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   Chapter 9 No.9

Breaking Bonds By Lady Lilium Characters: 5245

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They stayed out late drinking in the park, the cans they had bought from the supermarket. Kevin laughed and joked around with his friends, it took them all a long time each to go home when they eventually parted ways hours later.

Kevin wandered tipsily through the streets, heading back to the apartment.

He went up in the lift, reaching the highest floor and heading to the door at the end of the corridor. It was locked.

He groaned, pulling out his key, dropping it several times on the floor in his drunken state before successfully inserting it into the lock.

He opened the door to find the apartment silent and dark, Justin wasn't here. The place was empty.

Kevin reached for the light switch, lighting up the apartment. Everything was tidy as usual, Kevin thought that Alicia the house keeper must have visited, but he had missed her again.

Kevin closed the front door, heading to his room. He didn't even bother to undress, dropping his bag on the floor and falling forwards onto the bed. He was asleep within a few minutes.

He woke the next morning feeling groggy, his mouth dry like sand.

He crawled out of bed reluctantly, having tangled himself up in the sheets. It was still early, and he had plenty of time before school. He got undressed and had a quick shower before having his breakfast. Justin was still not here, Kevin glanced up towards the top of the stairs where Justin's bedroom was, wondering for a moment if Justin was asleep in there. Or maybe he was still out, having not come home at all.

He left for school, the day went normal, and afterwards, he met with Anastasia, but not before meeting with Jessica.

'He's not here' she had said to him, and so Kevin had left her to meet Anastasia.

'Hi Kevin' he beamed, 'it's so great to see you.'

'Hey Anastasia.'

'So, shall we go and grab a coffee or something?'

'I prefer tea' Kevin gleamed.

'Oh, you're so funny' she giggled, before straightening up. 'Can I hold your hand?'

'Sure' he said reaching out to her, confidently and without hesitation. 'This way we won't get lost in the crowd.'

'Ok' she breathed, flushing a little.

Along the way they found a nice coffee shop. They went in, finding a small table by the window and sitting. Kevin ordered and paid for both of them, bringing their drinks to the table.

'Hey' Anastasia spoke suddenly, looking over towards the counter, 'isn't that Christiana?'

Kevin glanced around, seeing Christina working behind the counter, dressed in smart and modest black.

'Yeah' Kevin said turning back to Anastasia calmly. 'She works here.'

'Are you

like…together or something?' Anastasia asked Kevin.

'Nah it's nothing like that' Kevin smiled confidently, leaning with his elbows on the table. 'We're just friends…'

'Oh good' Anastasia breathed a sigh of relief. 'I thought…you're together a lot you know…and I thought…?' she looked down at her drink. 'What is she doing here, I thought she had another job in that other place…that restaurant?'

'She has two jobs' Kevin said, 'she has her own place so has to work a lot of hours to earn money…between school it gets quite difficult for her. I help her when I can.'

'That's nice' Anastasia beamed. 'It must be great to have a friend like that.'

They had fun together, Kevin eventually walking her home hours later. She thanked him, telling him she had a wonderful time, before leaving him, but not before giving him a kiss on the cheek.

Kevin watched her go, seeing her through the door, before turning and heading home.

The next morning at school, he met with Jessica again outside the school gates. They stood together looking around, until Jessica spotted him at last.

'That's him' she said.

Kevin turned, seeing the guy.

'Are you sure?'

'Yeah' she said. 'That's the guy that's been making my life hell.'

Kevin turned and headed towards him, walking at a stride, his concentration fixed on the man.

The man turned as Kevin approached him.

Chapter Three

Letter from an old Friend

The man turned just as Kevin approached him, just before Kevin swung a fist, punching him hard right in the face.

The man stumbled back, falling to the ground caught by surprise.

He took a few seconds to register what had happened, turning back to Kevin in anger.

'You son of a bitch!'

Kevin kicked him again while he was down, not giving him a chance to rise to his feet. He grabbed the man then, turning his face towards Jessica, who was standing there horrified, hands clapped over her mouth.

'You've been making her life hell' Kevin growled maliciously, speaking directly into his ear, still holding his head, 'and I'll make you fucking regret it.'

The man grabbed him suddenly, hands around Kevin's head, clawing at his face. He rose swiftly, throwing Kevin off him and facing him, his stance rigid and shoulders hunched.

People had stopped to stare at the spectacle, some even drifting closer to get a better look.

'You'll fucking pay for that' the man hissed at Kevin.

'Bring it on' Kevin snarled, riled up now. 'You hurt someone you gotta pay the price.'

The man gritted his teeth, charging towards Kevin without a second pause, barrelling into Kevin.

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