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   Chapter 18 No.18

Breaking Bonds By Lady Lilium Characters: 4944

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Kevin drew another breath, as soon as his mouth was open, Alicia kissed him again, slipping his tongue into him in a deep kiss.

Kevin craned his head back away from him, but Alicia only moved forward, tasting Kevin as much as he could taste.

Alicia broke away suddenly, and Kevin drew a deep gasp, but Alicia wasn't done yet.

He grabbed Kevin's hand, bringing it to his own crotch. Kevin felt that Alicia was already getting hard, and Alicia, still holding Kevin, used his hand to caress himself.

Alicia made a noise of satisfaction, letting go of Kevin then and pulling his underwear down, fully revealing himself to Kevin.

'We can stop if you want' he said to Kevin, 'I don't want to make you uncomfortable.'

Kevin raised his head to Alicia then, smiling awkwardly. 'It's ok' he breathed, 'I….' he looked down again, still a little nervous, his expression that of concentration.

This time he reached forwards on his own, touching Alicia, their naked flesh, there was nothing between them now.

'Would you like to suck it?'

Kevin glanced up, drawing back slightly.

'I…. I don't think I'm ready for something like that.'

'From behind then' Alicia said, not missing a beat.

Kevin began to feel nervous again.

'First let my try to relax you a little more' Alicia offered, kneeling before Kevin and reaching for the button of his trousers. 'I know what I'm doing…I'll show you…'

Kevin didn't try to resist as Alicia bowed his head, licking Kevin between the legs teasingly.

It didn't take long before it began to feel good.

Kevin craned his head back, closing his eyes. He let out a moan.

'You're getting hard' Alicia said. 'Does that feel good?'

'Yeah' Kevin gasped, 'that feels…good…'

Kevin shifted slightly, spreading his legs further. Alicia's hand moved down to his inner thigh, grasping him there.

'You can come in my mouth' Alicia told him, caressing Kevin with his other hand. 'I don't mind.'

Kevin bowed his head, looking down at Alicia.

'Can I finish you?' Alicia asked, continuing to caress Kevin with one hand, his other hand, going to himself.

'Yeah' Kevin breathed. 'If you…are ok with it.'

Alicia giggled playfully then, running his tongue up Kevin's shaft.

'I am more than ok with it' he said, before deep-throating Kevin's entire piece as far as it would go.

Kevin let out another moan, louder this time as Alicia began to move faster and faster.

His body contorted then, and hi

s hand shot up to grab Alicia roughly by the hair. Alicia stopped suddenly, eyes fluttered, looking up.

Kevin let out a sigh, cheeks red. He let go of Alicia, who raised his head, keeping his mouth close around Kevin until the end, careful not to make a mess, careful not to spill.

His hand went to his mouth as he hunched his shoulders, and Kevin heard as Alicia swallowed loudly.

Alicia wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, before straightening up again, smiling at Kevin.

'How was that?'

'Yeah' Kevin breathed, a little flustered. 'That felt really good.'

'I know' Alicia gleamed, eyes bright. 'Now…. will you allow me to finish?'

'Haa' Kevin breathed. 'Yeah…sure.'

Alicia rose to his feet, Kevin saw that he was still hard.

'Turn around' Alicia said. 'Kneel on the sofa, lean forward with your elbows on the back of the sofa.'

Kevin did as he was told, leading forwards against the back of the sofa.

He felt as Alicia slipped his hand into his trousers behind him, pushing his fingers inside, first one, then another.

'Just try to relax' Alicia whispered into Kevin's ear as he continued to slip his middle finger in and out. 'I will treat you right.'

He played with Kevin for a short time, before stopping.

Alicia pulled away, grasping Kevin's trousers and pulling them down, positioning himself behind him.

'It's ok…' Alicia breathed, leaning forwards over Kevin as he grimaced, 'it's ok…just try to relax.'

Kevin let out a breath, shoulders lowering slightly.

Alicia's hand went to himself then, and he pushed forwards into Kevin, doing so gently.

Kevin gritted his teeth together, shoulders hunched, grasping the back of the sofa with clawed hands.

'Are you alright?' Alicia asked him, leaning forward to whisper in his ear.

'Yeah' Kevin gasped, 'it just…. feels strange.'

Alicia smiled, tilting his head. 'It will at first. Just try to relax.' He paused then. 'I'm going all the way in.'

Alicia waited for a few moments.

'Haaa' Kevin gasped, as he felt Alicia push deeper into him.

He felt Alicia nuzzle him then, rasping as he bit his ear sharply.

'There's a good boy' Alicia smirked.

He pulled back slightly, before thrusting forwards, causing Kevin to cry out.

Alicia grasped Kevin tightly around the waist, thrusting into him again and again, but his movements were gentle, tender.

'How does it feel?' Alicia asked, pausing for a moment. 'I'm not hurting you am I?'

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