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   Chapter 14 No.14

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He felt a jolt in his heart then as he suddenly realised, glancing briefly towards Justin who was his usual self, looking down at his plate as he helped himself to more food.

Nothing in Justin had changed.

The three of them ate their meal in silence. The food was delicious as usual.

Once they were finished, Alicia and Justin cleared away the table.

'Would you like some help?' Kevin offered.

'No' Justin said quickly, 'could you just…go to your room for a few hours.'

'Are you serious?' Kevin couldn't stop himself from asking.

Justin just stared at him, unmoved.

'Uh…' Kevin said, when the silence began to get uncomfortable. 'Sure. No problem.'

'And wear headphones' Justin added as Kevin walked away.

Kevin paused, glancing back at Justin to see if he was joking. But he looked deadly serious.

Kevin faced ahead again, walking with determination towards his room and closing the door behind him.

He did what he was told, lying on bed hours later listing to music through his headphones.

The music was loud.

The next morning, he woke early, visiting Christina before she went to school.

'You want some make up?' she repeated, staring at him as he stood before her in the doorway of her apartment.

'Uh, yeah, can I come in?'

He pushed past her suddenly into the room, Christiana closed the door after him, turning to him.

'What do you want make up for?'

'It's not like that' Kevin frowned.

His hand went to his face then, where there was still heavy bruising from the fight.

'I want to go and visit my parents' Kevin explained. 'And I don't want to look like this.'

'Oh, I see' Christina spoke softly. 'I thought you were going strange on me.'

She handed him what he needed, and he began to paint around his eye and cheeks as Christina bustled around the apartment, a little flustered.

'God I'm always so busy' she complained bitterly, 'I never have enough time…'

'How does it look?' she asked Kevin hurriedly then.

Kevin straightened up, lowering his hand. He turned away from the mirror to face Christina, smiling at her.

'What do you think?' he smiled, 'looks gone hu?'

'It looks pretty convincing' she sighed wearily. 'Now are you done? I have to go out now.'

He walked with Christina to school, just because he wanted, and it was a nice day.

'I'll see you around then' Christina sighed wearily when they had reached the scho

ol gates.

'Hey' he said grabbing her arm firmly then to stop her, she turned back to him. 'Take it easy ok?'

She let out a sigh, her eyes tired.

'I will' he smiled wearily. 'Thanks.'

He let go of her then.

'I'll see you' Kevin said to her.


She turned and marched away, Kevin watched her as she went. From where he stood he saw Jessica. She raised her hand to wave at him tentatively. He waved back at her, jovially. She felt guilty for what had happened, blaming herself for Kevin's suspension, he knew this, and yet he regretted nothing.

He turned away from her then, walking away from the school with a spring in her step.

He headed home, back to see his parents, and feeling a little nervous.

They were delighted to see him and welcomed him with open arms. His mother hugged him tightly on the doorstep, Kevin hugging her back with amusement, laughing and complaining after a few moments that he couldn't breathe.

'I'm sorry' his mother said flustered as she let go of him. Patting him down, 'it's just so good to see you, why didn't you come and see us sooner?'

'I'm sorry' Kevin gasped with a smile. 'I…I've just been busy, so much has been going on you know?'

'Come, come on in' his mother ushered him in the door, unable to keep her hands off him, acting excited like a child on Christmas. 'Honey! We have a visitor, come quick!'

His father rounded the corner, appearing from the kitchen. Kevin braced himself for another tight hug, fighting for breath as his father held him tightly.

'Let's get you some tea, shall we?' his mother offered, forcefully pulling the two apart before his father had a chance to suffocate him. 'Honey?' she said to Kevin, placing her hand upon his shoulder. 'Would you like some tea?'

'Yes please' he smiled.

She grasped him either side of his cheeks, nuzzling his nose with her own.

'We've both missed you so much' his mother said to him, forcing herself to let go of him before moving away. 'Come on, hurry up and sit down.'

They all moved into the kitchen, his mother bustling around the kitchen, humming happily to herself as Kevin and his father sat at the table.

'How are things for you then?' his father asked him. 'Is your new place nice? What about the man you're staying with?'

'It's all really nice' Kevin smiled back at his father. 'The guy I'm staying with is nice enough, and the place is amazing.'

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