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   Chapter 13 No.13

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He lay there for what must have been about ten minutes or so, before he was woken by a sound.

Kevin opened his eyes, seeing a figure leaning over him.

He gave a cry of alarm, sitting bolt upright and glancing around at the figure.

'Hey there!' she said.

Kevin stared back at the person that had spoken to him. It was a woman. She looked to be about twenty-five in age and was very pretty, with long corn-coloured hair, blue eyes, and a high-necked modest yellow dress with a long skirt. Her figure was slender and curvy, though she stood straight as if wearing a corset around her waist.

'It's nice to meet you at last' the woman said, smiling at Kevin as he slowly straightened up, turning to face her as he rose from the sofa he had been resting on.

Kevin stared intently at the woman.

'…. Alicia?'

She squealed in delight then, clapping her hands together. 'You know me?!'

'Um…Justin did mention you once or twice before.'

'He did?' Alicia moved closer, her face inches away from Kevin's now, making him very tense. 'What else did he say?' she asked him in a seductive voice.'

'T-that was all' Kevin fumbled. 'He only mentioned you briefly…said that you were the housekeeper?'

'Hmm?' she cocked her head. 'Is that all he said?'

The front door opened then, and they both turned to see Justin enter the apartment.


Alicia moved away from Kevin immediately, dancing over to Justin and throwing herself into his arms.

'Oh' Kevin said as he saw the two together then, Alicia hanging off Justin who looked a little irritated, wearing a stoic expression. 'So, you two are like…together?'

'We are not a couple' Justin snapped.

'Oh' Kevin said, glancing away awkwardly then. 'I see…'

'Do you?'

Kevin glanced back at Justin uncertainly. He watched them closely for a brief moment, just a few seconds.

'Kevin' Justin spoke seriously as Alicia let go of him, standing calmly by his side facing Kevin, 'could you go out for a few hours?'

'Um…sure' Kevin replied as the cogs turned in his head, 'no problem.'

He grabbed his mobile and some cash from his room quickly before heading for the door.

'Take your time' Justin spoke slowly as he saw him out.

Kevin paused briefly, glancing back and seeing Alicia and Justin standing side by side. Justin was expressionless; Alicia on the other hand looked excited, her eyes flashing with a wild hunger.

Kevin turned away, grimacing a little, before making his way down

the corridor quickly towards the elevator, hearing the door closed behind him.

He thought then of visiting Christina, who wasn't in school today, but working. She had finished early this day he knew, and so he went to see her, just for something to do.

'Ooooh that's so naughty' Christina gleamed excitedly, as Kevin recounted the past events to her. 'And you thought she was just a house keeper. What fun!'

They were in her apartment now, a modest place, yet comfortable enough, though it was small and a little dark. It was the best she could afford on her own.

Christina had finished work early today, and so he met her here.

'Yeah' Kevin scoffed. 'I wasn't expecting that.'

'What's she like then?' Christiana asked, stretching out cat-like on the sofa and putting her legs across Kevin's lap.

'She's….' Kevin thought, frowning a bit with annoyance at Christina, '…childish.' Kevin finished. 'Seems nice enough…I only met her briefly just once and spoke only a few words to her. She seems…like an excited school girl.'

'Oh, I like the sound of her already' Christiana smirked, looking down at him.

She began to stroke her barefoot up Kevin's chest.

'What to have some fun?' she asked him.

'Maybe another time' he replied.



She got off him suddenly, pouting as she shuffled away from him on the sofa, sitting as far away from him as she could.

'Want to watch some TV or have something to eat?' she offered sulkily.

'Can I just have tea?'

Christina snuggled up to Kevin as they watched terrible TV together, Kevin mostly ignoring Christina's affection.

Several hours later he decided to go home, giving Christina a hug on her doorstep.

'Thanks for coming to see me' she said to him. 'You know I love having you around.'

'Thanks' Kevin smirked happily, 'I love being around.'

Christina stepped back from him, letting go and smiling as she gazed into his eyes.

'Bye then' she said, touching his cheek briefly before drawing her hand back. 'See you another time?'

'Yeah' Kevin said turning away, 'see you around.'

Kevin returned to the apartment tentatively, Justin and Alicia were downstairs now, and everything seemed normal at first. But as Kevin sat down at the table, he looked at Alicia closely, noticing her state.

She looked exhausted suddenly, like she hadn't slept in days, and was suddenly lethargic, eyes half-open. And as Kevin looked down, he saw red marks around her wrists.

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