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   Chapter 16 No.16

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Kevin looked up from the letter to see his parents watching him expectantly.

'Well?' his mother urged. 'What did she say?'

'She's coming here next weekend' Kevin breathed. 'She…her dad is staying here for a few days for work, and she's coming.'

'Oh, that's wonderful' his mother gleamed as Kevin put the page down, folding it back neatly into its envelope. 'It'll be nice to see her again.'

'Yeah' Kevin mumbled, blushing slightly and averting his eyes, 'it will…'

Kevin stayed for a long while, talking about everything and nothing with his parents, they gave him tea, fed him, gave him more tea, and by the time Kevin left he felt he had consumed way too.

He smiled to himself as he headed back to his own place, feeling a strong love for both his parents. They were of course not his own, both his blood parents had died when he was a baby, he had never known them. But his adopted parents had always been kind to him, they were all he ever knew. Sometimes it was easy to forget they weren't related, and he didn't want to be a burden on them, that's why he had moved on.

Kevin came to the base of the large building, glancing about at the beautiful surroundings before entering. He went up in the lift to the top floor, waiting quietly as the lift made its ascent before slowing to a gentle stop. When he came out of the lift, he saw a woman standing before the door to the apartment he was staying, the woman was knocking hard on the door, her movements jittery and irate as if she had been standing there for a while.

'Is everything alright?' Kevin asked.

The woman turned to him, seeming surprised to see him there. She must not have heard the lift arrive.

'Oh, I'm sorry' she said turning towards him with a smile, 'I was just trying to reach the owner of this apartment.'

'You mean Justin?' Kevin offered.

'You know him?' the woman asked.

'I live here with him' Kevin explained, 'I'm just a tenant, he rents out a room to me.'

'Oh, is that so' the woman frowned, clearly displeased. 'He must really be short on money in that case. Has he done anything inappropriate to you?'

Kevin hesitated at the strange question.

'Like what?'

'I guess that's a no' the woman finished. 'No one is answering the door' she said opening the folder she was carrying and pulling out an A4 envelope. 'Could you hand this to him? Work stuff.'

'Ok course' Kevin replied taking the envelope, 'are you his college?'

'I'm his agent, Amanda' she said.

'Nice to meet you' Kevin answered politely.

'Likewise, ' Amanda replied automatically, not seeming to be interested at all. 'Just tell him I

dropped by and give him that envelope please, thank you so much. I have to go now' she said flustered as she glanced at her watch, speaking now in a mumble. 'Dammit I'm already late…'

She rushed past him without another word, heading towards the lift. Kevin watched her enter the lift and vanish, turning away then towards the apartment door, unlocking it and stepping in.

Kevin closed the door behind him, looking around the apartment. Everything was eerily still, and the apartment was as tidy as always.

Kevin moved further into the open space, calling out.


He was met with only silence.

Kevin reached the bottom of the stairs, glancing up. He had never been upstairs before, the only thing that was really up there was Justin's bedroom, and his office.

Maybe he's up there working Kevin thought, beginning to march up the stairs.

He reached the top of the stairs, heading first to the office, which was empty. Kevin had never seen the office before, he leaned in, looking about. It was a nice room, spacious and modern in design.

He closed the door, heading to the bedroom. He knocked first, hearing nothing, then tentatively opened the door.

He baulked then, drawing back slightly as he saw Alicia standing there with her back to him, the top-half of her body naked, wearing only pants.

'I'm sorry' Kevin fumbled reaching for the door to close it, 'I did knock…I…'

And then Alicia turned then fully, standing and facing Kevin head on.

Kevin stared in shock at Alicia, staring at the flat chest, and looking down he saw….


Kevin drew back then in shock, releasing his hold on the handle and standing in the doorway frozen.

'Y-you're a boy?!'

'Yeah' Alicia smiled sweetly. 'Surprise!'

Alicia raised his hand to his head, pulling off his wig, his false long auburn hair came away to reveal the natural brown hair underneath. And as Kevin's attention drifted to the room itself, he saw resting on the side a dress, its neck high and sleeves long, and beside that, fake breasts.

Kevin's mind began to work feverishly, and he remembered suddenly, the sounds of Justin and Alicia making love.

'He's gay?!' Kevin fumbled, referring to Justin.

'Nah he's just pretending to fuck me' Alicia replied sarcastically.

'I'm so sorry' Kevin flushed, grabbing the door and slamming it shut.

He hurried downstairs, dropping the envelope upon the kitchen counter and standing there.

The door to the bedroom upstairs opened, and Kevin wheeled around, seeing Alicia standing there still in his tight underwear, the very manly bulge at the front was clearly visible.

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