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   Chapter 17 No.17

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'I hope I didn't scare you too much' Alicia gleamed as he descended the stairs calmly, moving slowly, hand upon the banister. He never too his eyes off Kevin.

'I'm sorry' Kevin said again. 'I didn't know.'

'You are to keep this a secret' Alicia told him firmly, 'do you understand?'

Kevin swallowed the lump in his throat.

'Yes of course' he said, 'I will. I swear.' He thought of something then. 'Wait…is this what the scandal was about?' he asked Alicia, leaning back against the counter behind him for support. 'Did something get out?'

Alicia sighed wearily. 'Unfortunately, something got out, some reporter got some…. pictures…' Alicia finished, 'is caused a lot of trouble for Justin. He's a famous model, a figure many look up to, and unfortunately people expect him to behave a certain way because of it…to be a certain way……it makes him very sad.'

'So what happened?' Kevin gasped, still recovering from the shock.

Alicia raised his head, standing with his hand on his hip. 'It was covered up' he explained, 'but things were never the same. Justin's been working hard on maintaining his reputation.'

'That's awful' Kevin said.


'To pretend to be something you're not…to hide who you really are because of others…. I think you should be true to yourself.'

Alicia raised his head slightly, a slow smile spreading across his face.

Kevin moved away, going over to sit upon the sofa.

'You're…' Alicia began, 'not put off by this?'

'People can do what they want' Kevin replied shortly. 'It's not my place to judge.'

'Justin and I are not in a relationship' Alicia said then.

'You're not?' Kevin was surprised.

'No' Alicia said. 'We do not love each other. He just uses me for pleasure…. he has quite the sexual appetite, it's quite an effort to keep up with him.'


Alicia turned his eyes onto Kevin then.

'You're ok with people being gay….?

'Sure' Kevin frowned up at him. 'Why wouldn't I be?'

'Well some people don't like that sort of thing' Alicia reasoned.

'I'm open to new things' Kevin replied. 'As long as its consensual…and no one is getting hurt…'

'And what if they chose to consensually get hurt?'

Kevin furrowed his brow, raising his head up at Alicia.

Alicia approached Kevin, leaning over him and caressing his c

heek tenderly, their faces inches apart.

'You say you're open to new things' Alicia spoke seductively. 'Well how about this?'

Kevin flushed nervously, struggling to find his words.

'I…I don't know…. I never….'

'You don't have a problem with it do you?'

Kevin met Alicia's gaze.

'No' he whispered. 'I don't really…'

'So, would you like to try something new?' Alicia spoke teasingly, running his fingers through Kevin's hair.

'But I thought you and Justin…'

'I told you we're not a couple' Alicia said, 'though he still likes to act like he owns me.'

Kevin pursed his lips.

'I could teach you how it's done' Alicia gleamed. 'It's difficult at first…but like me, you may come to enjoy it…even need it…. just say the word. Say yes…and I will…'

Kevin's eyes widened slightly, as Alicia dipped his head.

'I will make love to you…' he finished.

Kevin stared back in shock, unable to find his words.

'I promise I won't do anything you don't want me to' Alicia whispered to him, 'and I promise I won't hurt you. Just say yes….and I will show you how good it can feel.' He smiled then, his eyes shining bright, 'and Justin…does not own me. I do whatever gives me pleasure.'

Kevin swallowed the lump in his throat, grasping the edge of the sofa as his heart pounded against his ribcage.

'So?' Alicia promoted. 'Would you like to try it?'


'I promise I'll be gentle' Alicia told him caressing his cheek, 'I promise I won't hurt you…I just need to hear you say……yes….'

Kevin gritted his teeth, drawing a slow and steady breath.

'Yes' he said. He laughed awkwardly then. 'Why not?'

Alicia grinned wider, unable to control himself.

'You can tell me to stop anytime' he said, caressing Kevin with both hands now, 'just say the word…'

Kevin's eyes grew wide then as Alicia closed the space between them, kissing him on the lips, he grimaced slightly, his body tense.

'Try to relax a little' Alicia said moving back and running his thumb over Kevin's lower lip, '…. take a deep breath and calm yourself.'

Kevin did so, trying to calm his nerves.

'What's wrong?' Alicia asked.

'It just feels so strange' Kevin breathed. 'Doing this with a stranger…. a guy…. even….'

'It gets better' Alicia purred, leaning closer again. 'Open your mouth.'

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