish work in a few hours, can you wait until then?'

'I've got all the time in the world' Kevin smiled warmly at her, leaning forwards with his arms folded on the table. 'I don't mind hanging around. I like to watch you work.'

'Right' she sighed, taking the menu from him. 'Can I get you anything? My manager is watching me.'

Kevin glanced over her shoulder to see a tall man standing behind the counter and working at the till, the man was indeed watching them.

'A cappuccino' Kevin said. 'And another one in an hour.'

Christina looked tired as she walked away, heading back behind the counter.

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