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   Chapter 12 No.12

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'You look nice' he said to her as she skipped up to him.

'Oh, thank you' she said flustered. 'I hope I didn't keep you waiting.'

'Nah' he waved her away, 'I've only been here a few minutes.'

'Sorry about that' she said bashfully.

'It's cool.' He paused then. 'Are you sure its ok for you to miss school like this?'

'I called in sick, I've got good attendance so no one will suspect a thing.'

'What about your parents?'

'They're both at work, they won't be back for hours.'

'Well what if someone sees you and recognises you?'

'It's fun to break the rules once in a while don't you think?' she winked at him.

He frowned at her. 'Alright then.' He extended his arm out for her to take. 'Where should we head to first?'

'Well I haven't had breakfast' she answered blushing slightly as she took his arm.

'Why don't we go and get something to eat then?' Kevin suggested immediately.

'Oh…alright' Anastasia breathed. She screamed internally with pure joy, before controlling herself and walking alongside Kevin, holding onto his arm firmly and sticking close to him.

They walked away together in a comfortable silence, Anastasia glancing towards Kevin occasionally as they went, Kevin completely at ease walked looking ahead.

'It's not good to skip your breakfast you know' he said to her suddenly. 'They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.'

'But I'm not skipping my breakfast' she said to him with a smile, leaning forward to see his face clearer as they walked. 'I'm sharing breakfast with you' she sighed.

Kevin glanced towards her, feeling his stomach tighten a little, and his heart lift.

'Listen um…I'm glad I came out with you and all but…'

'I know' she interrupted, 'you're not looking for anything right now.'

'I'm glad you understand' he sighed with relief, scratching the back of his head awkwardly and grinning. 'I just don't want to get tied down that's all…but I….do like you.'

She couldn't hold back the gasp of joy at these words, her eyes shining brightly.

'Please don't get the wrong idea' he added hastily, 'I just…like hanging out with you…that's all…you're good company.'

'I'm so glad you think so' she answered, barely able to keep in her excitement. 'I like being with you too.'

They shared a very enjoyable meal together, their conversation flowed backwards and forwards very smoothly. Being together felt natural to them, though Kevin made his feelings clear several times, this did not faze Anastasia.

When they had finished eating, they had a coffee and a tea, and before they left, Kevin insisted on paying.

They wandered the town together for hours, before Anastasia said she had to return home.

'My parents will be home soon' she told Kevin reluctantly. 'Just to be safe…. I should be home when they get back.'

'I understand.'

They were in the park now, in a secluded patch surrounded by trees and a little way off the path. It was cooler here in the shade, Anastasia had insisted they come this way.

She dipped her head then, suddenly a little nervous.

'I um…had a lot of fun with you today.'

'Yeah me too' Kevin replied totally calm and casual.

'I'd be happy if we could do it again.'

'Me too' Kevin repeated, doing so with a smile.

A silence passed between them, a silence in which Anastasia stared at the floor, Kevin watching her calmly, standing there with his hands in his pockets.

'Can I kiss you?' she asked suddenly, forcing the words from her mouth.

'I've told you how I feel' he replied.

She pursed her lips, the edges of her eyes crinkling nervously.

'I just…um…'

'I don't mind' Kevin said reaching out to her and caressing her cheek, '…if that's what you want…'

She glanced up in surprise, eyes wide.

He kissed her tenderly then, hand slipping around to cradle the back of her head.

Anastasia blinked then, a little tense at first, then began to relax as she kissed him back.

He stepped towards her, not breaking away from their kiss, as he pushed her back firmly against the tree behind, opening his mouth wider and slipping his tongue into her mouth.

She let out a moan, unable to stop herself. His hand moved down her body, grasping her around the wrist and tightening, as he pressed his body against hers.

He broke off suddenly, leaving Anastasia breathless and flustered.

Kevin already had a lot of experience in pleasuring a woman, though he had only had one serious relationship, he had learned much in a short space of time.

'I'll see you around' he spoke with a smile in a raspy, seductive voice, before turning and simply walking away, leaving Anastasia still leaning back against the tree, completely lost for words and cheeks red.

Kevin couldn't help smiling to himself and feeling a little smug, amused by her reaction, he felt very pleased with himself as he walked, heading in no particular direction.

After a time, he slowly began to make his way home, meandering this way and that through the town.

It was still bright outside, though the day was coming to an end.

He reached the apartment to see at first that it appeared empty. Feeling a little tired, he lay back on the sofa, letting out a sigh and closing his eyes.

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