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   Chapter 8 No.8

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Kevin rested peacefully, feeling happy.

He woke the next morning in better time, and this time was able to join Justin for breakfast.

'You seem to be in a good mood' Justin noted.

'Well' Kevin smiled in return, 'why wouldn't I be in a good mood?'

Justin smirked back at him.

'So, are you settling in?' Justin asked him. 'I understand that it must be a bit strange for you here.'

'Yeah it is a bit' Kevin smiled, he paused then. 'I realise how lucky I am to have this opportunity' he said to Justin. 'I just wanted to thank you.'

'No problem' Justin answered, leaning on his elbow with his chin on his palm. 'And yes, you are lucky, and don't you forget it.'

'I won't Kevin smiled, grabbing the last piece of toast from his plate and heading to the door. 'I got to go now' he said putting his coat on.

'I might not be here when you get back' Justin told him. 'I'll be back later so you can just help yourself to anything you like from the fridge, Alicia will be here after midday to cook.'

'Ok thanks' Kevin waved at him before closing the door, 'bye!'

He went down the lift, leaving the building at a brisk walk and heading towards the bus stop.

He arrived at his school in good time today, meeting the young girl who had been crying the day before. Her name was Jessica. They stood together for a few moments near the gates of the school, looking around them.

And then Jessica shook her head. 'He's not here.'

Kevin left her side, each going to their own class and going their own separate ways. Kevin continued his day as usual, met later on by Anastasia.

'Hi Kevin' she cooed at him shyly, dipping her head, hands folded before her.

'Oh hey' he said turning to her. 'How are you?'

'I'm great' she beamed, hand behind her back now as she began to sway, continuing to smile. She looked so beautiful. 'I was wondering if….um…'

'Yeah?' Kevin asked her. 'What is it?'

'I was wondering if…you wanted to go out to town with me tonight, after school?'

'I can't I'm afraid' Kevin said. 'I'm hanging out with friends, I've already made plans.'

She looked devastated, as if he had just stabbed her in the heart.

'But we could do it tomorrow night' he offered quickly. 'Would that be ok?'

She gasped suddenly in joy, expression quickly lighting up. 'Oh my god I would love that! Could it be like a date?'

He hesitated then, blinking at her.

'I um…. well sure but….'

'But what?' she asked innocently.

'I don't know if I'm looking for anything like that right now.'

'Oh, I see' she replied. 'Well that's ok I guess…I just…I'd like to hang out with you, I mean if that's alright with you. If you don't mind.'


She squealed in delight, shoulders hunched and fists balled before her.

She twirled then, her skirt flowing around her.

'I'm so happy' she cried. 'I'll see you tomorrow then.' She danced away, pausing a short distance away. 'Shall we meet up outside the school gates tomorrow?'

'Sure' he smiled.

'I look forward to it.'

She danced away, skipping happily.

Kevin watched her go. He turned and continued on his way, heading to the courtyard in the school to meet his friends.

Along the way he came across Christina, sitting upon a wall and laughing. She was alone, and as Kevin passed her by, he realised that she was laughing at him.

'What's so funny?' he snapped irritant at her.

'Did you not see that?' Christina laughed at him, as he continued to walk past her, not stopping. 'She's in love with you' Christina gleamed. 'Don't you see?'

'Just mind your own business' Kevin glowered as Christina continued to laugh at him. He walked away, ignoring her.

He met his friends for a time before going back to class and meeting them again when school had finished.

'Hey mate there are you!' one of them called out to him. 'What took you so long?'

'Sorry' Kevin mumbled approaching them. 'I was just talking to a friend.'

'What's his name?' one of his friends asked as he joined the group, turning and walking away.

'Her name is Jessica' Kevin corrected.

'A girl?' one of them teased.

'A girl?' another echoed. 'You're surrounded by women' he laughed at Kevin.

'It's not like that' Kevin scowled. 'There's this kid picking on her, she was crying the other day and I decided to see what was wrong.'

'Caring for others as usual' his friend said. 'You know that everyone's problems are not your own.'

'I know' Kevin said. 'But if I can help someone I will.'

'So, what are you going to do?'

Kevin thought. 'I'm going to teach him a lesson.'

The others glanced towards him but said nothing as they continued to walk.

'Come on' one of them spoke up, 'let's go to the park.'

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