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   Chapter 15 No.15

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'We would love to see it' his mother said, and Kevin felt a nervous twinge in his stomach, 'but I doubt the man who owns it would want strangers wandering around his home' his mother finished, and Kevin relaxed slightly.

'We have some news for you' his father told him. 'We are……selling the house.'

'Selling the house?' Kevin said a little alarmed. 'Why?'

'We've been here for so long' his mother said, pausing what she was doing and turning to face him. 'This was only supposed to be a temporary house, you were…. not exactly planned' his mother gleamed at him shyly, 'a happy surprised but…unexpected. We never expected to adopt but….it just happened. One thing led to another, and it was the best thing I ever did.' She giggled then like a child. 'You've never really like this house that much' his mother said, 'have you…?'

'I never said that?' Kevin protested.

'It's alright' his mother replied, placing teacups before each of them. 'We understand. You were never happy with staying in one place for too long, even as a boy.'

Kevin watched tentatively as his mother poured his tea, adding the milk.

'Our business is doing very well' his father explained, 'and I think it's time to move away from here, for work, you understand? Plus, we want to see as much of the world as we can before we die.'

'Honey!' his mother scolded. 'Don't talk like that, we're not planning on dying, not anytime soon anyway.' She turned to Kevin then. 'But he's right about us wanting to see the world. We never wanted to stay here for this long.'

'When….' Kevin gasped, trying to control himself, '…when are you leaving?'

'Not for a few weeks.'

'A few weeks?!'

'We will always stay in touch' his mother said kissing him on the forehead. 'We are moving to another country to continue our business together.'

'Tour guide' Kevin mumbled. 'That's going well then?'

'Oh, exceedingly well' his mother gleamed, 'but we need to be closer to our friends in order to run our business better.'

'Oh…' Kevin mumbled. 'I see.'

'Are you alright?' his mother asked.

'Oh…uh yeah it's just…' he swallowed the lump in his throat. 'I'm going to miss you…'

His parents smiled at him.

'Oh' his father spoke, reaching around to grab a letter from the kitchen counter. 'This came for you the other day.'

He handed the letter to Kevin, who took it uncertainly, opening it.

'This is from Lisa' he gasped, glancing up at his parents.

'We know' his mother s

miled. 'We recognise the handwriting.'

'And she drew a starfish on the envelope' his father pointed out. 'You remember how much she always loved starfish?'

Kevin glanced at the envelope again, seeing a little cartoon sketch of a starfish.

'She could be a little odd sometimes' his father said to no one in particular, 'but she was a good girl.'

'She was perfect' Kevin breathed, opening the letter.

Lisa was a childhood sweetheart, for many years the two had played together and become very close friends. One day her family moved away, her father needing to do so due to work reasons, and Kevin had not seen her for a very long time. It was a devastating blow to have lost her, they had kept in touch for years after, but had not seen each other since they were children. And then, Kevin had met Sarah.

Kevin began feverishly reading the letter, his heart beating hard in his chest, and butterflies in his stomach. He gripped the letter tightly, hands trembling slightly in excitement and anticipation.

Hello Kevin, I know it's been a while so I thought I'd write to you.

I hope you are well, you probably already know (or maybe you don't) but I have missed you over the years, and have thought a lot about you, I wonder at times if you think about me? I have wanted to see you again for a long time, and finally I can. I have a surprise for you, though I know it's been a while, but I'm coming to see you, isn't that great? We can catch up on all the stuff we've been doing these last few years, getting letters from you is nice, though I know you're not very good at writing. It's not the same as meeting you in person. I want to hear your voice, and see you smile. I have missed you so much.

Dad is moving to your town for a few days for work and I managed to convince him to let me come. He's renting an apartment with two rooms so it's perfect, he's should be there by now but I'm following a little after. I have a busy time at school right now, but am coming to you as soon as I can, I should be there by next weekend. Will you meet me at the train station? It's been a while since I've been to your town, and I don't know if I can remember where everything is. Perhaps you can show me again. We could just hang out like we did in the old days. Wouldn't that be nice? It'll be just like it was before. I look forward to it. Please meet me there, I should be arriving at around midday. Until then, please look after yourself.

Lots of love

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